Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Wyll Companion Build Guide

This guide will explain the best Wyll Companion Build in Baldur’s Gate 3, the Warlock class, the Fiend subclass, and the optimal setup.

Baldur's Gate 3 Wyll Companion

This build page has been updated for the patch 6 version of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Wyll Companion Introduction

Known as the Blade of Frontiers, Wyll carved a reputation as a renowned living legend and esteemed human noble, harboring a concealed and ominous truth. His formidable might emanates from a Demonic patron, but to unravel the depths of his enigma, you must first gain his favor and foster a friendship. Encounters with him unfold early in the game, as he valiantly joins the battle to safeguard Druid Grove.

Companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 are a group of non-player characters (NPCs) who join the player’s party and accompany them throughout their journey in the game. These companions are essential characters that offer various benefits, such as providing additional combat support, contributing to the story, and offering different perspectives on the events unfolding in the game world. 

Additionally, Companions can be avoided entirely, die, be romanced, and have their sprawling background.  In this build guide for Wyll, we will explore his character and how to make a powerful Warlock build using this original character.

This build setup is for Wyll as a Fiend Warlock which focuses on using your powerful cantrip Eldritch Blast paired with Hex to debuff enemies. You further optimize the combination and eventually get complimentary skills for area damage, crowd control, and buffs.

Wyll ProsWyll Cons
Short Rest RecoveryWeak Range
Best CantripSlow Start
High Durability SpellcasterLacks Spells  

Wyll Companion Features & Mechanics

The following list presents all the essential Wyll Companion Mechanics and Features in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Your companion can be respecced or rerolled early in the game. This means you can change their class, subclass, ability score, and more. The only feature that cannot be adjusted is their race and story. We suggest using Withers at Camp after he’s unlocked to optimize the build.

Where to Find Wyll and How to Recruit Him?

Baldur's Gate 3 Wyll Location

To find Wyll in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. After the prologue, head to the Druid Grove area north on your map.
  2. Attempt to enter the Druid Grove and survive Goblin Ambush.
  3. Head inside the gate to the “Hollow” Cave city.
  4. You will find Wyll standing near a group of children wearing a red cloak.
  5. Speak to Wyll and he will tell you that he is a warlock who is on a quest to find the Sword of Fathoms.
  6. Agree to help Wyll find the Sword of Fathoms and he will join your party.

If your party is full, Wyll will join you in your camp.  You can easily swap companions in and out by speaking to them. 

BG3 The Fiend Subclass

The best subclass for Wyll is Fiend because it provides high damage at range along with extra temporary hit points upon killing an enemy. Moreover, the Fiend subclass allows for aggressive spell caster without being as punishing as other builds.

Here are all Warlock subclasses:

  • Archfey: grants Warlock access to spells and abilities that manipulate emotions, charm enemies, and harness the power of nature. 
  • Fiend: a powerful ranged attacker that deals fire damage and extra temporary hit points whenever they kill an enemy.
  • Great Old One: This subclass is a versatile spellcaster that can deal both psychic and necrotic damage.

The Fiend Warlock Subclass Progression

Below is a list of the Fiend Warlock subclass progression, features, and spells:

  • Dark One’s Blessing (Level 1): When you reduce a hostile creature to 0 hit points, this gift from your patron grants you Charisma Modifier + Level hit points.
  • Dark One’s Own Luck (Level 6): Call on your patron to change your fate and add a 1d10 to an Ability Check once per Short Rest.
  • Fiendish Resilience (Level 10): Choose a damage type and become resistant to it. You can pick a new damage type for each Short Rest.

Wyll Race

Wyll is locked into a Human race as a Warlock Spell Caster. This racial selection is not ideal, because unlike Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Humans will not have a +1 to six ability score. They also do not possess Darkvision like other meta races. However, each race in Baldur’s Gate 3 will get a +2 and +1 ability score which will help optimize the stats for best performance. Outside of race, nearly everything besides his story can be adjusted via the respec NPC  Withers at your Camp.

Character Creation Skills for Wyll Companion BG3

Deception and Intimidation are the best skills for the Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Wyll Companion Build because they complement your class abilities and enhance your effectiveness in various situations. In Baldur’s Gate 3, skills represent the abilities and proficiencies of your character that allow them to perform various actions and interact with the game world. Skills are associated with specific attributes and are used to determine the success or effectiveness of certain actions or abilities. They can be edited during character creation or with companions, during respec or reroll screen.

