Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Archfey Warlock Build Guide

This guide focuses on the best Warlock build in Baldur’s Gate 3, Archfey Subclass, and includes all components to build a powerful character.

Baldur's Gate 3 Warlock Eldritch Blast
Warlock Eldritch Blast

Warlock Class Introduction

Warlocks are mysterious and powerful spellcasters who have made a pact with a powerful being, such as a demon, devil, or archfey. In exchange for their power, warlocks must serve their patron’s bidding, often in dark and nefarious ways. Warlocks are known for their versatility and flexibility and predominantly rely on Eldritch Blast cantrip to deal consistent damage from a distance. Warlocks also have access to a variety of invocations, which can further customize their abilities and make them even more powerful. 

The main focus of this build is using your powerful cantrip Eldritch Blast paired with Hex to debuff enemies. You further optimize the combination and eventually get complimentary skills for area damage, crowd control, and buffs. In this guide, we will walk you through the Archfey Warlock build and how to play it from the start to a maximum level of 12 in Baldur’s Gate 3.

This build has been updated for the latest version of Baldur’s Gate 3

Warlock Class Pros:Warlock Class Cons:
Short Rest recoveryLimited Spell Slots
Simplicity Cantrip CasterWeak Actions
Summon AlliesLimited Spell Variety

Archfey Warlock Class Features & Mechanics

The following list presents all the essential Warlock Class Mechanics and Features in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Primary Ability: Charisma
  • Subclass: Archfey
  • Armor Proficiency: Light Armour
  • Weapon Proficiency: Simple Weapons
  • Preferred Armor: Light Armour
  • Preferred Weapon: Quarterstaff with Shield
  • Spell Slots: Recharge spell slots on short rest.
  • Fey Presence: Charms or Frightens nearby enemies
  • Eldritch Invocations: Adds effect to Eldritch Blast.
  • Eldritch Blast: The most powerful Cantrip in the game and the focus of Warlock Builds.

Warlock Spell Mechanics

Presented below is a comprehensive list of the essential Warlock Spell Mechanics in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Cantrips: are like spells , but you can cast them infinitely, and they don’t take your spell slots. 
  • Eldritch Invocations: You will enhance and change your Eldritch Blast cantrip at various levels.
  • Spell Slots: a limited resource to cast spells replenished by long rest.
  • Replacement Spells: Upon leveling up, you can learn and unlearn spells if you made a mistake in spell selection.
  • Concentration: is a spell mechanic that requires you to maintain concentration otherwise, the spell effect ends.

Archfey Warlock Subclass Explained

BG3 The Archfey Subclass
Warlock Subclass

The Archfey is a great subclass for the Warlock because it’s granted special ability Fey Presence which charms naerby enemies, a good crowd control spell. Every class needs survivability, and the Archfey Warlock gets this by being aggressive and doing damage. Warlocks can select their class at level 1 during character creation.

The Archfey subclass features a number of abilities that reflect the power and cunning of the fey. At 1st level, you gain the Fey Presence feature, which allows you to frighten or charm a creature for a short time. You also gain access to an expanded spell list that includes a number of powerful fey spells, such as Charm Person, Phantasmal Killer, and Dominate Person.

Below is a list of the Archfey Warlock subclass progression, features, and spells:

  • Fey Presence (Level 1): Charms or Frightens nearby enemies
  • Misty Escape (Level 6): Upon taking damage, become Invisible. On your next turn, you can cast Misty Step, though this will break your invisibility.
  • Beguiling Defences (Level 10): You are immune to being Charmed
BG3 Guild Artisan Background

Guild Artisan is the best background for the Archfey Warlock Build in Baldur’s Gate 3. You want to pick a background that scales with your main ability Charisma. This choice mostly influences roleplaying and dialogue options aspects and allows you to create unique characters. Here’s a list of the best backgrounds for a Warlock:

  1. Guild ArtisanYour skill in a particular craft has earned you membership in a mercantile guild, offering privileges and protection while engaging in your art.
  2. NobleYou were raised in a family among the social elite, accustomed to power and privilege. Accumulating renown, power, and loyalty will raise your status.
  3. CharlatanYou’re an expert in manipulation, prone to exaggeration, and more than happy to profit from it.

Best Race Choice for Archfey Warlock Build

Baldur's Gate 3 Half-Elf race example
Baldur's Gate 3 Human race example

High Half-Elf is the best racial choice for the Warlock Archfey Build because they have the Civil Militia racial feature which allows the use of shields and light armour. High Half-Elf also have Fey Ancestry, Darkvsion and a powerful cantrip Fire Bolt. They also have Darkvision to help see in the dark, especially the Underdark. A secondary choice is Human which also has the Civil Militia racial feature along with increase skill proficiency.

