Best Destiny 2 Builds: Season 24 – The Final Shape

Are you looking for the best and updated Destiny 2 Season 24 – The Final Shape Builds? This short article links all our PvP and PvE build guides.

Best Destiny 2 Builds - Season 24 - The Final Shape

This page lists over 40 build guides for all three Destiny 2 classes, multiple playstyles, and each role in PvP and PvE. We create our builds after countless hours of playtesting and build crafting in Destiny 2 to provide the best possible setups.

Our Best Destiny 2 Builds for Season 24 – The Final Shape

Every build below contains the information you need to create powerful guardians, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player. In short, our Destiny 2 Build Guides explain playstyle and gear to help you understand the class’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can play the build at its full potential.

Each build list required:

  • Exotic Armor – including flex options
  • Legendary Weapons – including flex options
  • Exotic Weapons – including flex options
  • Armor Mods
  • Abilities, Fragments, and Aspects
  • Playstyle
  • Pros and Cons
  • Important Buffs and Debuffs
  • Helpful Tips and Tricks

Additionally, this page is split into PvP and PvE sections. Click the specific button to be transported to the build guide.

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