Here are the skills for Wyll in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  1. Deception is a Charisma Skill
  2. Intimidation is a Charisma Skill

Wyll Ability Score

Here’s the best ability score of the Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Wyll Companion Build:


The recommended Ability Score for Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Wyll Companion Build is high Charisma of 16 and Dexterity of 16 that way your melee abilities will do a lot of damage have a good amount of Armour Class (AC) while wearing cloth. The next priority is Constituion of 14 so you have a high health pool and can take a few attacks if hit.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, ability scores are the six core stats that determine a character’s capabilities. For companions, the game automatically distributes them without the ability to change initially. However, you can later change their default ability score in your camp via the NPC Withers for 100 gold.

Warlock Spell Slots

Here is a list of spells, cantrips, and invocations for the Warlock in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Warlock LevelCantrips KnownSpell KnownSpell Slot LevelInvocations Known
Level 1211st0
Level 2231st2
Level 3242nd2
Level 4352nd2
Level 5363rd3
Level 6373rd3
Level 7384th4
Level 8394th4
Level 93105th5
Level 104105th5
Level 114115th5
Level 124115th6

Wyll Level Progression

Level 1

BG3 Wyll Companion Build
BG3 Level 1 Warlock

For companions, the game automatically distributes ability scores and you will want to change that. You can change your default class, ability score, and skills in your camp via the NPC Withers for 100 gold. Use the character creation steps above and hit the appropriate ability score and skills you cannot reset his race. You want to either use clothing (no armor), and a Quarterstaff but mainly rely on ranged damage and not play in melee. At level two we get access to Mages Armour which will bump up our Armour Class (AC) by a lot and make us more survivable.

Additionally, Wyll is a Human, which means he can equip a shield in conjunction with a Quarterstaff for immediate +2 AC. Your Warlock will select a subclass at level one, pick two cantrips, and two level 1 spells.  Below is our recommendation for a Level 1 Warlock in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Beginning Warlock Spell Selection

Subclass Selection

  • The Fiend: Gain access to Dark One’s Blessing which killing enemies grants you grants you temporary HP. This helps with survivability and makes a tanky strong Warlock subclass.

Cantrip Selection

  • Eldritch Blast: 1d10 force damage via an 18-meter beam. This is the best cantrip in the game and what we use primarily for damage.  Remember Cantrips do not use spell slots, and Warlocks in particular have very few, so Cantrips and free spells are mostly what we will use for damage this being number one.
  • Blade Ward: Take only half of the damage from Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing attack. This is a decent cantrip when expecting incoming melee damage.

Spells Selection

  • Hex Spell: Curse a creature so it takes additional damage whenever you attack it and inflict Disadvantage on Ability Checks with an Ability of your choosing. This spell helps doing damage and it can be used as a bonus action. So you can combo this spell with Eldritch Blast and that’s the main offensive gameplay loop of the class.
  • Hellish Rebuke: Take this if you do not have a race like Asmodeus Tiefling that provides this for you. This is a reaction base spell meaning, you can use it when someone attacks you without using an action. Make sure to hit the passives tab on your character’s menu and request “ask.” The reason is, that you don’t what to use this spell on a target with 1 health since spell slots are low.

Wyll Warlock Gameplay

The premise of the Best Warlock Fiend Build is simple, Hex and Eldritch Blast repeatedly. You leave your spell slots for Hellish Rebuke, which will provide a reaction. Further levels will optimize this and enhance the damage or add special effects. Further notes on Warlock From here out, you will have very limited spell slots and aren’t meant to use them like Wizards or Sorcerers. Rather, you want to use a couple, one for Hex usually, and then cantrips. You can also fill up your Spell Slots via short rest, so after every fight make sure to short rest to keep this build having the spell slot fuel it needs. You may also use Light Armor instead of Mage Armour and change the Eldritch Invocation at level 2.

Wyll Gameplay & Priorities

During the early phase of BG3, Wyll will want to equip a Quarterstaff and Shield for extra defense. You have the option of getting Armour of Shadows in the next level, which boosts your AC via Mages Armour. This will make you powerful and defensive while using clothing, not armour. This is preferred because end-game items favor clothing rather than light armour for a spell-casting Warlock.

Your overall priority with this build is the following:

  • Complete Prologue
  • Recruit Other Companions
  • Reached Hollowed City/Druid Grove
  • Sell, Stock up, complete quest
  • Unlock Withers, respec to proper ability score
  • Progress to level 5
  • Reach Underdark and Grymforged

Following these steps ensures a strong foundation for her especially if you plan on playing solo or on Honour Mode difficulty.