The racial choice is important for this build based on gear, and feat selection. The Warlock’s racial choice will not influence ability score, as everyone should get a +2 and +1 to spend regardless.  While you can change it and we give options, the ability to use Light Armor and Shields is core to the unique playstyle of the Archfey Warlock.

High Half-ElfHuman
Civil Militia (Shields)Civil Militia (Shields)
Firebolt CantripHuman Versatility
Fey Ancestry
Warlock Skills - Baldur’s Gate 3
Warlock Skills

Deception and Intimidation are the best skills for the Warlock in Baldur’s Gate 3 because they complement your class abilities and enhance your effectiveness in various situations. In Baldur’s Gate 3, skills represent the abilities and proficiencies of your character that allow them to perform various actions and interact with the game world. Skills are associated with specific attributes and are used to determine the success or effectiveness of certain actions or abilities. They can be edited during character creation or with companions, during respec or reroll screen.

Here are the best skills for Warlock in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  1. Intimidation is a Charisma Skill.
  2. Deception is a Charisma Skill.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, each skill is related to a specific ability score and its effectiveness scales with the level of that score. You want to choose skills for your character that they already have a high ability score in. For example, if you want to have high Persuasion (which is used to influence dialogue choices), you need to have correspondingly high Charisma. Ideally, you want a party composition that includes a variety of high ability scores which can give you success in different skills.

Best Archfey Warlock Ability Scores

Best Warlock Ability Score - Baldur’s Gate 3
Warlock Ability

Below is the best ability score to unlock the full potential of the Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Archfey Warlock Build:

Ability ScorePoints Goal
Intelligence 8

The most important ability score for the Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Archfey Warlock Build is 16 Charisma followed by 16 Dexterity and 14 Constitution. It’s important to land on even numbers and get at least 16 in Charisma for optimal spell casting. Increasing Dexterity will improve our Armour Class (AC) while wearing Light Armor and Constitution will increase our health.

During character creation, the game will automatically distribute your abilities in the character creation abilities tab. You will need to reprioritize the stats for the chart for the Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Fiend Warlock Build. Simply use the plus-minus in the character creator and make sure you have the suggested race, or the numbers will be off.

Archfey Warlock Illithid Powers

BG3 Illithid Powers

Illithid Powers are unlocked later in the game when you learn more about the Mind Flayers and tadpoles. You can gain jars of Mind Flayer Parasite Specimens, consume them to gain one point. This is essentially another skill tree advancement with some very strong powers. If you decide to advance this skill line, these are the choices we suggest.

Here are the best Illithid Powers for the Archfey Warlock Build:

  • Charm: Channel the dark allure of the tadpole to Charm an enemy that attacks you, preventing them from attacking you until their next turn. This is the priority power you want to obtain because you can force enemies to attack something else. 
  • Repulsor: Deal force damage and Force Push anything and anyone back 6m. Used if surrounded and or you don’t have Thunderwave.
  • Shield of Thralls: Conjure a volatile shield around yourself or an ally, granting the target 10 temporary hit points. If these temporary hit points are lost due to incoming damage, the shield bursts, possibly Stunning nearby foes. This can be a useful defensive shield when expecting or taking pressure.
  • Freecast: You have discovered a marvelous adaption within yourself. Spell slots, charges, and similar resource costs for your next action or spell are removed. Refreshes after a Short or Long rest. 

Archfey Warlock Level Progression

Level 1

Best Baldur's Gate 3 Archfey Warlock Build

At level one the Warlock can select their subclass, pick two cantrips, and two spells, along with Background, Skills, and Ability Score.  You want to select The Archfey subclass, pickup light armor, rapier as a weapon, and shield.  Below are all the unlocks and recommended spells for the Archfey Warlock:

