Sentinel Plasmacaster – Fallout 4

Sentinel Plasmacaster - Fallout 4

Sentinel’s Plasmacaster stats and effects in Fallout 4:

Weapon Type: Unique Energy Weapon

Effect(s): Instigating

Base Damage: 24 Physical, 24 Energy

Ammo: Plasma cartridge

Clip Size: 30

Fire Rate: 33

Range: 119

Accuracy: 148

Value: 148

Weight: 4.8

The Sentinel’s Plasmacaster is the best pistol in Fallout 4 because of its unique physical and energy damage type, best-in-class accuracy, and upgrade potential. The Sentinel’s Plasmacaster is a plasma gun but can be modified with a comfort grip to be considered a pistol (Gunslinger perk). The Instigating perk gives the weapon a legendary effect, which deals double damage to targets with full health. With a high burst potential and 30-round magazine, no other pistol compares to it. The two damage types mean you will consistently deal damage even if an enemy resists one damage type or another. You can add a charging mod and a scope. However, the downside is the lack of a suppressor, so this won’t be a useful weapon for stealth builds. Outside of that and the requirement of Science 4, this is your end-game pistol once equipped with a Comfort grip.