Baldur’s Gate 3: Jack-of-All-Trades Build

Discover how to create a powerful Jack-of-all-Trades build, multiclassing into every class within Baldur’s Gate 3, to earn a rare achievement.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack-of-All-Trades Build

This build page has been updated for the patch 6 version of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Best Jack of All Trades Build Guide

The Jack-of-all-Trades build in Baldur’s Gate 3 is designed to complete the specific achievement for multiclassing into one of every class without respecing. Below, we will give you additional strategies for completing the achievement successfully. The Jack-of-all-Trades build is designed for utility at the expense of combat power. Only taking one level from each class means you won’t gain powerful feats, spells, and abilities but have a unique blend of each class.

Our build uses Charsima-based classes first to increase power rapidly. Charisma is the best ability because four out of 12 classes use it as their primary ability. Moreover, the Eldritch Blast and Hex combination from the Warlock scales with level rather than your overall Warlock level. Thus, you can have a powerful damage combination and additional utility. Below, we will walk you through how to create the best Jack-of-all-Trades in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Jack of All Trades Build Features

The following list presents all the essential Jack of All Trades Build Mechanics and Features in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Primary Ability: Charisma
  • Saving Throws: Wisdom and Charisma
  • Armour Proficiency: Light Armour, Medium Armour, Heavy Armor, Shields
  • Weapon Proficiency: Simple Weapon, Martial Weapons
  • Subclasses: Oath of Vengeance, Storm Sorcery, the Fiend

Multiclassing Explained

BG3 How to Multiclass

To multiclass, click the top right hammer icon in the leveling user interface. You then select the class you want to multiclass into. You can select up to 12 classes, as BG3 has a max level of 12 with 12 classes. Adjust the cantrips, spells, and other selections before you accept because the default choices are terrible.

Jack-of-All-Trades Achievement in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Jack-of-all-Trades Achievement

The easiest way to earn the Jack-of-all-trades achievement is to reach level 12 in Act 3, recruit a Hireling from Withers, and take all the classes up to level 12. Hirelings start at level 1 and thus do not require respect like your character. They are the easiest, fastest, and simplest way to earn one of BG3’s rare achievements.

The second method is to recruit a companion in Act 3, like Minsc, after you’ve reached level 12. Then, select each new class until you reach level 12, which will also trigger the achievement. Lastly, we have the “old-fashioned way,” which is playing a character from level 1 to 12, taking one class at a time until you reach level 12.

The Jack-of-All-Trades build below assumes you want a different BG3 experience and intend to earn the achievement by taking one level in each class until the maximum level. The most effective method is using a Charisma-based character because 4 of the 12 classes use Charisma as their primary attribute. Thus, you can have decent combat effectiveness with massive utility.

Character Creation


BG3 Wood Half-Elf

Wood Half-Elf is the best race choice for the Jack-of-all-Trades because it gains the most movement speed, stealth proficiency, and darkvision. Githyanki is another alternative due to the mobility spell Misty Step and Astral knowledge racial feature.

Ability Score

Baldur's Gate 3 Jack-of-all-Trades Best Ability Score

The Best Ability Score for a Jack of All Trades Build is 16 Charisma, 16 Constiution, and 14 Dexterity. Charisma will be your spell multiplier and damage source, while constitution influences health and concentration saving throws. Agility will help with going earlier in combat turn order and allow you to wear medium, light, or clothing. This build can use heavy armor if needed because Paladin is a first-class selection.

Below is the best ability score for a Jack of All Trades build in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Strength – 10
  • Dexterity – 10
  • Constitution – 16
  • Intelligence – 8
  • Wisdom – 10
  • Charisma – 16

Landing on even numbers vs. odd is important because odd won’t give you any bonuses. Only even numbers give you an additional +1 score to an ability modifier. However, you can increase your ability score via a quest in Act 1. Make sure to check out our Permanent bonus guide on how you can boost your ability score through quests.