  • Fey Presence (subclass feature): Charms or Frightens nearby enemies
  • Fire Bolt (High Elf Race Cantrip): Hurl a mote of fire for 1~10 Damage
  • Civil Militia (High Elf Race): You have weapon proficiency with Spears, Pikes, Halberds, and Glaives, and Armour Proficiency with Light Armour and Shield
  • Eldritch Blast (class cantrip): 1d10 force damage via an 18-meter beam. This is the best cantrip in the game and what we use primarily for damage.  Remember Cantrips do not use spell slots, and Warlocks in particular have very few, so Cantrips and free spells are mostly what we will use for damage this being number one.
  • Blade Ward (class cantrip): Take only half of the damage from Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing attack. This is a decent cantrip when expecting incoming melee damage.
  • Hellish Rebuke (spell selection): Take this if you do not have a race like Asmodeus Tiefling that provides this for you. This is a reaction base spell meaning, you can use it when someone attacks you without using an action. Make sure to hit the passives tab on your character’s menu and request “ask.” The reason being, you don’t what to use this spell on a target with 1 health since spell slots are low.
  • Hex (spell selection): Curse a creature so it takes additional damage whenever you attack it and inflict Disadvantage on Ability Checks with an Ability of your choosing. This spell helps doing damage and it can be used as a bonus action. So you can combo this spell with Eldritch Blast and that’s the main offensive gameplay loop of the class.

The premise of the Best Archfey Warlock build is simple, Hex and Eldritch Blast repeatedly. You leave your spell slots for Hellish Rebuke, which will provide a reaction.  Reactions do not cost an action or reaction and based off someone attacking you. You can toggle this on or off to ask you in spellbook by clicking Reaction and ask check box.  This is important, because the Warlock spell slots are very limited and initially, you will be using one for Hex mostly.

As you progress with the Warlock class, you can further agument the effectiveness of Eldritch Blast and pickup free once per long rest spells via Eldritch Invocations. Further notes on Warlock From here out, you will have very limited spell slots and aren’t meant to use them like Wizards or Sorcerers. Rather, you want to use a couple, one for Hex usually, and then cantrips. You can also fill up your Spell Slots via short rest, so after every fight make sure to short rest to keep this build having the spell slot fuel it needs.

With our subclass selection we will get extra mobility and stealth at level 6, so don’t expect much early.  At later levels the subclass shines with additional late game spells that adds tons of area damage and utility.  Early on, focus on staying alive with Blade Ward and potions while doing Hex and Eldritch Blast for your damage combo.

Level 1 Archfey Warlock Spell Loadout: Hex, Hellish Rebuke

Level 2

BG3 Level 2 Archfey Warlock
BG3 Archfey Warlock Eldritch Invocations

The level two Archfey Warlock unlocks, one spell, two Eldritch Invocations, another Warlock Spell Slot, and replace Spell. Below is a list of the recommended Archfey Warlock progression selections at level 2:

  • Sleep (spell selection): Put creatures into a magical slumber. Select targets up to a combined 24 hit points.
  • Agonizing Blast (Eldritch Invocation): When you cast Eldritch Blast, add your Charisma modifier to the damage it deals, unless it is negative. This helps deal more damage with your main attack Eldritch Blast.
  • Repelling Blast (Eldritch Invocation): When you hit a creature with Eldritch Blast, you can push the creature up to 4.5 m away from you. One of the Eldritch Invocations available at Warlock level 2.
  • Replace Spell (class feature): Grants the ability to change out spells in your spellbook.

At level two you can select the spell Sleep which helps with crowd controlling targets early in the game. This spell becomes ineffective beyond level 4, but early it’s a powerhouse.  You then get to select two Eldritch Invocations.  For this build, I recommend Light Armour, so we are not going to take Armour of Shadows because of that.  It frees up another spell that we have to cast and gets us Repelling and Agonizing Blast.  This will allow you to knockback targets if you wish.  Make sure you toggle this on as well and do not knock back out of range.  Gameplay remains the same, just use Sleep on area based enemies with lower health.

Level 2 Archfey Warlock Spell Loadout: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Sleep

Level 3

BG3 Level 3 Archfey Warlock
BG3 Level 3 Pact of the Chain
BG3 Archfey Warlock Replace Spell

At Level 3 the Archfey Warlock unlocks Improved Warlock Spells, picks an additional spell, selects a Pact Boon, and Replace Spell. Below is a list of the recommended Archfey Warlock progression selections at level 3:

  • Replace Spell: Remove Sleep and select Mirror Image.
  • Misty Step (spell selection): Enveloped in a shimmering silver mist, you can instantly teleport to an unoccupied space within an 18m range that you can see. This spell stands out as one of the most effective defensive options, especially in the early stages of the game. It provides a reliable teleportation ability precisely when you need it the most. Additionally, casting Misty Step only demands a bonus action, leaving your main action free to cast a high-powered spell, granting you the tactical advantage of swift mobility while conserving valuable spell slots.
  • Mirror Image (spell selection): Create 3 illusory duplicates of yourself that distract attackers. Each duplicate increases your Armour Class by 3. Whenever you successfully evade an attack, one of the duplicates disappears. This boosts your overall AC to 21 and you avoid attacks like crazy making you super survivable until 3 attacks have consumed this spell. You can select something more offensive if you feel you don’t need this spell for survival, but its very good at the start of the game when you expect or anticipate pressure. Even late game, this spell is a spellcasters defensive priority.
  • Pact of the Chain (Pact Boon): Gain the service of a familiar, a fey spirit that takes a form you choose. This can be an animal, imp or quasit. Anytime you can have an extra combatant on the battlefield it is helpful, and this early the Imp can do some big damage and handle pressure for you.

