Enshrouded: Release Date, Platforms, Story, Gameplay and More

Enshrouded release date is approaching, so learn more about its shrouded-with-fog story, open world, gameplay mechanics, platforms, and more!

Enshrouded: Early Access Release Date Image

Enshrouded is a new action, adventure RPG video game developed and published by Keen Games. The game supports co-op up to 16 players, making it an excellent choice for solo adventurers and having fun with friends and family. You must survive a corrupting fog as the last beacon (or beacons) of hope for your kingdom. The game is already in Steam’s top 10 wishlist games, and interest grows as the release date approaches.

It’s the first game of the series and an entirely new challenge for the Keen Games Team. Portal Knights is where they gained recognition, a cooperative, 3D sandbox action RPG with nearly limitless building possibilities and good crafting mechanics. But what exactly can we expect from their new game? We created an overview of everything you need to know about Enshrouded, including Release Date, Platforms, Story, Gameplay, and More!

Enshrouded: Release Date and Early Access

Chamber Where the Player Wakes up

Enshrouded was released on 24 January 2024, entering the early access stage. The release date for other platforms is planned for later this year, but PC players can now play it on Steam. Also, developers reassured that they plan to take Enshrouded from early access within a year, but there is no official date yet. If you want to receive notifications when the game will be officially released, you can Wishlist the Enshrouded on Steam.

Enshrouded: Early Access Release Date Image

The game in the Early Access is not yet fully completed and may have bugs. Also, some planned game features may not be there yet. However, Early Access allows developers to test the game and servers and receive feedback from the community on official social media. As early access history shows, it dramatically helps developers improve and create a game worth spending many hours on.

Ark Survival Evolved stands as the first good example; the game initiated in the Alpha stage on Steam and has retained an active player base for years. Baldur’s Gate 3 is a recent great Larian Studios success and one of the most played RPGs in the last decade. BG3 also started as an early access game that evolved significantly over that period.

Enshrouded: Preview and Trailers

All Enshrouded Trailers and Previews show extreme game’s emphasis on two quickly recognizable ideas: play as you want and survive in an open world with many RPG elements. You can find many updates from the dev team on the official Enshrouded YouTube channel. Still, the most significant trailers are the Official Reveal Trailer and Release Announcement Trailer posted below. From them, you can also recognize developers’ well-known experience with crafting and building mechanics similar to their previous games.

Enshrouded – Reveal Trailer

Enshrouded – Release Date Announcement Trailer

Platforms: Will Enshrouded be On PSN and Xbox?

Yes! Enshrouded is expected to be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms in 2024. As a result, console players must wait a little longer to try it. We don’t know exactly when the game will hit PSN and Xbox, but we’ll keep the article updated and post news when more is known.

The game has co-op multiplayer, but the developers haven’t mentioned cross-saving or cross-platform features as of now. We can only hope both will be available in the Enshrouded final version for all platforms.

Enshrouded: Gameplay

Enshrouded uses a proprietary voxel-based engine created by the developers, allowing them to create many gameplay mechanics not present in classic action-adventure RPGs. The voxel system, unlike polygons, will let players modify the world, transform it, and unleash their creativity with much more control and interactivity. For example, you can build your base from scratch, modify terrain, and dig in the ground to create dungeons and tunnels.

Voxel system is integrated into classic Enshrouded gameplay focus: survival, exploration, quests, building, and, of course, combat.


Enshrouded: Early Access Image on Release Date

Enshrouded features third-person combat with many weapons available that you can mix and match however you desire. Staffs, Bows, Wands, Maces, Swords, and Shields exist. During combat, you can block and dodge to avoid being hit. Additionally, there are sneaking and surprise attack mechanics.

Enshrouded Combat Bow

The world and environment are interactive, so you can set a barrel with oil on fire, and it will explode in a wide area, damaging structures and foes. During the gameplay preview, we could also see a player shoot explosive arrows to take down enemy defenses. We don’t know precisely how many combat mechanics will be in the game’s final version, but those are the most significant ones.

