The First Descendant Sharen Character

The First Descendant Sharen Character

Sharen is the rogue or assassin of the game wanting to inflict massive damage up close and personal.  You want to attack enemies who aren’t attacking you to take advantage of her passive. This isn’t possible solo all the time, thus a weaker character overall due to the weakness of her passive. However, you can become invisible with Active Camouflage, and then take advantage of your passive. This just isn’t as reliable as other characters and you must be in melee range.

Sharen Pros:

Module Defense Down Debuff: Sharen can debuff enemy defenses, increasing the damage they take from her and her team.

Good Utility: She offers valuable utility with her debuffs and stealth capabilities, enhancing her team’s effectiveness.

Effective Against Bosses: Sharen can deal significant damage to bosses, particularly when using her debuffs and stealth attacks.

Sharen Cons:

Weaker Skills: Her skills are not as powerful as those of other characters, limiting her overall damage potential.

Ultimate Weak Against Bosses: Sharen’s ultimate ability is less effective in boss encounters, reducing her impact in these critical fights.

Requires Melee Combat and Passive Reliance: Her optimal damage output requires close-range combat and taking advantage of her passive abilities, which can be challenging and risky.

If you enjoy playing stealth and love invisibility mechanics in games, we recommend Sharen. Outside of that, better options don’t require backstabbing and melee.