A lot happens with the Best Archfey Warlock for the next couple of levels.  This loadout will set you up with high survivability.  At this point, you can use shield if you selected the High Half-Elf or Human race in combination with a Rapier, Light Armour, and high Dexterity.  With the addition of Misty Step for mobility and Mirror Image for +9 AC, you will be very hard to kill.  Use both of these spells limitedly, but you need to learn how to survive first because damage comes later from spells. Eldritch Blast and Hex will get you by with the occlusal another spell for crowd control.

We pickup the Pact of the Chain boon because you can summon an Imp.  At lower levels, this Imp can do some serious damage and act as a distraction.  As we progress, we can add another addition two, if not three summons with gear and spells.  More on that later, summon the Imp following a long rest.

Level 3 Archfey Warlock Spell Loadout: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Mirror Image, Misty Step

Level 4

BG3 Level 4 Archfey Warlock Spell
BG3 Warlock Level 4 Ability Improvement

At level four you get to pick one new spell, replace spell and pick a feat. We recommend taking Shatter spell and Ability Improvement +2 to Charisma. 

  • Shatter (spell selection): Damages all nearby creatures and objects. Creatures made of inorganic material such as stone have Disadvantage on their Saving Throw. On Save: Targets still take half damage.
  • Ability Improvement (feat): Ability Improvement: Increase Charisma to 18. This will help with damage and increase chance of landing attacks. We will get another feat at level 8 and one more at max level 12.

At level four you want to select the ability improvement feat.  You get +2 to your main ability Charisma and will do the same at level 8.  The reason why is the hat Birthright in Act 3. This hat will increase your Charisma another +2 to 22 making your spells hit more frequently and harder.  We are working towards that outcome by selecting this ability improvement and following a path to power in Act 3.

The Shatter spell will be used infrequently. The main benefit is the type of damage, providing disadvantage debuff and a small bit of area damage. Stick to the basics for now.

Level 4 Archfey Warlock Spell Loadout: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Shatter

Level 5

BG3 Level 5 Archfey Warlock
BG3 Archfey Warlock Eldritch Invocations Level 5

At level five you will unlock a class feature Deepened Pact, one new spell, and one new Eldritch Invocation. Below is a list of the recommended Archfey Warlock progression selections at level 5:

  • Counterspell (spell selection): Nullify another creature’s spell as a reaction. The spell must be 3rd level or lower. If it is higher, you must succeed in a Check to nullify it, the difficulty of which is based on the spell’s Level.
  • One with Shadows (Eldritch Invocation):  A Warlock only learned action. Can only be performed in a semi-obscured or heavily obscured location.
  • One with Shadows (learned action): Vanish into the darkness and become Invisible

Level 5 gives us access to higher level skills.  The Counterspell spell isn’t an offensive on but a hard counter as a reaction.  Just like Magic the Gathering, you can nullify a spell at level 3 or lower and this can save your team from eating a fireball at lower levels.  The Archfey subclass doesn’t get access to all the spells as the Fiend or other subclass so we go with the counter option.

You then select the One with Shadows Eldritch Invocation which helps you become invisible. This is helpful defensive spell when taking pressure and can be used outside of combat for thievery. 

Level 5 Archfey Warlock Spell Loadout: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Shatter, Counterspell

Level 6

BG3 Level 6 Archfey Warlock

The level 6 Archfey Warlock unlocks the Misty Escape subclass feature, learns a new spell, and can replace a spell.

  • Misty Escape ( subclass feature): Upon taking damage, become invisible. On your next turn, you can cast Misty Step, though this will break your invisibility.
  • Hunger of Hadar (spell selection): Create a sphere of cold blackness, teeming with unknown horrors. Creatures starting their turn in the take 2d6 Cold damage. Creatures ending their turn in the area possibly take 2d6 Acid damage. The area is Difficult Terrain and creatures within are Blinded.

