The First Descendant Jayber Character

The First Descendant Jayber Character

Jayber is the most balanced character in the First Descendant and useful in AOE or boss fights, thus we rank him S Tier on our list. He is unique in using Turrets to either do damage or healing. What makes him special is the ability to heal, which is rare in the game. Moreover, Jayber turret’s ignore armor. The main strength of Jayber is he’s good in any content, boss, add clear, leveling, etc. You can build him for specific situations or versatility and have a well-rounded powerhouse of a character. The best way to build Jayber is to lower the cooldowns to keep his turrets up doing damage and healing.

Jayber Pros:

Unique Healing Ability: Jayber stands out with his ability to heal, a rare and valuable trait in First Descendant, providing crucial support to himself and his team.

Turrets Ignore Armor: His turrets can bypass enemy armor, ensuring consistent damage output regardless of enemy defenses.

Versatile in All Content (AoE and Bosses): Jayber is highly adaptable, performing well in both area-of-effect situations and boss fights, making him a reliable choice for any scenario.

Jayber Cons:

Dependent on Turrets: His effectiveness is heavily reliant on deploying and maintaining turrets, which can be a limitation if turrets are destroyed or on cooldown.

Lower Movement Speed: Jayber’s mobility is less impressive compared to other characters, potentially making him slower to react in fast-paced battles.

Not the Highest Damage Output: While versatile, Jayber doesn’t excel in pure damage output compared to top-tier damage dealers like Bunny.

If it weren’t for Bunny’s awesome power, we’d rank Jayber the best overall. We recommend using Jayber if another player in your party is using Bunny, or you want more survivability at the expense of movement speed.