The First Descendants Best Characters (Classes) Tier List

The First Descendants Best Characters (Classes) Tier List

Bunny is the strongest character in The First Descendant due to her speed and killing potential. No other character has as much AOE damage and destruction potential as Bunny. The second choice is Jayber, who excels at either boss fights or mobs with the current. Jayber can heal himself or others, which is rare and a massive utility for multiplayer mode. Lastly, Valby is a water type character blending AOE damage and utility and a strong all around character to choose.
The First Descendant Character Tier List

The rankings from best to worst in our Tier list for the First Descendant Character (Classes) are:

S Tier – Bunny, Jayber, Valby

A Tier – Gley, Freyna, Kyle

B Tier – Lepic, Blair, Ajax

C Tier – Sharen, Viessa