Misty Escape subclass feature is vital to our survivability giving us a Misty Step cast after becoming invisible.  This will increase your survivability and mobility drastically.  The Hunter of Hadar spell can help doing area-based damage which we lack up until now.  Prioritize casting this spell with two to three targets being hit in the area.  Hunger of Hadar also requires concentration, so if you’re using Hex, you will not be able to use this ability in conjunction so it comes with a cost.

Level 6 Archfey Warlock Spell Loadout: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Shatter, Counterspell, Hunger of Hadar

Level 7

BG3 Level 7 Warlock Archfey Spell Selection
BG3 Level 7 Warlock Eldritch Invocations
BG3 Level 7 Archfey Warlock Spellbook

At level seven the Archfey Warlock unlocks one new spell and one new Eldritch Invocation. Below is a list of the recommended Archfey Warlock progression selections at level 7:

  • Blight (spell selection): Plants are more susceptible to this spell: they roll with Disadvantage, and still take half of all the damage if they succeed the roll. On Save: Targets still takes half damage.
  • Book of Ancient Secrets (Eldritch Invocations): Learn Ray of Sickness, Chromatic Orb, and Silence. You can cast these spells once per long rest without expending spell slots.
  • Ray of Sickness (free spell): Possibly Poisons the target.
  • Chromatic Orb (free spell): Hurl a sphere of energy. It deals 3d8 Thunder damage, or deals 2d8 Acid, Cold; Fire, Lightning, or Poison damage and creates a surface.
  • Silence (free spell): Create a sound-proof sphere. All within are Silenced and Immune to Thunder damage.

Level seven gives us a massive amount of spells. Blight is great for burst damage single target with our spell slot.  The Book of Ancient Secrets unlocks three spells that do not require a spell slot which is very important.  The obvious choice for damage is Chromatic Orb which you can change the element type depending on enemy.  You can examine enemies in comeback to see resistances and vulnerabilities.  The Silence spell gives us some utility and Ray of Sickness is decent if you need a poison attack.

Level 7 Archfey Warlock Spell Loadout: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Shatter, Counterspell, Hunger of Hadar, Blight, Ray of Sickness, Chromatic Orb, Silence.

Level 8

BG3 Level 8 Warlock Archfey Spell Selection
BG3 Warlock Ability Improvement Level 8

At level eight you can select one new spell and learn a new feat.

  • Banishment (spell selection): Temporarily Banish your target to another plane of existence for two turns.
  • Ability Improvement (feat selection): +2 to Charisma. Increase Charisma to 20 . This will better help with damage and increase chance to land attacks.

Level 8 we are going to push our Charisma to 20 with a +2 ability score.  When we reach Act 3, getting the Birthright helm will be a priority.  You also get the Banishment spell which helps with crowd control on a single target. It removes it from the battlefield and is a great single target cc.

Level 8 Archfey Warlock Spell Loadout: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Shatter, Counterspell, Hunger of Hadar, Blight, Ray of Sickness, Chromatic Orb, Silence, Banishment.

Level 9

BG3 Level 9 Warlock Archfey Spell Selection
BG3 Minion of Chaos Eldritch Invocation

At level 9 the Archfey Warlock gains another spell and Eldritch Invocation.

  • Minions of Chaos (Eldritch Invocation): Learn Conjure Elemental with Warlock Spell slot.
  • Conjure Elemental (Invocation spell): Bend the barrier between the Planes until they disgorge an elemental ally to follow and fight for you.
  • Dominate Person (spell selection): Make a humanoid fight alongside you. Every time the creature takes damage, it makes a Wisdom Saving Throw against your domination. Allies cannot be dominated.

At level 9 we get a major boon to our offensive power with Minions of Chaos.  You can then summon another ally to fight on your side.  The picture below shows an Earth Elemental, our Fey Imp alongside a Planar Ally Cambion.  The Cambion can be summoned per long rest via the Infernal Rapier weapon. This is part of Wyll’s side quest conclusion in Act 2 and with all three on the battlefield, you are a force! The best part is, that these can all be summoned outside of combat and last until long rest.

BG3 Warlock Summons

Level 9 Archfey Warlock Spell Loadout: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Shatter, Counterspell, Hunger of Hadar, Blight, Ray of Sickness, Chromatic Orb, Silence, Banishment, Conjure Elemental, Dominate Person

Level 10

BG3 Level 10 Warlock Archfey Spell Selection

At level 10 Archfey Warlock learns another cantrip and spell.

