Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiclass Warlock Build

This Multiclass guide focuses on the Multiclass Warlock in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), combined with the Sorcerer class, to create a powerful build.

Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiclass Warlock Build

This build page has been updated for the patch 6 version of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Multiclass Warlock Build Guide

Warlocks in Baldur’s Gate 3 are spellcasters that draw their power from a pact they made with a demonic patron. Warlocks are highly versatile characters and can be built to focus on damage, control, or utility. For this Warlock Multiclass Build, we will focus on ranged spell damage with some crowd-control capabilities. Generally, you will primarily play at range dealing fire damage and taking advantage of both the Warlock and Sorcerer class strengths.

This Warlock build uses multiclassingMulticlassing means combining two classes, the Warlock and the Sorcerer, to further increase the build’s combat potential in BG3. The Fiend Subclass has the powerful Eldritch Blast cantrip, Pact Boon Eldritch invocation, and useful proficiencies. Combining the Warlock with the Sorcerer Draconic Bloodline subclass provides Metamagic, Sorcery Points, Draconic Resilience, and Ancestry. Pick this build-up if you want a versatile and powerful Warlock and Sorcerer multiclass build.

Multiclass Warlock Build Features

While playing the Warlock and Sorcerer Multiclass build, you will unlock various features and subclass features. These are unlocked and used at different levels. We’ve provided the full list presents all the Multiclass Warlock/Sorcerer Build Mechanics and Features in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Primary Ability: Charisma
  • Saving Throws: Charisma, Constitution
  • Armour Proficiency: Light Armour
  • Weapon Proficiency: Simple Weapons
  • The Fiend Subclass: subclass focused on fire spells and healing on kill.
  • Spell Slots: Recharge Warlock spell slots on short rest.
  • Dark One’s Blessing: Kill enemies grants you temporary HP.
  • Pact of the Tome: our patron grants you a grimoire called ‘The Book of Shadows,’ gaining new spells.
  • Dark One’s Own Luck: Add a 1d10 to an Ability Check.
  • Draconic Bloodline Subclass: specialized in metamagic.
  • Metamagic: Add effects to spells like changing range, multiple targets, and more.
  • Known Spells: Sorcerer Spells are Always Prepared.
  • Draconic Bloodline Subclass: Gain resistance and deal more damage with specific elemental types.
  • Draconic Resilience Armour Class:  When you aren’t wearing armor, your Base AC increases to 13.
  • Draconic Resilience Hit Points: Your Hit Point maximum increases by 1 for each Sorcerer level. 
  • Dragon Ancestry Brass: Spells that deal with Fire damage are more powerful starting at level 6.
  • Dragon Ancestor: Allows you to specialize in draconic ancestry.

Multiclassing Explained

BG3 How to Multiclass

Multiclassing in Baldur’s Gate 3 allows your character to gain a level in a new class instead of advancing in their current class. Therefore, to Multiclass in BG3, hit the top right plus button to add a class, so that it will bring up a new screen with the other classes in Baldur’s Gate 3.   You can then select any class you wish and take levels into that class progression enabling you to multiclass.

The benefit to Multiclassing is it grants most of the benefits of that new class, simultaneously retaining the identity and strength of your initial class. Your multiclassing character does not receive all the proficiencies of their new class. You also cannot multiclass when playing on Explorer Difficult.  For this build, you will gain Light Armour and Simple Weapon proficiencies. Shield proficiency can be gained with your racial selection and is important for added survivability.

Below is a list of Multiclass Proficiencies gained by taking one level in a new class:

ClassGained Proficiency
BarbarianShields, Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons
BardLight Armor, One skill, One instrument
ClericLight Armor, Medium Armor, Shields, Morningstars
DruidLight Armor, Medium Armor, Shields
FighterLight Armor, Medium Armor, Shields, Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons
MonkSimple Weapons, Shortswords
PaladinLight Armor, Medium Armor, Shields, Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons
RangerLight Armor, Medium Armor, Shields, Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, One skill
RogueLight Armor, One skill
WarlockLight armor, Simple Weapons
Multiclass Proficiencies in BG3

