#1 Orc: this race is balanced with max stats, weapon damage and SPEED!  All time favorite stam PvP race though lacks in sustain.

Passive Skills
Craftsman Increases your experience gain with the Heavy Armor skill line by 15%. Increases your crafting inspiration gained by 10%.
Brawny Increases your Maximum Stamina by 1000.
Unflinching Rage Increases your Maximum Health by 1000. When you deal damage, you heal for 2125 Health. This can occur once every 4 seconds.
Swift Warrior Increases your Weapon Damage and Spell Damage by 258. Reduces the cost of Sprint by 12% and increases the Movement Speed bonus of Sprint by 10%.

#2 Dunmer (Dark Elf) = all around great if you want to switch between magicka/stamina build though lacks resources sustain

Passive Skills
Ashlander Increases your experience gain with the Dual Wield skill line by 15%. Reduces your damage taken from environmental lava by 50%.
Dynamic Increases your Maximum Magicka and Maximum Stamina by 1910.
Resist Flame Increases your Flame Resistance by 4620.
Ruination Increases your Weapon Damage and Spell Damage by 258.

#3 Imperial: Max stats and insane resource sustain with ALL cost reduction including ultimates

Passive Skills
Diplomat Increases your experience gain with the One Hand and Shield skill line by 15%. Increases your gold gained by 1%
Tough Increases your Maximum Health by 2000.
Imperial Mettle Increases your Maximum Stamina by 2000.
Red Diamond Reduces the cost of all your abilities by 6%.



  • Food: Bewitched Sugar Skulls
    • WHY? max stats are so important and combined with Dark Deal basically infinite resource loop.
Scrib Jelly (2), Flour (5), Columbine (2), Bervez Juice (2), Honey (5)
Increase Max Health by 4620, Max Stamina and Max Magicka by 4250, and Health Recovery by 462 for 2 hours. These effects are scaled based on your level.
  • Potions:  Tri-Pots AKA Essence of Health (Restore Health, Magicka and Stamina)
  1. Mountain Flower, Columbine, Bugloss
  2. Lady’s Smock, Columbine, Bugloss
  • Immovability with health and stamina AKA Unstoppable (Restore Health, Stamina and grants unstoppable for a short period)
  1. Namira’s Rot, Columbine, Mountain Flower
  • Poison’s: Damage Health Poison IX (effect ravage health, magicka and stamina)
  1. Emetic Russula, Stinkhorn, Violet Corpinus


  • Warrior: All around good balance or PVP and PVE mix
    • Bonus: Increases Weapon Damage by 238
      With 7 Divines armor pieces: Increases Weapon Damage by 389
    • Location: Malabal Tor, Eastmarch, Alik’r Desert
  • Steed: great if not using a gap closer
    • Increases movement speed by 10%
    • Increases Health Recovery by 238 (411 with 8 Legendary Divine Traits)


You want to reach 29,000 health inside of PvP (Cyrodiil Campaign/Battlegrounds). Put the rest into Stamina, mine is 64 Stamina.



  • Boundless Vitality Grants 28 Max Health per stage.
    • Helps being more durable
  • Slippery [slot-able] When you are affected by a disabling effect, you automatically break free for no cost. Has a 21 second cooldown
    • Helps manage sustain and to break free from immobilizations
  • Rejuvenation 50 [slot-able] Grants 3 Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery per stage.
    • Helps with sustain
  • Expert Evasion 50 [slot-able]: Next roll dodge is free of cost. After consuming this effect you cannot gain it again for 30 seconds
    • Helps survivability by dodging attacks and maintaining stamina


  • Endless Endurance: Increases your Max Stamina by 26 per point
    • Helps with damage and healing
  • Untamed Aggression 50  Increases your weapon and spell damage by 3 per point
    • Helps with damage and healing
  • Duelist’s Rebuff: Reduces your damage taken by single target attacks by 2% per stage.
    • Helps with overall survivability
  • Unassailable: Reduces your damage taken by area of effect attacks by 2% per stage.
    • Helps with damage reduction and massive survivability improvement
    • [flex for damage]Deadly Aim: Increase your damage done with single target attacks by 2% per stage.
      • Helps damage


  • Treasure Hunter 50 [slot-able] Increase the quality of items you find in treasure chests.
    • Helps with farming gear
  • Rationer 30 [slot-able] Adds 10 minutes to the duration of any food or drink that increases your character’s stats per stage.
    • Helps save gold
  • Liquid Efficiency 75 [slot-able] Whenever you use a potion or poison you have a 10% chance to not consume it.
    • Helps save gold
  • Steed’s Blessing 50 [slot-able] Increases your out of combat Movement Speed by .4% per stage.
    • Helps getting around faster

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