Level 2

BG3 Level 2 Warlock Spell
BG3 Eldritch Invocations Level 2 Warlock

At level two, the Warlorck will unlock more spells and Eldritch Invocations, which enhances your Eldritch Blast Cantrip. Upon reaching level two, the optimal Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock the Fiend ought to perform the following actions:

Eldritch Invocation Selection

  • Agonizing Blast: When you cast Eldritch Blast, add your Charisma modifier to the damage it deals, unless it is negative. This helps deal more damage with your main attack Eldritch Blast.
  • Armour of the Shadows: You can cast Mage Armour on yourself at will, without expending a spell slot. This is an essential skill because it gives you Mages armour for free. You can cast it after every long rest. This allows you to wear clothing, non-armour but get a higher Armour Class (AC).  If you do not want to wear clothes and prefer light armour, take Repelling Blast. Cloth I recommended it because of the passive spells and spell attack perks that come with later-game gear.

Spells Selection.

  • Armour of Agathys: Gain 5 temporary hit points and deal 5 Cold Damage to any creature that hits you with a melee attack. This is a temporary defensive spell that we will replace later but can help with survivability early.

With the above invocations, your Warlock will have better defense wearing cloth and extra damage with Eldritch Blast. Mainly Hex, Eldritch Blast and cast spells limitedly.

Warlock Level 2 Prepared Spells: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Armour of Agathys

Level 3

BG3 Level 3 Warlock Spells
BG3 Warlock Replace Spell
BG3 Level 3 Pact of the Chain

At level three, you can pick one additional spell, choose your Pact Boon, and can replace spells. For the spell loadout, you want to replace the Armour of Agathys and Misty Step while selecting Mirror Image.

Mirror Image: Create 3 illusory duplicates of yourself that distract attackers. Each duplicate increases your Armour Class by 3. Whenever you successfully evade an attack, one of the duplicates disappears. This boosts your overall AC to 21 and you avoid attacks like crazy making you super survivable until 3 attacks have consumed this spell. You can select something more offensive if you feel you don’t need this spell for survival, but it’s very good at the start of the game when you expect or anticipate pressure. Even late game, this spell is a spellcaster’s defensive priority.

Misty Step: Enveloped in a shimmering silver mist, you can instantly teleport to an unoccupied space within an 18m range that you can see. This spell stands out as one of the most effective defensive options, especially in the early stages of the game. It provides a reliable teleportation ability precisely when you need it the most. Additionally, casting Misty Step only demands a bonus action, leaving your main action free to cast a high-powered spell, granting you the tactical advantage of swift mobility while conserving valuable spell slots.

Pact of the Chain

Pact of the Chain: Gain the service of a familiar, fey spirit that takes a form you choose. This can be an animal, imp, or quasit. Anytime you can have an extra combatant on the battlefield it is helpful, and this early the Imp can do some big damage and handle pressure for you. However, you can alternatively go with Pact of the Tome for additional spells that unlock as you progress. Pact of the Chain is very helpful at the start of the game, while Tomes is helpful later. Moreover, the Pact of the Blade is helpful for melee type Warlocks which this build is not.

Warlock Level 3 Prepared Spells: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image

Level 4

BG3 Level 4 Warlock Spell
BG3 Warlock Level 4 Ability Improvement

At level four, you will get to choose between a feat or ability improvement and more spell selections. We suggest the Warlock do the following at level 4 in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Scorching Ray (spell selection): Hurl 3 rays of Fire, each dealing 2d6 Fire damage at 18m range. Think of this spell as an improved Magic Missile, that can miss, but also do a lot of damage when you need it.  You can cast on the same target or up to three which is great for multi-kills without using our skill. 

Ability Improvement (feat selection): Increase Charisma to 18. This will help with damage and increase the chance of landing attacks. We will get another feat at level 8 and one more at max level 12.

Mage Hand (cantrip selection): When you cast Mage Hand, the spectral hand is invisible and can carry out additional tasks. Consider this a utility cantrip that can help with outside-of-combat actions and thievery.

At this level, you now have another powerful single-target ability, Scorching Ray. The next level will get some massive area damage and offensive potential will start to increase.

Warlock Level 4 Prepared Spells: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray

Level 5

BG3 Level 5 Warlock
BG3 Eldritch Invocation Level 5

At level five, you will get access to another Eldritch Invocation, and one level 3 spell

  • Fireball (spell): massive area-based damage and one of the best spells in the game.
  • Eldritch Invocation Repelling Blast: When you hit a creature with Eldritch Blast, you can push the creature up to 4.5 m away from you.