Sorcerer Meta Magic Explained

This build will obtain the Sorcerer class feature Metamagic at level 8 along with the Sorcery point resource. Metamagic is a class feature that allows Sorcerers to manipulate and enhance their spells in various ways. You will consume Sorcery points to augment your spells with Metamagic. With this multiclass build, you will be able to select 2 choices at level 8, and 1 additional at level 9. Our leveling progression portion of this build guide has suggestions. Here is a list of all the metamagic options in BG3:

  • Careful Spell: Allows Sorcerers to prevent harmful Spell effects affecting their allies.
  • Distant Spell: Increases the range of the spell by 50%.
  • Extended Spell: Double the duration of Conditions, summons, and surfaces caused by spells.
  • Heightened Spell: Targets of spells that require Saving Throws have a Disadvantage on their first Saving Throw.
  • Quicken Spell: Spells that take an Action take a Bonus Action instead.
  • Subtle Spell: You can cast spells while Silenced Silenced.
  • Twinned Spell:  Spells that only target 1 creature can target an additional creature.

Best Warlock Multiclass

The best class for the Warlock to multiclass into is the Sorcerer because you can get additional Metamagic, Draconic Resistance, Elemental Affinity, and more spells that scale with Charisma. A secondary multiclass choice for Warlock is Paladin because you unlock weapon and armor proficiencies, a fighting style, and more spells that also scale off of Charisma ability score.

Here is the best multiclass choice for a Warlock build in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Meta MagicHealing Spells
Draconic Bloodline PassivesFighting Style
More SpellsWeapon & Armor Proficiencies

For this build, we recommend 6 levels into The Fiend Warlock. In addition to the Warlock levels, you will then switch to the Sorcerer Draconic Bloodline for an additional 6 levels. This build will focus on ranged damage dealing with an emphasis on fire spells. The Draconic Ancestry will grant you Elemental Damage of your choosing. An added benefit of using the Warlock and Sorcerer is they share the same primary ability score of Charisma. You gain the powerful Metamagic from the Sorcerer while retaining the identity and ease of the Warlock Eldritch Blast gameplay loop.

Character Creation


BG3 Fiend Warlock Race Choice

High Half-Elf is the Best Race Choice for a multiclass Warlock Build because Civil Militia allows you to equip a shield, and you get access to the Fire Bolt cantrip. However, a secondary choice is Human because you also gain access to shield proficiency with Civil Militia and additional carrying capacity.

Here is the best race choice for a multiclass Warlock build in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  1. High Half-Elf
  2. Human

It is critical to select either of these two races. You can achieve a high (+20) Armour Class simply by combining a Shield with a Quarterstaff. Dragonborn is a popular choice, however, it does not have Civil Militia or Darkvision and isn’t recommended. Ultimately pick a race that you are interested in and enjoy, but understand it may come with a combat-related downside when playing the Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiclass Warlock (BG3) Build Guide.


BG3 Charlatan

The best Background for a Warlock Multiclass Build is Charlatan because it has proficiency in Deception and Sleight of HandBackgrounds in Baldur’s Gate 3 are a way to represent your character’s backstory and give them some starting skills and abilities.

Ability Score

BG3 Best Multiclass Warlock Ability Score

The Best Ability Score for multiclass Warlock Build is 16 Charisma, 16 Dexterity, and 14 Constitution. 16 Charisma will increase your spell damage and a chance to land. 16 Dexterity will give you a 3 AC bonus either wearing clothing or light armour. 14 Constitution will give you a decent health pool and help with concentration saving throws.

Below is the best ability score for a multiclass Warlock in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Strength – 8
  • Dexterity – 16
  • Constitution – 14
  • Intelligence – 10
  • Wisdom – 10
  • Charisma – 16


BG3 Fiend Warlock Skills

Intimidation and Arcana are the best skills for the multiclass Warlock because they complement your build when exploring the environment.


The best companions for a Warlock Multiclass build in BG3 are ShadowheartLae’zel, and Astarion This will give you a balanced team with a Cleric for support, a Lae’zel for tanking, and a Rogue for ranged damage and utility.