Background & Skills

The best Background for a Jack of All Trades is the Acolyte because of proficiency with Insight and Relgion. The Jack-of-all-trades build will have a broad variety of skills and proficiencies. However, the Background choice is flexible, so if something resonates with you from a Role Play perspective, this will not influence your combat power. The main priorities are persuasion, perception, and insight. You can increase your professional and even expertise skills through various multiclass options.  

Best Jack of All Trades Build – Level Progression in Baldur’s Gate 3

Level 1

Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack-of-all-Trades Build Character Creation

At level one, you should follow our character creation steps. Select the correct background, race, skills, and ability score, focusing on Charisma and Constitution. With the Paladin selection as number one, you can access all armour and weapon proficiency. Thus, equip Lae’zel medium armor, a heavy crossbow for a ranged weapon, and one hand and shield for protection. Quickly, you can adjust to use a quarterstaff and shield or any other weapon combination, but a quarterstaff will give you additional spells.

Level 1 Unlocks for Jack-of-all-Trades Build
  • Channeled Oath Charges: Paladin-specific resource that allows the casting of spells and abilities. Used for three oath skills, can be recovered via short rest.
  • Lay on Hands: Use your blessed touch to heal a creature or cure it of all diseases and poisons. Single target melee heals using action or cure disease. This consumes Oath Charges but is an effective heal.
  • Divine Sense: Gain Advantage on Attack Rolls against celestials, fiends, and undead. This uses a bonus action which can be used with an attack costing an action.
  • Inquisitor’s Might: You or an ally’s weapon attacks deal an additional 2 Radiant damage and can Daze enemies for 1 turn. This is a Channeled Oath skill that can add a bit of damage with a chance to stun which is helpful.
  • Oath of Vengeance Tenets: No Mercy for the Wicked. This isn’t a mechanic portion, just an oath you need to maintain. If you break the oath, you can unlock a new subclass, Oathbreaker.

Don’t expect much at level 1. The main reason to select Paladin first is heavy armour proficiency and weapon choices. At level 3, Warlock will give you an offensive loadout and more options. However, the Paladin does have good abilities and can heal itself and others with Lay on Hands and bonus action utility with Inquistor’s Might.

Jack of All Trades Priorities

Your overall priority with this build is the following:

Level 2

Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack-of-all-Trades Level 2 Sorcerer

At level 2, multiclass to the Sorcerer and select the Storm Sorcery subclass. This subclass can allow you to fly after casting a spell, giving mobility a huge advantage. The Draconic Bloodline subclass is good if you plan on using clothing at the start or end of the game, so you don’t have to use Mages Armour. However, you won’t see the full power of the subclass with only one level, and additional mobility is worth Storm’s selection.

Level 2 Unlocks
  • Tempestuous Magic: (Subclass Feature) After you cast a Level 1 spell or higher you can Fly as a bonus action until the end of your turn without receiving Opportunity Attacks.
  • Fire Bolt: Ranged fire spell that deals 1d10 fire damage.  Simple ranged attack that can be combined with Grease early on for big area damage.
  • Light – object has an aura of light with a radius of 7.5 meters.
  • Mage Hand – Create a spectral hand that can manipulate and interact with objects.
  • Friends – Has Advantage on Charisma checks directed at the target creature.
  • Chromatic Orb – Hurl a sphere of energy. It deals 3d8 element damage and creates a surface. This area damage spell is useful to cast at range and control choke points or proc certain elemental effects.
  • Magic Missile – Create three darts of magical force, each dealing 1d4 + 1 Force damage to its target.

At level 2, you now have many more utility spells and cantrips. Chromatic Orb with ice is great for damage and stun, while Magic Missile is your go-to for simple damage. Fire Bolt can light things on fire, and light is helpful for quilting and seeing in the dark.

