Best Armours and Clothing in Baldur’s Gate 3

Below we list all tier lists and rankings created for each armour type and the best gear items in Baldur’s Gate 3 for each class, Including the best armour and clothing for various scenarios and classes. All list link alternatives and early and mid-game options so you can pick the best gear for your characters as they progress through the story and all three Acts.

Best Armour for Cleric Class

  1. Helldusk Armour: best defensive capabilities in BG3
  2. Viconia’s Walking Fortress: best shield
  3. Armour of Persistence: second-best heavy armour

Best Armour for Druid Class

  1. Armour of Moonbasking: Best overall Druid Armor
  2. Armour of the Sporekeeper: Best for Spores Build
  3. Helldusk Armour: Heavy Armor any build can use

Best Armour for Ranger Class

  1. Armour of Agility: Best overall offensive and defensive
  2. Helldusk Armour: Heavy armor any class can wear
  3. Unwanted Masterwork Scalemail: Second-best medium armor

Best Armour for Rogue Class

  1. Bhaalist Armour: 2x Piercing Damage
  2. Elegant Studded Leather: High Armour & Initiative
  3. Helldusk Armour: Heavy With Proficiency built-in

Best Clothing for Sorcerer Class

  1. Potent Robe: +1 AC, Damage to Cantrips, Temporary HP
  2. Helldusk Armour: 21 AC and Fire Resistance
  3. Robe of the Weave: +2 AC, +1 Spell Save and Attack

Best Clothing for Wizard Class

  1. Robe of the Weave: Best offensive spellcasting Clothing
  2. Robe of Supreme Defences: Great defensive clothing choice
  3. Helldusk Armour: Heavy armour with automatic proficiency

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