The First Descendant Gley Character

The First Descendant Gley Character

Gley is a powerful, high-risk, rewards character and is player-skill dependent; thus, we rank her A+ tier. Gley’s character centers around consuming life spheres after defeating enemies to buff her overall power.  You then consume Health (HP) to enter Berserk mode to increase damage.  Therefore, you have this balancing act between obtaining life spheres and then consuming HP when safe to do more damage. Gley overall feels like one of the strongest characters in the First Decesendant due to her damage, survivability, and skill combos. We would rank her higher if it weren’t more complex than others.

Gley Pros:

High Damage Against Bosses: Gley is particularly effective at dealing significant damage to bosses, making her a strong choice for boss encounters.

Powerful Skill Combos: Her abilities synergize well, allowing for devastating skill combinations that can quickly decimate enemies.

Increased Damage from Berserk Mode: Entering Berserk mode boosts Gley’s damage output, making her even more lethal in combat.

Gley Cons:

More Complex Gameplay: Gley’s mechanics require careful management and understanding, making her more complex to play effectively.

High Risk, High Reward Mechanics: Her gameplay involves balancing health and damage, which can be risky but rewarding if managed correctly.

You could easily rank Gley S tier when in the right hands, but it’s situational and player-dependent that holds her back.