Level 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack-of-all-Trades Level 3 Warlock

At level 3, multiclass to the Warlock, where you gain damage spells. The combo for damage you will use throughout the entire game is Hex (bonus action) and Eldritch Blast (action). Eldritch Blast is a unique cantrip that, when you reach higher levels, you fire additional bolts. Thus, Hex will trigger additional damage each time those land and will not cost a skill point. This is a way to do some easy-range damage and has the utility of all the other classes’ spells cantrips and abilities.

Level 3 Unlocks
  • Eldritch Blast: 1d10 force damage via an 18-meter beam.
  • Blade Ward: Take only half of the damage from Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing attacks. This is a decent cantrip when expecting incoming melee damage.
  • Hex Spell: Curse a creature so it takes additional damage whenever you attack it and inflict Disadvantage on Ability Checks with an Ability of your choosing. This spell helps do damage and it can be used as a bonus action. So you can combo this spell with Eldritch Blast, which is the main offensive gameplay loop of the class.
  • Hellish Rebuke: This is a reaction base spell, meaning you can use it when someone attacks you without using an action. Hit the passives tab on your character’s menu and request “ask.” You don’t want to use this spell on a target with 1 health since spell slots are low.

More charisma, the more damage you will do with Eldritch Blast, thus this will be our primary focus on gear choices in Act 3. Acts 1 and 2 (potent robe) are best for playing with heavy or medium armour for protection. Act 3 gives you access to powerful clothing and charisma, as listed below.

Level 4

Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack-of-all-Trades Level 4 Bard

At level four, multiclass to the remaining Charisma base class, the Bard. The Bard won’t give you a subclass, but you get four skill selections, two cantrips, and bardic inspiration.

Level 4 Unlocks
  • Bardic Inspiration – 18m range consuming a bonus action ally can add a +1d6 bonus to their next Attack Roll, Ability Check, or Saving Throw. 
  • Vicious Mockery – Do 1d4 Psychic damage, and the target will receive a Disadvantage on its next Attack Roll. 
  • Minor Illusion – Create an illusion that compels nearby creatures to investigate.
  • Longstrider – Increase a creature’s Movement Speed by 3 meters.
  • Thunderwave – Release a wave of thunderous force that pushes away all creatures and objects in an area while also dealing with thunder damage.
  • Animal Friendship – charms a beast and convinces it you mean no harm.
  • Speak with Animals – allows spellcasters to understand and talk to beasts and animals for a day.

The biggest spells are Thunderwave for a knockback and Longstrider. Longstrider can be applied to your entire party, out of combat, without using a spell slot. Thus, you can give everyone a big boost to mobility after each long rest. Animal Friendship and SPeak with Animals are utility spells and help with various quests and dialogue.

Level 5

Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack-of-all-Trades Level 5 Ranger

At level 5, multiclass into the Ranger for Favoured Enemy and Natural Explore bonuses.

  • Keeper of the Veil – You specialise in hunting creatures from other planes of existence. You gain Proficiency in Arcana and can grant protection against aberrations, celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead.
  • Beast Tamer – You have cultivated a strong bond with animals. You can cast Find Familiar without expending a spell slot.

You gain two small bonuses and two spells. Find Familiar is quite helpful because the small creature serves as a distraction alongside Scratch and Shovel. You can take fire or ice resistance, but in Act 2, you will likely equip the Darkfire short bow, which gives both resistances.

Level 6

Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack-of-all-Trades Level 6 Fighter

At level 6, multiclass the Jack-of-all-Trades to the Fighter. The main purpose of this is to improve the defence fighting style. You gain a +1 bonus to Armour Class Armour Class while wearing Armour. If you do not intend to wear armour at this level or at the end of the game, select the protection fighting style to aid with wearing a shield.

Level 7

Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack-of-all-Trades Level 7 Cleric

At level 7, multiclass into the Cleric and gain access to three cantrips and 5 spells. Since this builds Wisdom is low, you can only prepare one spell. However, you can swap them in and out as you see fit. The command is a great crowd-control spell, but the downside is with low wisdom, it will have a low percentage of strikes. Additionally, take the Life Cleric subclass to gain two support spells.