  • Poison Spray (cantrip selection): Project a puff of noxious gas.
  • Dimension Door (spell selection): Teleport yourself and up to 1 adjacent ally to a place you can see. The ally cannot be larger than medium.
  • Beguiling Defenses (subclass feature): Beginning at 10th level, your patron teaches you how to turn the mind-affecting magic of your enemies against them. You are immune to being charmed, and when another creature attempts to charm you, you can use your reaction to attempt to turn the charm back on that creature. The creature must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw against your warlock spell save DC or be charmed by you for 1 minute or until the creature takes any damage.

At level 10 the Warlock gets another utility spell to pick and cantrip.  You get some resistances to being charmed but not much happens at this level.  Your primary gameplay is still Hex and Eldritch Blast.  You fill in extra damage or crowd control with your array of spells.  The summons do a lot of work for you every round and take the pressure off your teammates.  The Warlock is simple so lean into that and make the most out of each turn.

Level 10 Archfey Warlock Spell Loadout: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Shatter, Counterspell, Hunger of Hadar, Blight, Ray of Sickness, Chromatic Orb, Silence, Banishment, Conjure Elemental, Dominate Person, Dimension Door.

Level 11

BG3 Mystic Arcanum Selection
BG3 Level 11 Warlock Archfey Spell Selection

The level 11 Archfey Walrock unlocks one new spell and Mystic Arcanum.

  • Mystic Arcanum (class feature): Select one of your Level 6 spells. Once per Long Rest you can cast that spell without expanding a spell slot.
  • Circle of Death (free spell): Sculpt a massive sphere of entropic energy around a creature. Devastate the target and all surrounding creatures. On Save: Targets still take half damage.
  • Greater Invisibility (spell selection): Turn a creature Invisible. Attack against it have Disadvantage. It attacks with Advantage. When interacting with items, casting spells, or attacking, Stealth Checks are needed to maintain Invisibility. The check becomes harder with each successful attempt (DC 15 +1 per time a check is triggered).

At level 11 we get a once per long rest level 6 spell Circle of Death.  This spell is massive area damage and solves a lot of our issue with multiple target damage.  With Circle of Death you need to select a specific target first and hit it for the area damage to proc, but it can be a lot.  Plus you get the spell cast once free per long rest so use it wisely.  You can also pick a utility skill but the build is rounding out nicely with free spells and allies to fight next to you.

Level 11 Archfey Warlock Spell Loadout: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Shatter, Counterspell, Hunger of Hadar, Blight, Ray of Sickness, Chromatic Orb, Silence, Banishment, Conjure Elemental, Dominate Person, Dimension Door, Greater Invisbility, Circle of Death

Level 12

BG3 Level 12 The Archfey Warlock
BG3 Eldritch Invocation Level 12
BG3 Archfey Shield Master

You have reached max level in Baldur’s Gate 3 with the Archfey Warlock. This level will provide one new spell, Eldritch Invocation, and feat. Below is a list of the recommended Archfey Warlock progression selections at level 12:

  • Seeming (spell selection): Disguise up to 4 members of your adventuring party.
  • Devil’s Sight (Eldritch Invocations): You can see normally in darkness, both magical and nonmagical, to a distance of 24m.
  • Shield Master (feat selection): You gain a +2 bonus to Dexterity Saving Throws while wielding a shield. If a spell forces you to make a Dexterity Saving Throw, you can use a reaction to shield yourself and diminish the effect’s damage. On a failed Saving Throw, you only take half of the damage. On a successful Saving Throw, you don’t take any damage.

NOTE only possible if you took High-Elf or Human race for Civil Militia passive. If not, you can take Moderately Armoured feat which will give you medium armor and shield proficiency. This is very important for our gear and weapon setup at end game Act 3.

You’ve reached the final level in our leveling process.  We get a feat to select, and I recommend a different one that Warlocks are not use to using and that’s Shield Master.  Since we are using the Infernal Rapier and the shield adds free AC, we can select this feat as a bonus to Dexterity Saving throw.  This feat along with our recommended Legendary Shield makes you extraordinary survival-able at max level. 

It’s important to note, if you did not take the Human or High Half-Elf race, you won’t be able to use a Shield. In that case I recommend the feat Moderately Armoured which unlocks this and medium armor proficiency.  If you don’t like either of these choices, Elemental Affinity is good if you consistently use one source of damage, like Necrotic with Circle of Death at end game. Below are the gear charts that reflect the recommended gear selections.