Multiclass Warlock Build – Level Progression in Baldur’s Gate 3

Level 1

BG3 Best Multiclass Warlock Build Character Creator

At Level 1 Warlock Multiclass Build, follow our character creation steps above to pick the correct backgroundrace, skills, and ability score. You want to use light armor and a Quarterstaff. If you selected a High Half-Elf or Human, equip a shield too for passive AC Boost. You can quickly upgrade your weapons in Act 1 by moving north to the Hollow City and finding two vendors. At level 6, we will unlock the Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer multiclass level. This will give us a passive boost of our AC to 13 while using clothing without the Mage Armour spell. This will be useful because clothing and or light armor can be equipped depending on the set bonuses. Make sure to check the gear suggestions for optimal armor and weapons for the Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiclass Warlock Build.

We will select 6 levels of the Warlock before swapping to the Sorcerer for the remaining 6 levels. At level 1, the Warlock will select their subclass and unlock features, cantrips, and spells.

Below are our recommendations for the Best Multiclass Warlock Build:
  • Fire Bolt (High Half-Elf): Hurl a mote of fire for 1~10 damage.
  • Eldritch Blast: Conjure a beam of crackling energy for 1~10 damage.
  • Mirror Illusion: Create an illusion that compels nearby creatures to investigate.
  • The Fiend Subclass: subclass focused on fire spells and healing on kill.
  • Dark One’s Blessing: Whenever you reduce a hostile creature to 0 Hit Points, this gift from your patron grants you 4 temporary hit points.
  • Hellish Rebuke: React to your next attacker with flames that deal 2~20 Fire damage.
  • Hex: Make your attacks deal an additional 1~6 Necrotic damage to the target and give it a Disadvantage on an Ability of your choosing.

Multiclass Warlock Gameplay Explained

The Warlock will rely heavily on Eldritch Blast cantrip rather than spells due to limited spell slots. At higher levels, the Warlock unlocks free-use spells. These spells will not consume a spell slot and can be cast once per long rest. Your current spells are limited and should be mainly used for Hex first, then Eldritch Blast. This combination debuffs the enemy and provides extra damage per Eldritch Blast bolt.

Eldritch Blast will get more powerful as you level up. At levels 5 and 10, you will shoot an additional beam for force damage. Hex will do additional damage on each hit, giving you consistent damage to 1 or 3 targets per turn. Warlocks will have very limited spell slots, but regain them per short rest. Practice initiating a short rest after every combat encounter to make sure you enter prepared.

When playing this Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiclass Warlock Build, you need to play at a distance. Warlocks can use Rapiers and play in melee, but this build will forgo that playstyle and focus on ranged damage. Moreover, having a Quarterstaff and a shield with Light Armor at early levels will give you high AC which helps with avoiding incoming attacks. Gameplay at this level is very simple using Hex, Eldritch Blast, and Hellish Rebuke when being attacked.

Warlock Early Gameplay and Priorities

The premise of the Multiclass Fiend Build is simple, Hex and Eldritch Blast repeatedly. You leave your spell slots for Hellish Rebuke, which will provide a reaction. Further levels will optimize this and enhance the damage or add special effects. Further notes on Warlock From here out, you will have very limited spell slots and aren’t meant to use them like Wizards or Sorcerers.

Rather, you want to use a couple, one for Hex usually, and then cantrips. You can also fill up your Spell Slots via short rest, so after every fight make sure to short rest to keep this build having the spell slot fuel it needs. Look to stockpile and collect Elixir of Bloodlust and Potion of Speed. These two are powerful consumables that can “stack” potentially giving you 3 actions in one turn. Later in Acts 2 and 3, you can stack Elixir of Battlemage’s Power and others for even more powerful spells.

Your overall priority with this build is the following:

Following these steps ensures a strong foundation for her especially if you plan on playing solo or on Honour Mode difficulty.

Level 2

BG3 Best Multiclass Warlock Build Level 2

At level 2, the Warlock learns one new spell and picks two Eldritch Invocation choices. Below is our recommendation at this level.

