The First Descendant Freyna Character

The First Descendant Freyna Character

Freyna is one of the best damage over time (DOT) builds in the First Descendant, and we rank her as A tier on our list. She excels at applying poison to targets of Decomposed Poison or Toxic Trauma. These skills allow her to take advantage of her passive, Unauthorized Bullet, increasing damage when attacking poisoned enemies. Freyna isn’t the highest DPS class, but she has consistent DOT damage and will do incredible in various content. Skills damage scale with your weapon, so you can combo her ultimate skill with your most powerful weapon to devastate enemies or a boss when needed.

Freyna Pros:

Consistent Poison Damage: Freyna’s abilities revolve around poison damage, providing a steady and reliable source of damage over time.

Good Skill Kit: She has a well-rounded set of skills that enhance her damage output and survivability.

High Survivability: Her ability to deal damage over time while staying relatively safe makes her durable in extended fights.

Effective AoE Damage: Freyna can deal with groups of enemies efficiently, thanks to her poison-based AoE attacks.

Freyna Cons:

Weaker Damage Against Bosses: While effective against groups, her damage against single targets, particularly bosses, is less impressive.

Less Effective AoE Compared to Top-Tier Characters: Although she has good AoE potential, characters like Bunny offer superior AoE damage.

What holds Frenya back is her weakness against bosses and reliance on status, which affects poison damage. While she’s great, there are more effortless characters in the First Diescendant that do more burst damage. However, she’s a strong choice for players who like managing debuffs and status effects.