Level 12 Archfey Warlock Spell Loadout: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Shatter, Counterspell, Hunger of Hadar, Blight, Ray of Sickness, Chromatic Orb, Silence, Banishment, Conjure Elemental, Dominate Person, Dimension Door, Greater Invisibility, Circle of Death, Seeming

Archfey Warlock Companions

A Warlock wants a melee aggressive Fighter or Barbarian making Lae’zeal or Karlach the best choice. Shadowheart the Cleric, can provide crowd control and dealing. Astarion is the best at playing as a Rogue Thief with huge sneak attack damage. This will allow you to sit back at range firing off damage abilities.

Here’s a list of the best companions for the Warlock Build in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Lae’zeal (Fighter): damage, crowd control, and in-your-face aggression which takes the pressure off you.
  • Shadowheart (Cleric): buffs, healing, crowd control, and useful to help heal and cc enemies.
  • Astarion (Rogue): stealth, lockpicking, critical damage, and an asset in and out of combat.

When putting your party together, consider companions for not only their combat prowess but also their outside ability and skills that can influence storytelling, dialogue, and exploration. A balanced party will fit the traditional RPG ‘holy trinity’: Tank, Healer, and DPS. Ideally, in Baldur’s Gate 3 you’re are going to want one tank, one healer, one melee DPS, and one range DPS. Some classes/subclasses can cover both roles, so feel free to experiment and find out what works best for you.

Beginner: Act 1

Baldur's Gate 3 Drow Studded Leather Armour
Glowing Shield Baldur's Gate 3
BG3 Boots of Speed

Here’s a list of some of the Best Beginner Archfey Warlock Build Gear, Weapons and Armor:

Gear SlotBest Gear Item
HeadCirclet of Fire
ChestDrow Studded Leather Armour
GlovesGloves of Belligerent Skies
BootsBoots of Speed
NecklaceAmulet of Misty Step
RingRing of Fire
RingSunwalker’s Gift
Weapon 1 Main HandThe Watcher’s Guide
Weapon 1 SecondaryGlowing Shield
  • Circlet of Fire: Fiery Return: When you deal Fire damage with a non-Cantrip spell, gain a Bonus Action.
    • Gilded chest in the necromancers’ cellar in Blighted Village
  • Drow Studded Leather Armour: 12 AC + Dexterity modifier and +1 to stealth.
    • Can be looted from Phase Spider Matriarch underneath Blighted Village easiest entrance through a well.
  • Gloves of Belligerent Skies: when you deal thunder, lighting or radiant damage you inflict reverberation for 2 turns.
    • Inquisitor’s Chamber of Crèche Y’llek.
  • Boots of Speed: Allows the wearer to Dash as a bonus action.
    • Giving an antidote to Thulla in Myconid Colony in the  Underdark.
  • Amulet of Misty Step: Grants Misty Step Level 2 Conjuration Spell.
    • Found in a Gilded Chest (X386 Y8) in Defiled Temple
  • Ring of Fire: When dealing Fire damage, the wearer deals an additional 1 Fire damage.
    • Given to you by Sovereign Glut in the Myconid Colony as a reward for Avenge Glut’s Circle quest
  • Sunwalker’s Gift: the wearer can see in the dark up to 12m.
    • Buy it from Blurg in Myconid Colony in the  Underdark.
  • The Watcher’s Guide: When the spear misses its target, the wielder’s next Attack Roll against that target has Advantage. Solve the Puzzle to Get it – Inside a sarcophagus in the Dank Crypt
  • Glowing Shield: Once per Short Rest, if you are below 50% Hits Points and take damage, you gain 8 Temporary Hit Points.
    • In a chest on a slope behind the goblin camp. (X: -54, Y: 462)

Advanced: Act 2 & 3

BG3 - Markoheshkir - Baldur's Gate 3
BG3 Viconia's Walking Fortress Legendary Shield - Baldur's Gate 3
BG3 Killer's Sweetheart

