The Best Starfield Builds

This short article contains our best and updated Starfield Builds for different playstyles and the best weapons and damage combinations.

Starfield Demolition Expert Explosive Build
Starfield Demolition Expert Explosive Build

This page lists our guides for all known skills so far, multiple playstyles, companions, and weapons. Currently, the guides are designed based on analysis of all revealed Starfield content over the past months. Our builds are usually created after countless hours of playtesting and build crafting to provide the best possible setups. We will continue to update the guides specifically after the game launches.

Starfield is set in 2330, when humanity has reached beyond our solar system, expanding throughout the galaxy. This game will feature a massive amount of features, nearly all of which will influence your character, build, and story aspects. Read on if you want to know how builds and playstyles will look in Starfield!

Our Best Starfield Builds

Every Starfield build below contains the information you need to create powerful characters, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player. In short, our build Guides explain playstyle, skills, and gear to help you understand the class’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can play the build at its full potential.

Each Starfield build lists the following:

  • Character Creator: in the character creator, you can pick a background and trait that will influence your starting skills, dialog options, and quest outcomes.
  • Level: each level will give you a skill point.
  • Skill trees: five trees in total Social, Tech, Physical, Science, and Combat. Each with 16 or more skills to select.
  • Skill rank: each individual skill you select, including your starting skill, will have ranks that can be increased.
  • Weapons: three different types physical, energy, and electromagnetic. Shotguns, Heavy, Pistol, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifle) all of which can be modified.
  • Armor: including damage reduction and resistance to environmental effects and even airborne efficiency.
  • Crew & Companions also have up to four skills aiding you inside combat.

And the list goes on and on, and you can see the complexity unfold. But let’s break this down and give you a glance at how each of these systems could work.

Best Starfield Builds List

Additionally, this page is split into Classes and Party sections. Click the specific button to be transported to the build guide.

Beast Hunter

The Beast Hunters will excel at planetary exploration on the ground and controlling Alien creatures. The build focuses on Ballistic Weapons, Xenosociology for Alien Control, and close-range weapons and hunter armor to complete your missions.

Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter build is your space-faring mercenary for hire with the objective of taking down targets for credits. The build focuses on Spaceship Combat, Jet Packing for mobility, and simple weapons and armor.

Demolition Expert Build

The Demolition Expert is your area-based damage dealer with high-yield explosives. The build focuses on 40MM Grenade weapons, Jet Packing for mobility, and armor with high resistance.

Melee Build

The best background for a Melee build in Starfield is Chef. The Chef background will have you start with Gastronomy, Dueling, and Scavenging, providing benefits to melee weapons. Melee, brawler, and close-quarters-combat style build need to rely on speed and skill passives to increase damage and strike with deadly force.

Sniper Build

The Sniper build is your prototypical ranged marksman with precision and patiences. The build focuses on Ballistic Weapons, Stealth movement, and Sniper Rifles damage.

Soldier Build

The build focuses on Ballistic Weapons, Jet Packing for mobility, and simple weapons and armor. You will use a combination of medium to long-range weapons with an emphasis on combat through force. This build will focus heavily on the Combat skill tree with a plethora of weapon choices.

Speech & Persuasion Build

This build emphasizes non-combat options to progress through quest and main story missions. You will be emphasizing the need to fight, along with some heavy role-play options using speech, persuasion, intimidation, and influence to complete dialog options.

Stealth Build

The Stealth build is your prototypical burst damage dealer. The build focuses on Ballistic Weapons, Concealment skill for a damage multiplier, and stealth to complete your missions. You will use a combination of medium to long-range weapons with an emphasis on burst damage while hidden.

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