Enshrouded Builds for Every Skill Tree and Playstyle

Presenting character builds for Enshrouded, exploring diverse playstyles across all skill trees, thoughtfully designed by our team.

Weapons in Enshrouded

UpdatedThose builds were created during Early Access of Enshrouded for Patch #4 and will be updated upon full release and following patches. During Early Access, Keen Games Studio often introduces new updates and adjustments to skills and gameplay mechanics to prepare Enshrouded for full release. Patch #4 added a new The Blackmire area, new quests, and, most importantly, a new weapon type, the dual-wield, with new legendary gear, mysteries, enemies, and items you can place in your house. There are new skills and many adjustments to existing skill trees and playstyles. This is now the best legendary gear in the game, and our builds will be changed to reflect this.

Our Best Enshrouded Builds

Enhance your survival experience in the fog-filled kingdom! Each following guide explains playstyle and combat in Enshrouded to help you understand the build strengths and weaknesses to play the character at its full potential. We decided to create builds based on skill trees that resemble traditional classes in other games. Additionally, you can find in our builds:

  • Complete set of skills by levels
  • Weapon, armor, and ammo choices
  • Survivability & Group Play
  • Consumables
  • Attributes
  • Gameplay & Tips
  • And much more helpful information!

Builds – Many Playstyles and All Skill Trees

Unleash the full potential of your character with smart strategies and insights born from countless hours of playtesting and build crafting in Enshrouded to provide the best possible combinations. The following list will grow as we create more builds. Our goal is to make a build per each available playstyle and skill tree in Enshrouded – click the build to be transported to the guide page.

Arcane Archer Build

This build is for those players who enjoy hybrid builds that utilize multiple weapon styles outside the basic weapon combinations. What makes the Arcane Archer unique is using both bows and wands while emphasizing both weapon styles to damage the enemy regardless of distance.

Assassin Build

The Assassin build in Enshrouded is a versatile weapon user focusing on sneak, opportunity damage, and backstabbing. What makes the Assassin unique is that he uses melee and ranged weapons while emphasizing flanking and surprise attacks on the enemy.

Athlete Build

You will have increased mobility while dodging, sprinting, climbing, and gliding. You will have a variety of weapon combinations, in melee and at range. This build is ideal for players focusing on mobility and high-flying action.

Barbarian Build

The Barbarian is a melee damage dealer focusing on strength and constitution. The double jump damage skill, critical melee attacks heal you, and passive damage reduction for your group make the build unique. It’s for players who love ultra-aggressive playstyles in RPGs.

Battlemage Build

The Battlemage Build in Enshrouded focuses on highly survivable spellcasters using a combination of weapons and armor. The Battlemage’s powerful self-healing, damage reduction, and group play make it unique.

Beastmaster Build

What makes the build special is using the bow for ranged combat and having the unique ability to have companion animals fight alongside you. This will give you great damage, mobility, and stamina regeneration.

Resource Orbs in Enshrouded

Healer Build

The Healer build focuses on self and group healing through passive and active spells while dealing magic damage. The healer’s passive healing with Water Aura and high intelligence attribute makes it unique, allowing it to do incredible healing and damage within one build.

Ranger Build

The Ranger hybrid playstyle blends dexterity and intelligence, giving you speed, damage, and utility. This build focuses on pin-point accuracy to eliminate enemies at range with a bow. However, you will use magic-based abilities and skill lines for increased healing and utility.

Tank Build

The Tank build in Enshrouded emphasizes damage reduction, crowd control, and survivability through a massive health pool. This build is great for players looking for a heavily armored tank with various weapons for damage sources.

Warrior Build

The Warrior build in Enshrouded is a marital weapon damage dealer focusing on damage from multiple weapon types. What makes the Warrior unique is that it can be effective with one hand and shield, two-handed weapons, or a ranged bow. This gives the build a versatile approach.

Wizard Build

In Enshrouded, the Wizard is a high-damage-range character wielding a staff or wand. You use elemental charges with the staff to create powerful damage or healing. The wizard’s strength is fantastic area-based damage with the staff and consistent ranged damage with wands.

More Builds are Coming Soon!

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