  • Command: Command a creature to flee, move closer, freeze, drop to the ground, or drop its weapon.
  • Agonizing Blast (class feature): When you cast Eldritch Blast, add your Charisma Modifier to the damage it deals, unless it is negative.
  • Repelling Blast (class feature): When you hit a creature with Eldritch Blast, you can push the creature up to 4.5 m away from you.

The Command spell is a powerful control spell. You can pick different types of crowd control effects on each usage of this spell. The two most effective are Grovel and Drop. Grovel has a chance to knock enemies prone and stun them for a turn. This essentially skips their turn and is very helpful against high-damage dealers. Drop makes the enemy drop their weapon. You can use this and pick up the weapon immediately following and completely negate a weapon user. This is very helpful early on when fighting Githyanki Fighters who seemly do endless amounts of attacks per turn.

The next choice selection is Agonizing Blast and Repelling Blast. Both of these aid your Eldritch Blast cantrip. Agonizing adds more damage based on how much Charisma you have. Repelling Blast gives you a knockback effect that can be toggled on or off. As you level, and shoot more bolts, you will only knock back the first initial target with Repelling Blast. The gameplay remains unchanged at this level for the Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiclass Warlock Build. You gain a new utility tool with Command, but for the most part, Hex and Eldritch Blast.

Level 3

BG3 Best Multiclass Warlock Build Level 3

At level 3, the Walrock unlocks one spell and selects a Pact Boon. The Pact Boon is essentially an added feature that aids your build through the leveling process. Below is our recommendation at this level.

  • Scorching Ray: Hurl 3 rays of fire. Each ray deals 2∼12 Fire damage.
  • Pact of the Tome: You receive a book that allows you to use several spells.
  • Guidance: Allows spellcasters to grant a temporary bonus to a creature’s Ability Checks.
  • Vicious Mockery: Deals 1d4 Psychic damage to enemies and inflicts Disadvantage on their Attack Rolls.
  • Thorn Whip (Pact Cantrip): Deals 1d6 piercing damage to a target and pulls it closer to the caster.
Multiclass Warlock Gameplay at Level 3

At this level, we unlock Scorching Ray which acts as a high damage ranged fire spell. This can be used at one target, or up to three. The downside of this spell is it has a wide range of outcomes. This means Scorching Ray’s base damage is 6 with a maximum of 36 damage. This is a great spell when you want to try to provide burst, but don’t need a consistent amount of damage. Eldritch Blast is much more consistent with Hex but doesn’t have the possibility of reaching 36 damage at this level. Make sure to prioritize based on the target or targets and if you need to risk higher damage or want something more consistent.

The Pact of the Tome is our selection for the pact choice. Pact of the Blade is good for melee damage dealers and Pact of the Chain is good initially but fades in power at later levels. The Pact of the Tome selection is weak at level 3, but at level 5 you unlock powerful spells. You will receive Animate Dead, Haste, and Call Lighting at level 5. These can be used once per long rest and do not consume a spell slot. Haste in particular will fit very well with a Multiclass Sorcerer due to Twinned Metamagic. In essence, this seems like a lackluster selection at this level, but it will reward you later on with a more diverse spell selection.

Level 4

BG3 Best Multiclass Warlock Build Level 4

At level 4, the Warlock will unlock one spell and a feat. Pick the Misty Step spell which allows you to teleport up to 18-meters using a bonus action. This is useful for retreating out of danger or moving to the high ground for a bonus bit of damage. Two important gear pieces to collect at this level are the Ring of Absolute Force and the Amulet of Misty Step. Ring of Absolute Force gives you a free knockback Thunderwave spell once per short rest. Amulet of Misty Step gives you a free Misty Step spell once per short rest. You can then charge into enemies who are on ledges and knock them back with the Misty Step Thunderwave combo. This works at higher levels as well and is a great offensive tool early in the game.

For feat selection, go with +2 ability improvement to Charisma your primary ability score. This will help with overall damage and chance to land attacks. Since we are doing a 6 and 6-level split between Warlock and Sorcerer, you will only get two feats. Using these feats to increase your Charisma to 20 is an important and simple way to boost your overall combat power. And in Act 3, you can obtain the Birthright headgear and increase your Charisma to 22.

