The First Descendant Kyle Character

The First Descendant Kyle Character

is a better tank than Ajax and is built for survivability.  With Kyle, you get a shoulder charge gap closer, barrier, and a powerful shield that can explode dealing AOE damage.  You can activate the magnetism spurt, which grants a gauge that, when full, detonations with massive area damage. Kyle’s shield gives better survivability than Ajax or other characters because it restores shields when broken. You can then soak up damage for a detonation with Magnetism, and refill shields to repeat the combination.  This gives you a great tank build with more survivability and versatility.

Kyle Pros:

Excellent Tank: Kyle is one of the best tanks in the game, able to absorb and mitigate significant amounts of damage.

High Survivability: His abilities enhance his durability, allowing him to withstand prolonged engagements.

Great Ultimate Skill: Kyle’s ultimate provides a powerful defensive and offensive boost, making him a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Kyle Cons:

Melee Focused: Kyle’s effectiveness is tied to close-range combat, which can be challenging and risky.

Tank-Centric Gameplay: His playstyle revolves around tanking, which may not appeal to players seeking a more aggressive role.

Stronger in Late-Game: Kyle’s true potential shines in the late game, requiring investment and progression to reach full effectiveness.

Kyle will be a later-game character that players will want to select who enjoys survivability. You won’t be sprinting around the map, nuking everything like Bunny, but you will be hard to kill and always free to join groups due to your powerful kit.