Level 7 Unlocks
  • Sacred Flame: Conjure a flame-like radiance that deals 1d8 Radiant. 
  • Guidance: Bestow guidance upon an ally. They gain a +1d4 bonus to Ability Checks. 
  • Thaumaturgy: Gain Advantage on Intimidation and Performance Checks.
  • Disciple of Life: Your devotion empowers your healing Spells. When casting a healing spell, the target regains additional Hit Points equal to 2 + Spell’s level.
  • Bless (Domain Spell): up to 3 creatures gain a +1d4 bonus to Attack Rolls and Saving Throws.
  • Cure Wounds (Domain Spell): 1d8 heal, requiring you to touch a creature to heal it. 
  • Sanctuary: You or an ally cannot be targeted until you attack or harm a creature. You can still take damage from area spells.

Prepare Sanctuary because it can prevent taking damage and uses a bonus action.

Level 8

Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack-of-all-Trades Level 8 Wizard

At level 8, multiclass into the Wizard will unlock many spells, but you can prepare one only. Keep Shield prepared for defensive utility reaction spells. However, you can select Mage Armour here and use Clothing in Act 3 when the best in-slot material becomes available. You can also consume scrolls and learn spells with the Wizard.

Level 8 Unlocks
  • Shocking Grasp – It makes a melee attack that inflicts Lightning damage and prevents the target from taking Reactions.
  • Bone Chill – It deals Necrotic damage and prevents the target from regaining Hit Points.
  • Ray of Frost – It deals Cold damage to the target and slows it down.
  • Shield – When you are about to be hit by an enemy, use your Reaction to increase your Armour Class by 5.
  • Feather Fall – preventing taking damage when falling from extreme heights.
  • Enhanced Leap – allows spellcasters to increase a creature’s Jumping distance.
  • Grease – Cover the ground in flammable grease. It becomes Difficult Terrain and creatures within can fall Prone.
  • Disguise Self – allows spellcasters to temporarily change their appearance. 
  • False Life – allows spellcasters to gain Temporary Hit Points.

These selections are nearly entirely utility-based. Moreover, you can swap spells in and out with a Wizard spell book, so feel free to experiment with both inside and outside combat.

Level 9

Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack-of-all-Trades Level 9 Rogue

At level 9, progression starts to slow down, but you’ll want to select the Rogue. The rogue at level one is helpful if you gain skill proficiency and expertise. These may vary depending on your background and racial selection.

  • Proficiency for Invisteagion or History
  • Expertise in Persuasion, Perception, Intimidation, or Insight

You should have a lot of skill proficencies, exploration, and dialogue utility.

Level 10

Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack-of-all-Trades Level 10 Druid

At level 10, we will multiclass into the druid to gain two cantrips and one prepared spells.

  • Thorn Whip – Pulls the creature 3 meters closer to you.
  • Shillelagh – imbues the caster’s weapon with nature power.
  • Create or Destroy Water – allows spellcasters to conjure or destroy an area of water.

These spells are not that useful, which is why we left these classes for last on the list.

Level 11

Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack-of-all-Trades Level 11 Monk

The Monk will not offer anything of use to a Charisma-based spell caster. However, we need to select it to achieve this.

Below is what you unlock:

  • Ki: resource points to use special Monk attacks can be replenished on short rest.
  • Unarmored Defense: While not wearing armour, you add your Wisdom Modifier to your Armour Class.
  • Dexterous Attacks: Attacks with Monk Weapons and unarmed attacks scale with your Dexterity instead of your Strength if your Dexterity is higher.
  • Deft Strikes: Attacks with Monk Weapons and unarmed attacks deal 1~4 Bludgeoning damage unless their normal damage is higher.
  • Unarmed Strike: After attacking with a Monk Weapon or while unarmed, you can make another unarmed attack as a bonus action.