Level 5

BG3 Best Multiclass Warlock Build Level 5

At level 5, the Warlock will unlock one spell and an additional Eldritch Invocation. Since you took the Pact of the Tome passive at level 3, you will also unlock three additional spells. Below are our suggestions at this level.

  • Fireball: Shoot fireball for 8d6 fire damage in a 4-meter radius.
  • One with Shadows (Eldritch Invocation): Allows you to vanish into the darkness and become Invisible.
  • Animate Dead: Animate a corpse to create an undead servant while not in combat.
  • Haste: Target yourself or an ally to become Hastened. The creature has a +2 bonus to AC, Advantage on Dexterity Saving Throws, its Movement Speed is doubled and can take one additional Action per turn. When the condition ends, the creature becomes Lethargic.
  • Call Lightning: Deals 3d10 Lighting damage in a 2-meter Radius.
Multiclass Warlock Gameplay at Level 5

Level 5 is a massive spike in power for the Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiclass Warlock Build. The Fireball spell will serve as our primary area-based damage spell. Your Pact of the Tome selection that early seems weak now grants three spells that can be used without consuming a spell slot once per long rest. The One with Shadows Eldritch Invocation gives you a powerful defensive spell allowing you to become invisible. This level gives you a wide variety of spells and helps aid in the diversity of environmental damage you can inflict.

Multiclass Warlock Level 5 Spells in Combat

The Animate Dead spell is a very powerful spell that gives you a summon undead until a long rest. You want to find corpses and reanimate them to get a free summon. Typically, you return to a previous battle and find a dead body to reanimate. You won’t be able to use this spell in combat, so make sure to plan out accordingly before an encounter.

The next spell is Call Lightning which is a powerful area-based damage spell that requires concentration. Concentration means, you can only have one concentration-based spell active at a time or you lose the effect of the previous. Unlike Fireball, this spell can be moved to a new location without expending a spell slot. This is helpful when attacking metal objects or constructions, especially if they move.

Lastly, we have the Haste spell. This is a very powerful buff spell that gives two actions, more AC, and increased movement. The downside of the spell is it requires concentration. If your concentration is broken, as in you cast a spell in error or take incoming damage and fail a dice roll, you lose Haste. As soon as the spell ends, the character becomes lethargic essentially skipping their next turn. You need to be vigilant when you cast Haste to not cast another concentration spell or expect incoming damage to avoid the lethargic status effect.

Level 6

BG3 Best Multiclass Warlock Build Level 6

At level 6, the Warlock learns one new spell and unlocks a subclass feature. The spell selection at this level is Counterspell. Counterspell consumes a spell slot but negates an incoming spell from the enemy. This is incredibly useful to limit incoming damage and crowd control spells. Typically, this is used when an opponent is going to put to sleep, command, hold a person, banish, or some type of annoying crowd control effect.

To use this spell properly, you need to set Counterspell to “ask” in the reaction menu. When you have the Ask button checked, a popup will flash on your screen before coming to this spell slot and casting Counterspell. You don’t want to Counterspell an incoming weak Firebolt, Hunter’s Mark, or something that won’t need negating. Ideally, you will keep at least one spell slot available just in case your party needs a counterspell to prevent a death or a group wipe.

Dark One’s Own Luck is a Warlock passive feature that adds a 1d10 to the ability check per short rest. This is useful if you intend this character to be the speaker of your party. This passive benefit, in conjunction with Thaumaturgy, Guidance, Friends, and other cantrips gives you huge advantages in dialogue situations.

For the next level, we are going to swap and multiclass the Warlock into 6 levels of the Sorcerer. The primary reason for this is increased spell power with metamagic. You will also unlock new spells and spell slots separate from your Warlock slots. This will give the build much more freedom to cast spells and have the same raw power with Eldritch Blast and Hex when needed.

