Game to Gym Rat

A Day and Deltia’s Life

By Deltia | November 8, 2017 | 3 Comments

Her’e’s a video on my daily life and how I manage my day (family, health and family).  I’m not perfect but I have improved and wanted to show you readers and viewers.  Lastly, I’d like to thank you as I have a great life and it’s due to everyone of you, so thanks!  

9 Months Later and What I’ve Learned

By Deltia | October 22, 2017 | 10 Comments

I wanted to share some food for thought (no pun intended) regarding my transformation from Gamer to Gym Rat.  For those that don’t know, I started 9 months ago with a simple goal, to get in the best shape of my life within one year.  I had let myself go and was setting a bad…

What I Eat and Why

By Deltia | September 19, 2017 | 6 Comments

Here’s a Gamer to Gym Rat video on what I eat and why.  

Gamer to Gym Rat Part Three Diet

By Deltia | May 9, 2017 | 10 Comments

Part three of Gamer to Gym Rat we talk about diet.  I’m no nutritionist, but I want you to understand some basic principals I’ve learned through reading, trial and error. Ask 15 people what they should be eating you’ll get 15 different answers There’s conflicting peer reviewed research on just about every supplement and diet…

Gamer to Gym Rat Part Two Purpose

By Deltia | May 9, 2017 | 0 Comments

Part two of Gamer to Gym Rat is purpose. The reason I put this as the first “guide” is without a purpose and a goal you will easily quit.  One must simply answer the question as to “why” do you want to do this?  Why do you want this so bad?  Because when it comes…

Gamer to Gym Rat Part One Introduction

By Deltia | May 9, 2017 | 4 Comments

Welcome to part one of my Gamer to Gym Rat series.  This is a written and video series about getting back into shape, balancing gaming, family and hobbies.  I started this in January of 2017 and fast forward four months and I’ve dropped 30 lbs and close to getting back my abs that I previously…