Enshrouded Combat - Skill Tree

As your character defeats mutated creatures and bosses, they will gain experience and levels they can spend in the skills tab. Developers decided to give players freedom without classic class restrictions. Skills are structured into a spiderweb, so you can simultaneously take perks from the warrior, mage, and ranger sections. That opens up many build possibilities. You can be a heavy warrior with a shield who defeats their enemies with magic or go a classic sneaky assassin with a bow.

Official Enshrouded – Combat Gameplay Preview Video (Youtube)

The Fog

Enemies - Kill Fell Thunderbrute Boss - Enshrouded - Find Arsonist's Bow - Legendary Bow

Devastating fog is the central theme of the game and deserves an explanation. You can only survive a specific amount of time inside the fog, but you can extend the timer when using better gear items, consumables, and special beacons found in the depths of shrouded areas. You can’t avoid those dangerous areas forever. They can be the only path to your next quest or hold valuable resources. However, as you progress, you can explore more and deeper into its secrets.

Enshrouded Story, Survival, Quests, and Exploration

Enshrouded Exploration: Early Access Image on Release Date

Like any classic RPG, your character has a quest and world to save; they can achieve it through many missions, from resource gathering and recruiting, NPC Blacksmith for their settlement, or killing a powerful boss hiding deep in the deadly fog. A big part of this will play survival and exploration. First, you must gather resources, craft a weapon, and create a home base to store all your treasures and materials and fulfill your character’s basic needs.

Enshrouded Survival Campfire

The survival game fans will quickly find those gameplay elements familiar. The world is rich and exceptionally crafted, but the fun comes with building and influencing landscapes around you.

Official Enshrouded – Survival & Exploration Gameplay Preview Video (Youtube)

Building, Farming and Terraforming

Release Date Image of Building in Enshrouded: Early Access

Building the base is crucial to survival gameplay, and Enshrouded is no different. You can build epic castles or even whole kingdoms. Hire professionals, vendors, and NPCs who will live in your settlements and offer their services.

The Vortex engine will allow players great customization to give the builds a unique look. You can place various structures, walls, and stairs or place small cubes to create custom ornaments, decorations, walls, or furniture, just like in Minecraft! You will also be able to customize the material and look of your structures using wood, sandstone, stone, and so on.

Release Date Image of crafting table in Enshrouded: Early Access

In Enshrouded, developers have also reassured players that the array of furniture and structures is extensive, enabling the creation of truly epic builds. This includes everything from beds, tables, and cabinets to functional crafting tables. Structures with crafting functionality will help you create epic gear as you progress in the game and survive the shroud.

Release Date Image of Terraforming in Enshrouded: Early Access

Another significant innovative aspect of gameplay in Enshrouded is terraforming. With a pickaxe, players can dig in the ground to create dungeons or underground bases or gather resources. During the preview we could see a base build on top of the terrain shaped like a skull, all can be made by player.

Enshrouded - Terraforming

Lastly, in farming, you can grow crops and then sell them or use them to craft food that provides buffs and bonuses to make combat and survival easier.

Official Enshrouded – Building & Terraforming Gameplay Preview Video (Youtube)

Enshrouded: Story and Worldbuilding

You are the Flame Born from shadows, a beacon of hope for the world hunted by plague, and your actions will write your story. In Enshrouded, players can visit a fantasy world where an unknown group violently robbed the world to get a magical elixir. They paid the price and unleashed the deadly fog that consumed the lands of the Embervale realm. Luckily, not everything is shrouded in this devastating force. There are numerous biomes, NPCs, fallen cultures, and ancient myths to explore.

The Enshrouded story takes players on a journey to discover the secrets of magic and mysterious fog, quest for redemption, and save this enchanting world.

Enshrouded: Where to Buy and Price

You can Wishlist Enshrouded, but it’s now available in early access on Steam. It’s worth mentioning that one of the moderators posted information on Steam that the early access version will be cheaper than the final game:

The team is still deciding on an exact price point, however what we can say is that early access price will be cheaper than the full release later in 2024.

It’s also common among game publishers, so if you plan on checking out the game anyway, it’s worth buying it in early access for a lower price before its official release.

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