Ending Act 1 as a Multiclass Warlock

By the time you reach this point, you should be close to transitioning out of Act 1. Be sure to visit vendors and stock up on camp and alchemy supplies. Additionally, make sure to find the best Act 1 items. Furthermore, there are also permanent bonuses you don’t want to miss in Act 1. Finally, the Grymforge has powerful armor and weapons (Adamantine) that can be used well into Act 3. Consider taking the time to collect the crafting items before moving on to Act 2, where you won’t be able to return.

Level 7

BG3 Best Multiclass Warlock Build Level 7
Multiclass Sorcerer Warlock

At Level 7, we want to multiclass this Warlock build by selecting the + sign in the upper right of the leveling screen. Select the Sorcerer class which unlocks your subclass, spells, and cantrips. Below are our suggestions:

  • Mage Hand: Create a spectral hand that can manipulate and interact with objects.
  • Friends: Gain Advantage on Charisma Checks against a non-hostile creature.
  • Bone Chill: Prevent the target from healing until your next turn. An undead target receives Disadvantage on Attack Rolls.
  • Light: Infuse an object with an aura of light. Only affects one target at a time.
  • Chromatic Orb: Hurl a sphere of energy. It deals 3~24 Elemental damage of choice and possibly creates a surface on impact.
  • Magic Missile: Shoot 3 magical darts, each dealing 2∼5 Force damage. They always hit their target.
  • Draconic Resilience Armour Class:  Dragon-like scales cover parts of your skin. When you aren’t wearing armour, your Base Armour Class increases to 13.
  • Draconic Resilience Hit Points: Your Hit Point maximum increases by 1 for each Sorcerer level.  This is one reason you will see much higher health than other casters, making the subclass a great choice.
  • Dragon Ancestry Red: Fire is the damage type associated with your dragon ancestor. At the 6th level, spells that deal with Fire damage are more powerful, and you can become Resistant to Fire damage.
  • Burning Hands (Ancestry Spell): Shoot a flaming cone from their fingertips dealing 3d6 fire damage to enemies.
Multiclass Warlock Gameplay at Level 7

The Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiclass Warlock Build will gain of ton of utility cantrips, spells, and subclass features at this level. The Cantrip selections are mainly for outside of combat utility considering we have Firebolt and Eldritch Blast for damage. The two spells unlocked are Chromatic Orb and Magic Missile. Orb is useful because you can select the type of elemental damage. Oftentimes, you will be facing enemies with elemental immunity or resistance and Chromatic Orb ensures you will have some type of damage.

Draconic Sorcerer Gameplay Explained

The Draconic AC bonus allows you to wear clothes and still have 13 AC as a base. This is very useful because as you progress, cloth pieces are geared towards spell casters. Light armour is useful up to this point but starts to fade and emphasize stealth Rogue and or Ranger type of builds. Consider swapping to light armor if you are holding onto Potent Robes or another powerful set in Act 2 or 3.

The Dragon Ancestry Red and Fire is the primary reason we want to take 6 levels into the Draconic Bloodline subclass. With 6 levels into this subclass, at the maximum level of 12, you gain Elemental Affinity. When you cast a spell that deals damage of the type associated with your draconic ancestry, you add your Charisma modifier to the damage. With potentially 22 Charisma at end-game, this will add a lot of damage to fire spells.

Next level you will unlock Metamagic and have the ability to change and augment current spells. The gameplay at this level remains similar with more utility. Your primary combo of Hex and Eldritch Blast is useful. However, on turn one, you can still use heavy area-based damage spells like Fireball and Call Lightning. Once your spells are exhausted, rely on Hex and Eldritch Blast for damage and shut down the enemy spellcaster with Counterspell.

Level 8

BG3 Best Multiclass Warlock Build Level 8
Metamagic Explained

At level 8, you will unlock one new spell and Metamagic. The preferred spell at this level is Shield. When you are about to be hit by an enemy, use your Reaction to increase your Armour Class by 5. You also take no damage from Magic Missile Magic Missile. These effects last until the start of your next turn. The Shield spell will dramatically increase your chance of avoiding attacks. The best part of the Shield spell is it uses a reaction during the enemy’s turn and can be a passive way to boost your survivability.

Metamagic is a Sorcerer feature that allows the user to add additional effects to magic spells in exchange for Sorcery Points. You can select two choices at this level and we recommend Careful and Twinned.

