The First Descendant Valby Character

The First Descendant Valby Character

Valby is a water-based character who blends damage and survivability seamlessly; thus, we rank her S- tier on our list.  The overall strategy with Valby is to shoot Bubble Bullet, which makes a small puddle near its impact.  This bubble not only deals damage over time to enemies within it but consumes less mana while you stand in it. Thus, you can have nearly free ability spam if using the water and bubble combination.

She’s a straightforward character with great damage, mobility, and she can prestack damage on the ground before enemies appear. However, she isn’t as good on boss fights, or with fights where you cannot dictate the movement.

Valby Pros:

High Mobility: Valby can move quickly and efficiently around the battlefield, evading attacks and positioning herself advantageously.

Good for Harder Content: Her abilities make her particularly effective in challenging content, where mobility and strategic positioning are key.

Can Prestack Damage Before Enemies Appear: Valby can prepare the battlefield by placing damaging puddles in advance, setting traps for incoming enemies.

Valby Cons:

Not as Effective Against Bosses: Her abilities are more suited for dealing with groups of enemies rather than single, powerful foes like bosses.

Relies on Puddles and Water: Valby’s mechanics depend on water-based abilities, which can be restrictive and require careful management.

Bunny Has Better AoE: While Valby has strong AoE potential, Bunny surpasses her in terms of sheer AoE damage output.

Valby is a less flashy Bunny who has great AOE damage and survivability. If you don’t want to play the meta class but near the same raw power levels, pick Valby.