Level 12

Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack-of-all-Trades Level 12 Barbarian

Lastly, select the barbarian, which gives you nearly nothing of value. However, you should have unlocked the achievement. Congratulations on reaching the maximum level with the Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack of All Trades Build! At this level,

Best Gear for Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack of All Trades Build

The main priority for gear with the Jack of All Trades is survivability. This is easiest in Act 1 by stripping Lae’zel of her medium armour and then equipping a shield. Once you reach the Grymforge, you can craft medium or heavy armour within the forge. This will carry you until the end of Act 2 when you’ll want to gain the potent robes. From this point, Act 3 opens up and gives you better options for clothing and using Mage Armour with your one Wizard spell. Therefore, we assume you will follow this path and list gear sets below promoting that gameplay.

Beginner: Starting the Game

BG3 Melf’s First Staff
Baldur's Gate 3 Adamantine Splint Armour
BG3 Disintegrating Night Walkers boots

Here’s the best beginner gear, items, and equipment for the Jack of All Trades Build in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Gear SlotBest Gear ItemEffect
HeadCirclet of BlastingFree Scorching Ray
ChestAdamantine Splint Armour+1 Spell Saves
GlovesGloves of Cinder and SizzleFree Scorching Ray
BootsDisintegrating Night WalkersMobility & Misty Step
NecklaceAmulet of Misty StepFree Misty Step
RingFetish of Callarduran SmoothhandsFree Invisibility
RingRing of Absolute ForceFree Thunderwave
Weapon 1 Main HandMelf’s First StaffFree Acid Arrow
Weapon 1 Off-HandAdamantine Shield +2 AC (Half-Elf or Human)
Weapon 2 RangedBow of Awareness+1 Initiative

Advanced: Endgame

BG3 Markoheshkir Legendary Quarterstaff
Potent Robe - Baldur's Gate 3 - BG3
Birthright - Baldur's Gate 3

The following table presents the best gear, items, and equipment for the Jack of All Trades Build in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Gear SlotBest Gear ItemEffect
HeadBirthright+2 Charisma
CapeCloak of the Weave+1 Spell Save & Roll
ChestPotent RobeAbility Mod to Cantrip
GlovesQuickspell GlovesCantrips Bonus Action
BootsHelldusk BootsCannot be Moved
NecklaceAmulet of Greater Health23 Constitution
RingKiller’s SweetheartAuto Critical
RingCrypt Lord RingFree Create Undead
Weapon 1 Main HandMarkoheshkirFree Spells, +1 Roll
Weapon 1 Off-HandViconia’s Walking Fortress3 AC, Reflect Spell
Weapon 2 RangedGontr MaelFree Haste Spell

Best Consumables, Potions, Ammunition, and Items

Elixir of Bloodlust - Baldur's Gate 3
BG3 Potion of Speed
BG3 Elixir of Battlemage's Power

The following list is the best consumable items that will aid in our Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack of All Trades Build Guide:

Build Summary – Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Jack of All Trades


  • Oath of Vengeance
  • Storm Sorcery
  • the Fiend


  • Medium/Heavy Act 1
  • Clothing Act 3


  • Quarterstaff
  • Bow

Background: Acoyle

Race: Wood-Half Elf

Abilities Score

  • Strength – 10
  • Dexterity – 14
  • Constitution – 16
  • Intelligence – 8
  • Wisdom – 10
  • Charisma – 16

Level Progression

  • Level 1 – Paladin
  • Level 2 – Sorcerer
  • Level 3 – Warlock
  • Level 4 – Bard
  • Level 5 – Ranger
  • Level 6 – Fighter
  • Level 7 – Cleric
  • Level 8 – Wizard
  • Level 9 – Rogue
  • Level 10 – Druid
  • Level 11 – Monk
  • Level 12 – Barbarian

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