Metamagic Spell Selections

Careful Spell allows allies to automatically succeed in Saving Throws against spells that require them. This means, that if you cast a Fireball spell into a group including your allies, you can trigger this before avoiding damaging a friend. This will be very helpful with an expanded spellbook and area damage emphasis.

The next suggestion for Metamagic is Twinned Spell. Spells that only target 1 creature can target an additional creature. This helps if you have powerful single-target spells that you wish to cast on two targets. A simple example of this is the Chromatic Orb. You can use Twinned and target two creatures with Ice Orb and potentially knock them prone. Various combinations and uses will become apparent after using Metamagic more frequently.

Keep in mind that Metamagic is another resource that you need to manage. Each passive requires Sorcery points which are gained at every level. With 6 levels into Sorcerer when you reach level 12, you should have 6 Sorcerery points. Sorcerery points recharge on a long rest only, so use them sparingly until you unlock more. At the next level, you will unlock Quickened Spell which is the best of all the choices for the Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiclass Warlock Build.

Level 9

BG3 Best Multiclass Warlock Build Level 9

Level 9 unlocks another spell and another Metamagic selection. For spell selection, take the Mirror Image spell. Create 3 illusory duplicates of yourself to distract attackers. Each duplicate increases your Armour Class by 3. Whenever you successfully evade an attack, one of the duplicates disappears. Mirror Image in conjunction with Shield makes the Warlock Multiclass build incredibly durable even using Clothes or Light Armor. The downside of this spell is it needs to be preemptively cast using an action and only last 10 turns. You want to use this when you are the focus of a Githyanki Fighter onslaught.

The next unlock we want to select is Quickened Spell. Quickened Spell allows you to cast a spell with a bonus action rather than an action. The downside of Quickened Spell is it requires 3 Sorcerery points. At this level, you can either use Twinned or Quickened per long rest. However, at the following level, you can use them together for an insanely powerful turn. Double cast a single target spell, then activate Quickened and cast a Fireball all on turn one. The switch to Hex and Eldritch Blast combination for powerful and simple damage.

Level 10

BG3 Best Multiclass Warlock Build Level 10

We will stick with the Sorcerer for another few levels to gain more spells and spell slots. You will unlock a cantrip, one spell, and a feat. As previously stated, you want to increase your Charisma +2 with Ability Improvement. You should be at 20 at this level, giving you great damage and a chance to land spells. This increased Charisma can also help your skills and dialogue as well. Spell selection is pretty limited at this level until you progress.

Darkness is the recommended spell selection at this level. Create a cloud of magical darkness that Heavily Obscured and Blinds creatures within. Creatures cannot make ranged attacks into or out of it. This essentially creates a large 5-meter cloud that shuts down ranged weapon damage dealers. Spellcasters will also have limited range and suffer a Disadvantage on Attack rolls. Somewhat of a niche spell, but helps round out the crowd-control portion of the Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiclass Warlock Build.

Level 11

BG3 Best Multiclass Warlock Build Level 11

At level 11, the Sorcerer portion of this build will unlock level 3 spells. You will already have access to Counterspell, Fireball, and others. They will be highlighted with a golden outline indicating another class in your build has selected them. You can also select them at this level as well. What this will let you do is use either Sorcerer spell slots or Warlocks. Meaning, if you find yourself repeatedly casting Fireball and running out of Warlock spells, consider taking it here as well.

However, we want to take the Sleet Storm spell at this level. This spell allows spellcasters to call forth a storm that douses fire, creates an Ice Surface, and disrupts the Concentration of spellcasters. The strength of Sleet Storm is its utterly massive 9-meter radius and 10-turn duration. The downside is, that it requires concentration so limits our other spell usage once cast.

Another advantage of this spell is the Ice surface it creates. Ice makes it difficult to move and creatures can fall Prone trying to escape the area. You can use Careful metamagic and dose a massive area assuming your allies don’t need to move. Use Sleet Storm when you need to crowd control a massive area and prevent enemies from taking action.