You will have some area damage with Fireball at level 5. The build will still center around a simple Hex + Eldritch Blast combination, but more variety though not at the level of other spell casters. The addition of Repelling Blast gives you a knockback which can be useful to knock enemies off ledges.

Class Feature

Deepened Pact: Blade pact holders gain an extra attack with their pact weapon. The pact of the Chain’s familiar also gains an extra attack. Pact of the Tome warlocks can cast Animate Dead, Haste, and Call Lightning once per long rest.

The build remains the same, use your spell slots limitedly, and short rest frequently. With Deepened Pact, you get extra spells that you can use per long rest and that adds a lot of utility. Haste is the best, giving extra action per turn to you or anyone you cast it on.

Warlock Level 5 Prepared Spells: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Fireball

Level 6

BG3 Level 6 Warlock Spells
BG3 Warlock Spell Book level 6

At level six you get an additional spell to choose from. We suggest taking Counterspell.

  • Counterspell: Nullify another creature’s spell as a reaction. The spell must be 3rd level or lower. If it is higher, you must succeed a Check to nullify it, the difficulty of which is based on the spell’s Level. This is an amazing spell because it’s a reaction, meaning it doesn’t cost an action. You can shut down a fellow spell caster, but be careful you don’t want to use all your spell slots.

Dark One’s Own Luck (subclass feature): Call on your patron to change your fate and add a 1d10 to an Ability Check. This is done via passives or reactions togglable on and off.

With the addition of Counterspell, you have two ways to return fire and or shut down enemies without it being your turn. Use Hellish Rebuke to return fire and Counterspell when you just cannot let a spell pass that will significantly hinder your team.

Warlock Level 6 Prepared Spells: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Fireball, Counterspell

Ending Act 1 with Wyll

At this level, you should be close to transitioning out of Act 1. Make sure to check vendors and stock up on camp and alchemy supplies. Moreover, look over the best Act 1 items. There are also permanent bonuses you can acquire in Act 1. Lastly, Grymforge has powerful armor and weapons (Adamantine) that can aid your companions. The Clothing, Light Armour, and Quarterstaff options are weak in Act 1 but will improve in Act 2. Consider taking the time to collect the Mithral, Mould, and Craft items before transitioning to Act 2, where you won’t be able to return (Moonrise Tower).

Level 7

BG3 Level 7 Warlock Spells
BG3 Level 7 Warlock Eldritch Invocations

At level 7 you will get an additional Eldritch Invocation and another spell to choose from. 

Banishment (spell): temporarily Banish your target to another plane of existence requires concentration. This is a very powerful single-target crowd control effect. This spell does require concentration so we will use it sparingly on bosses or something that deals a lot of damage. You won’t be able to damage the target, but they won’t threaten you. Use this and clear out additional enemies in two turns.

Book of Ancient Secrets (Eldritch Invocation): Gain three spells – Ray of Sickness, Chromatic Orb, and Silence. You can cast these once per Long Rest and they don’t expend spell slots when cast. This is an awesome choice because the Warlocks spell slots are a big limit and getting three versatility spells adds to our arsenal.  If no one in your party has access to Slow at this level, consider taking Mire the Mind. Slow affects 6 enemies and makes them move slower, reduces AC, and limits reactions and one attack. It’s a massive debuff when fighting a large number of enemies.

Warlock Level 7 Prepared Spells: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Fireball, Counterspell, Banishment

Level 8

BG3 Level 8 Warlock Spells
BG3 Warlock Level 8 Feat Lucky

At level 8 you get a feat or ability score improvement. We suggest taking Lucky Feat and the spell Blight.

  • Lucky (feat): You gain 3 Luck Points, which you can use to gain Advantage on Attack Rolls, Ability Checks, or Saving Throws, or to make an enemy reroll their Attack Rolls. Lucky gives a replenishable resource that helps gain Advantage which we need for our max damage setup. You can also use it for ability checks and saving throws so it comes in handy when you need to land big damage you can choose via reaction.
  • Blight (spell): 9m range, dealing 8d8 necrotic damage. This will help with single-target damage and a different elemental type if someone is susceptible to it.  Moreover, they still take half damage on save so it’s consistent damage that can spike a single target.
BG3 Lucky Reaction

With the introduction of Lucky, you can use the reaction when you need the most damage possible. Like a big Fireball or Eldritch Blast and a long rest to recharge this resource.

