The Deliverer Pistol – Fallout 4

The Deliverer Pistol - Fallout 4

Deliverer stats and effects in Fallout 4:

Weapon Type: Unique Pistol

Effect(s): V.A.T.S. Enhanced

Base Damage: 25

Ammo: 10mm round

Clip Size: 12

Fire Rate: 66

Range: 53

Accuracy: 67

Value: 774

Weight: 4.4

The Deliverer 10mm Pistol is a unique variant with the V.A.T.S. Enhanced perk, giving Improved VATS hit chance, 25% less Action Point cost. What makes the Deliverer strong is the already suppressed weapon and greater damage than other 10mm pistols. Moreover, you can create a sneak build centered around this weapon and two agility perks. Mister Sandman, which increases silenced sneak attack damage by 50%, and Ninja, your ranged sneak attacks do 3.5x normal damage. These two bonuses stack with Gunslinger and Bloody Mess, drastically increasing your damage. The downside is you must be stealthy to do the most damage, and when detected, this gun is weaker compared to two and three on our list.