The following table presents the best advanced and end-game gear for the Archfey Warlock Build in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Gear SlotBest Gear Item
CapeCloak of the Weave
ChestElegant Studded Leather
GlovesQuickspell Gloves
BootsDisintegrating Night Walkers
NecklaceAmulet of Greater Health
RingKiller’s Sweetheart
RingShifting Corpus Ring
Weapon 1 Main HandInfernal Rapier
Weapon 1 SecondaryViconia’s Walking Fortress
  • Birthright: Increase Charisma +2.
    • Sorcerer’s Sundries store in the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate.
  • Cloak of the Weave: You gain a +1 bonus to Spell Save DC and Spell Attack Rolls; Absorb elemental damage once per Short Rest. Take half damage from the next elemental attack targeting you, and deal an additional 1d6 of that element type on your next attack.
    • Can be found in a locked chest in Raphael’s House of Hope.
  • Elegant Studded Leather: +2 initiative cost and free Shield spell.
    • The Counting House High-Security Vault.
  • Quickspell Gloves: Cantrips that cost an action cost a bonus action instead. This effect can be used once per Short Rest.
    • Can be purchased at Lorroakan’s Projection at Sorceror’s Sundries
  • Disintegrating Night Walkers: Can’t be Enwebbed, Entangled, or Ensnared and can’t slip on grease or ice; Misty Step once per Short Rest
    • Dropped by True Soul Nere at the Grymforge
  • Amulet of Greater Health: Increases the wearer’s Constitution score to 23; Advantage on Constitution Saving Throws Checks.
    • Can be found in the House of Hope
  • Killer’s Sweetheart: When you kill a creature, your next Attack Roll will be a critical hit. Once spent, this effect refreshes after a Long Rest.
    • Can be found laying on the ground at the top of the stone structure in the Self-Same Trial inside the Gauntlet of Shar ( X: -833 Y: -729).
  • Shifting Corpus Ring: Gain access to the Invisibility and Blur spells
    • Drop by Fist Marcus at the Last Light Inn
  • Markoheshkir: You gain a +1 bonus to Spell Save DC and spell attack rolls, and cast one spell without consuming spell slot. At Ramazith’s Tower, get to the lower level by jumping from the balcony with Feather Fall active.
    • Alternative Staff of Spellpower: also allows you to cast additional spell without consuming spell slot.
  • Viconia’s Walking Fortress: returns damage, can knock prone, and Reflect Shell ability.
    • Can be looted from Viconia DeVir during Shadowheart’s companion quest in Act 3.

Best Consumable Items and Potions

Baldur's Gate 3 Potion of Speed
Smokepowered Bomb
Baldur's Gate 3 Potion of Greater Healing

Consumables are items that can be used once and then destroyed. They are typically used to restore health or other resources. Some common types of consumables include potions, scrolls, food, drinks, and arrows.

The following list represents the best individual use consumable items that will aid in our Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock Archfey Build:

  • Potion of Speed: Gain extra action, +2 Armour Class, Advantage on Dexterity Saving Throws, and double movement speed making it the best consumable in the game.
  • Smokepowder Bomb: Throw bomb 18m with a 4m radius dealing 3d4+9 Force damage dealing a massive amount of area damage.
  • Arrow of Fire:  Deals +1D4 fire damage and creates a fire surface for extra area damage.
  • Greater Healing Potion: use a bonus action to self-heal for 4D4+ 4 HP.
  • Basic Poison: use a bonus action to coat a weapon with poison.
  • Feather Fall Scroll: become immune to falling damage which helps to enter Underdark.
  • Alchemist Fire: throwable single target dealing 1d4 Fire damage per turn to a creature hit

Archfey Warlock Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Here are 10 gameplay tips specifically for playing an Archfey Warlock build in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  1. Eldritch Blast: Eldritch Blast is your bread-and-butter cantrip and should be cast in conjunction with Hex which is a bonus action for optimal damage.
  2. Short Rests: Utilize short rests to recover spell slots and replenish your resources, as Warlocks regain their spell slots on short rest.
  3. Ranged Advantage: As a ranged spellcaster, maintain distance from enemies to reduce the likelihood of taking damage.
  4. High Ground: When you attack from above, you gain a +2 bonus to the Attack Roll so always look to go up!
  5. Crowd Control: Use spells like “Hold Person” and “Hypnotic Pattern” to control groups of enemies and turn the tide of battles or have companions cast similar spells.
  6. Avoiding Friendly Fire: Be cautious with area-of-effect spells to avoid hitting your own party members.
  7. Use Consumables: Potion of Speed gives you an additional action and can be found during the tutorial.
  8. Misty Step: save a level spell in case you need to retreat via Misty Step.
  9. Mirror Image: Cast this immediately when taking melee pressure for survivability.
  10. Spell Slots: Save spell slots for Hellish Rebuke which reacts when taking damage without costing an action.

Remember, this build guide serves as a foundation, and you can always adapt it to suit your preferences and the needs of your campaign. Enjoy playing as a formidable Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock in the Archfey Build Guide!

Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock Build Summary Guide

Warlock Mechanics

  • Spell Slots Recharge
  • Fey Presence
  • Eldritch Invocations
  • Eldritch Blast

Subclass – Archfey

Background Guild Artisan



RaceHigh Half-Elf

Ability Score

  • Strength 10
  • Dexterity 16
  • Constitution 14
  • Intelligence 8
  • Wisdom 10
  • Charisma 16

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