Warlock Level 8 Prepared Spells: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Fireball, Counterspell, Banishment, Blight

Level 9

BG3 Level 9 Warlock Spells
BG3 Eldritch Invocation Level 9

At level 9 you can select an additional spell and Eldritch Invocations.

  • Flame Strike (spell): 10-60 flame and radiant damage in an area. This is another great area-based damage spell that still does have the damage on save.  You can also control this better than Fireball when allies are around to avoid friendly fire.
  • Minions of Chaos (Eldritch Invocation): You can cast Conjure Elemental with a Warlock Spell Slot. Use your spell slot to summon this elemental and it will support you in coming with a ton of damage and health. I like the Earth Elemental because it can do great damage and cause prone (stun) targets. Make sure to cast this after a long rest and bring the elemental with you.
BG3 Conjure Earth Element

Warlock Level 9 Prepared Spells: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Fireball, Counterspell, Banishment, Blight

Level 10

BG3 Level 10 Warlock Spells
BG3 Warlock Fiendish Resilience

At level 10 the Warlock learns an additional spell and unlocks a subclass feature.

  • Cone of Cold (spell): 8d8 cold damage Make a flurry of frost, crisp air, and condensed snow crystals erupt from your hands. This is another amazing conal damage spell that is cold so it can trigger status effects.
  • Fiendish Resilience (subclass feature): Choose a damage type and become resistant to it. You can pick a new damage type for each Short Rest. You can only have 1 type of Resistance at a time.

You will need to activate the Fiendish Resilience which can be done outside of combat. This will stay active and you can change it. Slashing is my usual go-to unless I’m going into a specific type of encounter where I’m familiar with elements.

Warlock Level 10 Prepared Spells: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Fireball, Counterspell, Banishment, Blight, Cone of Cold.

Level 11

BG3 Level 11 Warlock Spell Selection
BG3 Level 11 Warlock Spells

At level 11 we can select one spell and another via the class feature Mystic Arcanum.

  • Fire Shield (Fire or Ice) (spell) The caster gains resistance to cold or fire damage, and deals 2d8 damage to attackers who hit him within 5 ft.
    • Usage: This is another defensive spell that does some damage back to attackers and gives resistance to either fire or cold.  Great addition for certain fights with fire or cold.
  • Mystic Arcanum (class feature): Select one of your Level 6 spells. Once per Long Rest you can cast that spell without expanding a spell slot.

Since we get a free spell, we want to use another area-based one that does a lot of damage and doesn’t require a spell slot.

  • Circle of Death: 8d6 damage necrotic Devastate the target and all surrounding creatures. On Save: Targets still take half damage. This provides massive area damage around one creature and Necrotic damage.

Warlock Level 11 Prepared Spells: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Fireball, Counterspell, Banishment, Blight, Cone of Cold, Fire Shield.

Level 12

BG3 Level 12 Warlock Spell Selection
BG3 Level 12 Eldritch Invocations
BG3 Level 12 Warlock Ability Improvement

At level 12, we reach the final stage of our Warlock build! You get to pick a spell, another Eldritch Invocation, and a feat.

Ability Improvement (feat): Choose a +2 to Charisma taking us to 20. This will give you a great well-rounded Warlock that hits hard, high survivability and remains simple to play and understand.

Eldritch Invocation Dreadful Word: You can cast Confusion with a Warlock Spell Slot. Confusion: Befuddle a group of creatures, causing them to attack at random, wander around aimlessly, and occasionally skip turns in the stupor.

Dimension Door (spell): Teleport yourself and up to 1 adjacent ally to a place you can see. The ally cannot be larger than medium. This is a utility skill that can help transport you and your allies around in or out of combat.

Warlock Level 12 Prepared Spells: Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Fireball, Counterspell, Banishment, Blight, Cone of Cold, Fire Shield, Dimension Door.

At a max level of 12 in Baldur’s Gate 3, your Warlock has everything they need to be a force. Here are some of our spells and what they are used for with your Warlock.

  • Defensives: Mage Armour, Mirror Image, Misty Step, Fire Shield.
  • Single Target: Eldritch Blast, Blight, Scorching Ray
  • Summons: Conjure Element, Conjure Fiend
  • Area Damage: Fireball, Flame Strike, Cone of Cold, Circle of Death.

Best Gear Wyll Companion Build

In Games like Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll explore the world, loot chests and your enemies’ dead bodies, and complete quests and all those activities can reward you with useful items, potions, armorweapons, scrolls, and much more. Progression and finding new gear are part of the game, and you will organically get more powerful weapons during your journeys.

