The First Descendant Blair Character

The First Descendant Blair Character

Blair is a damage over time (DOT) build using fire damage ranking him B tier on our list. Your build is based on using damage over times (DOT) to debuff targets and increase your overall damage.   With Blair, you try to create a stove and marks on the ground with bubbles to burn nearby enemies.  You then can consume the stoves with the skill extinguish to increase defensive and mana.  

Blair Pros:

Effective AoE Damage: Blaire excels at dealing area-of-effect damage, making her effective against groups of enemies.

Critical Hit Boost: She benefits from a boost to critical hits, increasing her overall damage potential.

Well-Rounded Abilities: Blaire has a balanced skill set that allows her to handle various combat situations effectively.

Blair Cons:

Weaker Overall Kit: Compared to top-tier characters, Blaire’s abilities are not as powerful or impactful.

Master of None: While versatile, she doesn’t excel in any particular area, making her less specialized.

Less Consistent Damage Compared to Freyna: Freyna’s poison damage offers more consistent output, whereas Blaire’s damage can be more variable.

Blair is a well-rounded character with awesome fire damage effects. However, there are just better options at AOE damage, DOT damage, survivability, and utilyt. Thus, he ends up ranking B Tier and an average character in the First Descendant.