Fallout 4: The Best 5 Builds You Should Use

Whether you are a beginner or looking for the most robust possible setup, we present the best 5 builds You Should use in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 build crafting can be a complex series of factors. All those ingredients, such as gear, skills, attributes, and playstyle, contribute to a character’s effectiveness. It also involves survival elements, crafting, and overall progression in the game that will help you craft your perfect character. The following best Builds list will help you pick your preferred playstyle by explaining the weaknesses and strengths of the top possible setups in Fallout 4.

What are the Top 5 Builds for Fallout 4?

The Sniper is the best overall build in Fallout 4 due to its range, survivability, and one-shot kill potential. The Sneak build plays similarly but relies on sneaking for perk optimization. However, the Sniper has all the range and damage without worrying about other gameplay mechanics besides headshots. The Gunslinger is a great playstyle if you want burst damage at medium to close range. The Power Armor and melee build are good to use but depend on either power cores or close range to be effective.

The 5 top builds for Fallout 4 you should be Using:

  1. Sniper – long-range, insane damage, easy to play, high survivability
  2. Sneak – similar to sniper, just uses stealth mechanic
  3. Gunslinger – pistol wielding with emphasis on critical burst
  4. Power armor – suit up in power armor and dominate until your power core fails
  5. Melee – use melee weapon bashing or fist for damage

5 Melee

Below are Melee build features in Fallout 4:

  • Damage – Physical
  • Range – 1 meter
  • Weapon – Grognak’s Axe at Hubris Comics, or Pickman’s Blade at Pickman’s Gallery
  • S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats
    • Strength – 10
    • Perception – 1
    • Endurance – 7
    • Charisma – 3
    • Intelligence – 1
    • Agility – 1
    • Luck – 3
  • Best Perks – Big Leagues (or Iron Fist), Basher, Toughness, Lone Wanderer
  • Companion – Dog Meat

The melee build playstyle in Fallout 4 revolves around bashing enemies with weapons without using the VATS system.  You can modify the build to use “unarmed” without melee weapons using the VATS system and the perk Blitz, though you won’t have the power of the melee build.  Sticking to bashing enemies with weapons gives you one-shot potential but a big risk playing at close range.

Melee Build Pros:

  • High damage output: Melee weapons, especially with perks like Big Leagues and Iron Fist, can deal devastating damage in close combat.
  • Ammo independence: reduced reliance on weapons and scavenging or purchasing supplies.
  • Crowd control: Melee attacks can stagger or knock down enemies, thus rendering them useless.

Melee Build Cons:

  • Close-quarters risk: you experience higher risk when in close quarters.
  • Zero Range: you won’t be effective against range and must charge in close.
  • Vulnerability stuns: expect to get stunned or immobilized, limiting your effectiveness.

The Melee and Unarmed builds come with high damage but risk playing in close quarters or against bosses. Pick this if you want something fun and in your face!

4 Power Armor

Below are Power Armor build features in Fallout 4:

  • Damage – Ballistic
  • Range – 100 meters
  • Weapon – Minigun (heavy)
  • S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats
    • Strength – 5
    • Perception – 5
    • Endurance – 1
    • Charisma – 6
    • Intelligence – 9
    • Agility – 1
    • Luck – 3
  • Best Perks – Nuclear Physicist, Armorer, Science, Heavy Gunner
  • Companion – Paladin Danse

The Power Armor build in Fallout 4 is devastatingly powerful due to increased strength, survivability, and environmental protection.  The major downside, and what prevents the Power Armor build from being the best playstyle, is constant upkeep with energy cores.  The Power Armor feeds off energy cores scattered throughout the Wasteland, and in the early game, it is nearly impossible to keep them stocked.

Power Armor Build Pros:

  • Unmatched Survivability: unparalleled protection against both physical and energy-based attacks.
  • Strength & carrying capacity: You gain a massive strength and inventory storage boost.
  • Environmental protection: gain protection, radiation resistance, and environmental hazard protection.

Power Armor Build Cons:

  • High maintenance: Power armor requires fusion cores for operation, which can be scarce and costly, especially in the game’s early stages.
  • Limited stealth: with a massive thumping, don’t expect to sneak up on anyone!
  • Mobility restrictions: while you can move quickly once upgraded, tight turns and spaces aren’t easy to navigate.

Consider the Power Armor build, one of the strongest in Fallout 4 but nearly impossible to play initially due to limited power cores. 

