Throne and Liberty Builds for All Weapons

We craft our builds for Throne and Liberty, exploring diverse playstyles across all weapon combinations and various playstyles.

Throne and Liberty Builds for All Weapons

UpdatedThose builds were created with Throne and Liberty for Closed Beta (April 2024) and will be updated upon any changes. We ensure any significant buffs or nerfs that may influence the specific builds are up to date and ready for the full release.

Our Best Throne and Liberty Builds

Discover the art of surviving in the mystical world of Throne and Liberty with our detailed build guides. These guides will help you explore the inherent strengths and weaknesses of various weapons, enabling you to leverage them to their fullest potential. Moreover, you will find valuable gameplay tips and tricks for your particular group role with each unique weapon and combination of weapons. Moreover, you can find in our builds:

  • Build Features
  • Build Pros and Cons
  • Stat Points
  • Complete set of best:
    • Active skills
    • Passive Skills
    • Defense Skills
    • Guardian
  • Skill Upgrade Progression 
  • Rotation guide and description
  • Weapon and armor choices
  • Survivability & Gameplay
  • And much more helpful information!

Builds – All Weapons and Weapon Combinations

Unlock the complete potential of your character in Throne and Liberty with strategies and insights derived from hours of playtesting and build crafting. We are working to create a build for each available weapon and role in Throne and Liberty, and the following list will expand as we develop more builds. Click on the build you want to be directed to the guide page.

DD2 Mage Gameplay - Dragon's Dogma 2

Sword & Wand Build

It focuses on damage reduction, aggro generation in PvE, and crowd control. The Sword and Shield combined with a Wand and Tome is the genuine tank build.

DD2 Magick Archer Gameplay

Longbow & Crossbow Build

It’s a stationary build that deals single-target ranged damage. You use a Longbow and a Crossbow in your off-hand to deal some of the highest PvE damage in the game.

DD2 Mystic Spearhand Gameplay - Dragon's Dogma 2

Wand & Longbow Build

The build emphasizes high survivability, ranged damage, and group utility. It is unique due to its ability to deal powerful damage while also providing incredible survivability. This build is specifically designed for group and solo PvE content.

More Coming Soon!

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