Beginner: Starting the Game

BG3 Melf’s First Staff
Baldur's Gate 3 The Protecty Sparkswall
BG3 Disintegrating Night Walkers boots

Below is a chart of the best beginner gear for the Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Wyll Companion Build:

Gear SlotBest Gear ItemEffect
HeadCirclet of BlastingFree Scorching Ray
ChestThe Protecty Sparkswall+1 Spell Saves
GlovesBracers of Defence+2 AC without Shield
BootsDisintegrating Night WalkersMobility & Misty Step
NecklaceAmulet of Misty StepFree Misty Step
Ringing of Absolute ForceFree Thunderwave
RingSunwalker’s GiftDarkvision
Weapon 1 Main HandMelf’s First StaffFree Acid Arrow
Weapon 2 RangedHunting ShortbowFree Hunter’s Mark
Best Beginner Gear for Wyll Build

Below is a list of the best beginner gear, items, weapons, and armour for Wyll Companion in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Advanced: End-Game

BG3 Markoheshkir Legendary Quarterstaff
Potent Robe - Baldur's Gate 3 - BG3
BG3 Killer's Sweetheart

The following table presents the best advanced and end-game gear for the Wyll Companion Build in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Gear SlotBest Gear ItemEffect
HeadHood of the Weave+2 Spell Save & Roll
CapeCloak of the Weave+1 Spell Save & Roll
ChestPotent RobeAbility Mod to Cantrip
GlovesQuickspell GlovesCantrips Bonus Action
BootsHelldusk BootsCannot be Moved
NecklaceAmulet of Greater Health23 Constitution
RingKiller’s SweetheartAuto Critical
RingCrypt Lord RingFree Create Undead
Weapon 1 Main HandMarkoheshkirFree Spells, +1 Roll
Weapon 1 Off-HandViconia’s Walking Fortress3 AC, Reflect Spell
Weapon 2 RangedDarkfire ShortbowFree Haste Spell
Best Equipment for Wyll Companion Build

Below is a list of the best weapons, armor, and equipment for Wyll’s companion in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Best Consumables, Potions, and Items

BG3 Potion of Speed
BG3 Superior Elixir of Arcane Cultivation
BG3 Elixir of Viciousness

Consumables are items that can be used once and then destroyed. They are typically used to restore health or other resources. Some common types of consumables include potions, scrolls, food, drinks, and arrows.

The following list represents the best individual use consumable items that will aid in the Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Wyll Companion Build:

Wyll Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Here are 10 gameplay tips specifically for playing the Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Wyll Companion Build:

  1. Eldritch Blast: Eldritch Blast is your bread-and-butter cantrip and should be cast in conjunction with Hex which is a bonus action for optimal damage.
  2. Short Rests: Utilize short rests to recover spell slots and replenish your resources, as Warlocks regain their spell slots on short rest.
  3. Ranged Advantage: As a ranged spellcaster, maintain distance from enemies to reduce the likelihood of taking damage.
  4. High Ground: When you attack from above, you gain a +2 bonus to the Attack Roll so always look to go up!
  5. Crowd Control: Use spells like “Hold Person” and “Hypnotic Pattern” to control groups of enemies and turn the tide of battles or have companions cast similar spells.
  6. Avoiding Friendly Fire: Be cautious with area-of-effect spells to avoid hitting your party members.
  7. Use Consumables: Potion of Speed gives you an additional action and can be found during the tutorial.
  8. Misty Step: save a level 2 spell in case you need to retreat via Misty Step.
  9. Spell Slots: Save spell slots for Hellish Rebuke which reacts when taking damage without costing an action.
  10. Mirror Image: Cast this immediately when taking melee pressure for survivability.

Remember, this build guide serves as a foundation, and you can always adapt it to suit your preferences and the needs of your campaign. Enjoy playing as a formidable Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock in the Fiend Build Guide!

Baldur’s Gate 3 Wyll Companion Build Summary Guide

Recruit Wyll

  • The Hollow (North of Druid Grove)

Subclass – Fiend

Preferred Weapon: Quarterstaff

Preferred Armor: Cloth

Race – Human

Best Early Action – Eldritch Blast

Best Late Action – Circle of Death

Wyll Abilities Score

  • Strength 10
  • Dexterity 16
  • Constitution 14
  • Intelligence 8
  • Wisdom 10
  • Charisma 16


  • Level 4 – +2 Charisma
  • Level 8 – Lucky
  • Level 12 – +2 Charisma

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