Destiny 2 Mods Guide

Destiny 2 Gear and Weapon Mods Guide

The Destiny 2 Gear and Weapon Mods are probably one of the most important ways to make your guardian powerful in the game. The guide will help you understand how to get all the mods and what important role they play in your build. They are part of every build and even beginners acquire automatically some basic mods to help them from the start. Let’s take a closer look.



Every day you should check two vendors in the Tower for relevant mods: Banshee and Ada for new Destiny 2 Gear and Weapon Mods.

Destiny 2 Banshee and Ada locations

This is really the end game for Destiny 2, an RNG-dependent system that rotates daily with a chance of four random mods you can purchase to add to your collection permanently. Banshee handles weapons and Ada armor. Ada gives the most important mods that go in your fourth slot in each piece of armor. Typically, these mods are what radically increase your builds power and potential.

Destiny 2 Ada's and Banshee Mods

If you purchase an impactful mod but can’t use it, make sure your armor is the right subtype, arc, solar or void, you can change this with some currency though it can be expensive, and then you can increase the power of your armor, with a bit more currency and bang, slot the mods to increase your builds performance drastically.

Destiny 2 Changing Armor Types

Another thing to keep in mind with top players’ builds, is that most of them are entirely mod-dependent. Crazy fast grenade refresh, insane survivability, near limitless ammo, it’s mod driven and checking this daily even if you’re on break from the game will pay dividends when you return.



And there you have it, probably about 100 tips for beginner and returning players. I hope the Destiny 2 Gear and Weapon Mods Guide will help you and you’ll enjoy the game as much as I do. Also, consider watching me live at, and checking out the website for more guides (click), Destiny 2 Beginner Builds (click) and End-game PvE Builds (click).

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