Level 12

BG3 Best Multiclass Warlock Build Level 12

Congratulations on reaching the maximum level with the Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiclass Warlock Build. This level will reward you with one spell selection. Consider your options here and what you lack. If you lack crowd control, the Slow spell is your choice. If you lack utility, Enlarge or Fly is a great selection. Do you run out of spell slots? Consider Misty Step, Fireball, or Counterspell. Overall, Slow is a great selection to round out the utility of this build. Make sure to check the gear selections below for the best beginner and end-game Warlock gear, weapons, and armor.

In Games like Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll explore the world, loot chests and your enemies’ dead bodies, and complete quests and all those activities can reward you with useful items, potions, armor, weapons, scrolls, and much more. There are three Acts in BG3, and the Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiclass Warlock Build includes suggested sets and alternatives for Act 1 and Act 3.

Beginner: Starting the Game

BG3 Melf’s First Staff
BG3 The Protecty Sparkswall
BG3 Disintegrating Night Walkers boots

Here’s the best beginner gear for the Warlock Multiclass Build in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Gear SlotBest Gear ItemEffect
HeadCirclet of BlastingFree Scorching Ray
ChestStudded Leather Armour +113 AC
GlovesGloves of Cinder and SizzleFree Jump After Dash
BootsDisintegrating Night WalkersMobility & Misty Step
NecklaceAmulet of Misty StepFree Misty Step
RingRing of Absolute ForceFree Thunderwave
RingThe SparkswallResistance to Lightning
Weapon 1 Main HandMelf’s First StaffFree Acid Arrow
Weapon 2 Main HandAdamantine Shield+2 AC, Critical Hit Protection
Best Multiclass Warlock Build Beginner Gear

Below is a list of the best Act 1 Gear, Weapons, and Clothing for the Multiclass Warlock Build in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Advanced: End-Game

BG3 Markoheshkir Legendary Quarterstaff
Baldur’s Gate 3 Robe of the Weave
BG3 Killer's Sweetheart

The following table presents the best advanced and end-game gear for the Warlock Multiclass in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Gear SlotBest Gear ItemEffect
HeadBirthright+2 Charisma
CapeCloak of the Weave+1 Spell Save & Roll
ChestRobe of the Weave+2 AC, +1 Spell Save & Roll
GlovesQuickspell GlovesCantrips Bonus Action
BootsHelldusk BootsCannot be Moved
NecklaceSpellcrux AmuletFree Spell Slot
RingKiller’s SweetheartAuto Critical
RingShifting Corpus RingFree Invisibility and Blur
Weapon 1 Main HandMarkoheshkirFree Spells, +1 Roll
Weapon 1 Off-HandViconia’s Walking Fortress+3 AC, Reflect Spell
Weapon 2 RangedDarkfire ShortbowFree Haste Spell

Consumables, Potions, and Items

BG3 Potion of Speed
BG3 Superior Elixir of Arcane Cultivation
BG3 Elixir of Viciousness

Consumables are items that can be used once and then destroyed. They are typically used to restore health or other resources. Some common types of consumables include potions, scrolls, food, drinks, and arrows.

The following list represents the best individual use consumable items that will aid in the Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiclass Warlock Build:

Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiclass Warlock Build Guide Summary


  • The Fiend (Warlock)
  • Draconic Bloodline (Sorcerer)

Armor: Clothing

Weapon: Quarterstaff & Shield

Background: Charlatan

Race: High Half-Elf

Abilities Score

  • Strength 10
  • Dexterity 16
  • Constitution 14
  • Intelligence 8
  • Wisdom 10
  • Charisma 16

Level Progression

  • Level 1 – Fiend Subclass
  • Level 2 – Agonizing & Repelling Blast
  • Level 3 – Pact of the Tome
  • Level 4 – +2 Charisma Feat
  • Level 5 – Fireball Spell
  • Level 6 – Counterspell
  • Level 7 – Multiclass Sorcerer
  • Level 8 – Careful & Twinned Spell
  • Level 9 – Quickened Spell
  • Level 10 – +2 Charisma Feat
  • Level 11 – Sleet Storm
  • Level 12 – Slow Spell

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