3 Gunslinger

Below are Gunslinger build features in Fallout 4:

  • Damage – Ballistic
  • Range – 28 meters
  • Weapon – Pistol
  • S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats
    • Strength – 1
    • Perception – 3
    • Endurance – 1
    • Charisma – 3
    • Intelligence – 1
    • Agility – 9
    • Luck – 9
  • Best Perks – Gunslinger, Lone Wanderer, Critical Banker, Quick Hands
  • Companion – Dog Meat

The Gunslinger build emphasizes high critical damage with pistols and quick speed.  Using high Agility and Luck, the Gunslinger is all about burst damage, wanting to strike a deadly shot first (and last). Moreover, you forgo armor crafting for banking criticals and saving them when needed!

Gunslinger Build Pros:

  • Burst damage: Gunslinger perks boost the damage of pistols and revolvers, allowing for rapid, precise attacks.
  • Versatility: Pistols come in various types, from fast-firing handguns to powerful magnums, catering to different combat situations.
  • Quickdraw: Gunslinger builds excel in close to mid-range combat, with fast draw speeds and the ability to quickly dispatch enemies.

Gunslinger Build Cons:

  • Limited range: While effective at short to mid-range distances, pistols are less accurate and powerful at longer ranges.
  • Crafting Perks: Forgoing science investments limits late-game crafting perks and settlement building.
  • Reliance on VATS: Gunslinger builds often rely on the RNG (randomness) for critical tasks, which requires high luck.

The drawback for the Gunslinger is that perks and weapon types are limited to medium and close-range weapon pistols, and science crafting perks are missing.  However, with a massive burst and an excellent Role-play (RP) vibe, the Gunslinger is one of our favorite builds in Fallout 4.

2 Sneak

Below are Sneak build features in Fallout 4:

  • Damage – Ballistic or Laser
  • Range – 100 meters
  • Weapon – Rifle
  • S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats
    • Strength – 4
    • Perception – 3
    • Endurance – 2
    • Charisma – 5
    • Intelligence – 7
    • Agility – 7
    • Luck – 1
  • Best Perks – Ninja, Mister Sandman, Sneak, Rifleman
  • Companion – Deacon

The Sneak build uses the element of surprise to increase damage with perks like Sneak, Ninja, and Mister Sandman.  Moreover, this build is effective with Pistols at close range or Rifles at long range.  While playing similarly to the Sniper build, Stealth does require the sneak mechanic to activate its most lethal damage. 

Sneak Build Pros:

  • Sneaking Damage: perks give you increased damage or silent kills up close.
  • Evasion: Avoid confrontation by slipping past enemies or taking them out silently, minimizing risk.
  • Resource management: Reduced reliance on ammunition and healing items, as you prioritize avoiding combat when possible.

Sneak Build Cons:

  • Reliance on stealth: Detection can quickly turn the tide against you and reduce the effectiveness of your perks.
  • Open combat: While deadly from stealth, this build may struggle in prolonged, open engagements where stealth is not an option.
  • Requires patience: Success depends on careful planning and execution, which may not appeal to players seeking more straightforward approaches.

The Sneak build is an all-time favorite in Fallout 4, but it requires patience, tactical knowledge, and stealth to become genuinely lethal.  The only better choice when playing FO4 is a Sniper, which uses a similar playstyle without the reliance on sneaking for one-shot kill potential.

1 Sniper

Below are Sniper build features in Fallout 4:

  • Damage – Ballistic
  • Range – 60-180 meters
  • Weapon – Rifle
  • S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats 
    • Strength – 1
    • Perception – 8
    • Endurance – 5
    • Charisma – 1
    • Intelligence – 3
    • Agility – 8
    • Luck – 3
  • Best Perks – Sniper, Rifleman, Sniper, Ninja, Bloody Mess
  • Companion – Robert MacCready

In Fallout 4, the Sniper build is the overall best playstyle due to its long-range, one-shot ability and kill potential. With the Sniper Perk, you knock down enemies, including the Deathclaw. This gives you unmatched crowd control, and Bloody Mess allows for spontaneous multi-kills. However, the Sniper has two downsides: reliance on ammunition and weakness in closed-quarters combat.  Your overall damage potential is second to none.  You can eliminate entire swaths of enemies at long range without them ever knowing you’re there.

Sniper Build Pros:

  • Long-range: With perks like Rifleman and Sniper, you excel at precision picking off enemies from afar.
  • Stealth synergy: Combined with stealth perks, you can remain undetected while dealing devastating critical hits from a distance.
  • Versatility: Sniper rifles can be modified for different situations, from silent takedowns to armor-piercing shots.

Sniper Build Cons:

  • Reliance on ammunition: Sniper rifles consume valuable ammunition, requiring frequent resupply trips or reliance on scavenging.
  • Weak in Closed Quarters: Indoor environments may restrict your ability to utilize long-range tactics effectively.

The Sniper build is perfect for a beginner or longtime Fallout 4 player and our favorite build overall.

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