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Starfield United Colonies

The United Colonies are one of strongest and most stable factions in the game of Starfield. Their politics, economy, and military all play a powerful role throughout the galaxy.

Starfield United Colonies

Starfield United Colonies Capital New Atlantis
United Colonies Capital of New Atlantis

The United Colonies are the largest military and political power in the Settled Systems, and their influence stretches far and wide. Based out of their capital city of New Atlantis, founded in 2161, the United Colonies strive to represent the idealized version of a space republic and this is reflected in their strongly cosmopolitan society.

The citizens of the United Colonies are lead by a strong centralized government, directed by a council called the Military, Administrative and Scientific Triumvirate (MAST). While they have been in conflict with their largest rival, the Freestar Collective in the recent Colony War their more immediate security concerns now center around the increasingly aggressive Crimson Fleet.

Additionally, their capital city of New Atlantis is where you will find the headquarters of Constellation. This group will play a significant role in the main story, and several members can become your traveling companions.

It is also likely that the spaceport in New Atlantis is where you will receive your first (and can purchase additional) starship. You can speak to the Technician NPC to purchase any upgrades or make other aesthetic changes you’d like. Lastly, while you’re there, don’t forgot to check at the port to see what crew is available for hire.

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Starfield launches exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6, 2023. You can play it day one with Xbox Game Pass.

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