The First Descendant Ajax Character

The First Descendant Ajax Character

Ajax is your typical tank-high survivability starter character. Players will want to use him at the start if you value survivability and charging into combat without worrying about dying. Ajax can start very slowly due to a lack of consistent AOE damage and difficulty leveling fast. However, Ajax looks great and has a lot of utility if playing with friends or wanting survivability at the start of the game.

Ajax Pros:

High Survivability: Ajax is built to withstand damage, making him a durable character in prolonged battles.

Useful Utility and Crowd Control: His abilities offer valuable utility and crowd control, enhancing his team’s effectiveness in combat.

Barrier: The frontal shield created helps with solo or group content.

Ajax Cons:

Module Dependent: Similar to Lepic, Ajax relies on modules for optimal performance, which can be a limitation.

Lower Damage Output: His damage output is lower compared to other characters, making him less effective in dealing damage.

Not the Best at Tanking or Dealing Damage: Ajax is a jack-of-all-trades but doesn’t excel in either tanking or dealing damage compared to specialized characters.

Ajax is simply a weaker version of Kyle. We recommend not selecting Ajax at the start unless you are playing with a friend with great damage. Otherwise, leveling will be painfully slow, as will end-game content.