Best Enshrouded Ranger Build

Discover how to create the best Enshrouded Ranger Build, with a guide on the best weapons, skills, consumables, armor, and more!

Ranger Build Guide for Enshrouded Game

Updated: The Ranger build was created during the Early Access phase of Enshrouded. Patch #4 which enhanced the Ranger, archer playstyle and weakened the spellcastings like Wizard and Battlemage. This means the Ranger is currently one of the best builds in Enshrouded due to new arrow and skill options. We summarize the changes at the end of this guide, but will walk you through a revamped version of the Ranger we think you’ll enjoy.

Ranger Build Guide

The Ranger Build in Enshrouded focuses on pin-point accuracy to eliminate enemies at range with a bow. This build emphasizes aiming for increased damage with headshots, though players can use “tab target” to lock onto enemies. However, you will use magic-based abilities and skill lines for increased healing and utility. The hybrid playstyle blends the best of both dexterity and intelligence, giving you speed, damage, and utility.

The strength of the Ranger is the range damage and fast movement. You will have exceptional burst damage and even multi-kill potential. However, at the start of the game can be difficult to unlock all the necessary skills. Consider the Best Ranger Build in Enshrouded a perfect fit for anyone looking for the prototypical bow build in RPG games. We created this at a maximum level of 25 during early access and will update it as the game expands.

Before progressing with our Best Enshrouded Ranger Build, your character creation will not impact gameplay. There are no racial passives, ability scores, or attributes to consider. Thus, we advise you to select a character whose appearance resonates with you.

Ranger Build Features & Mechanics

Enshrouded Ranger Build Gameplay

The following list presents all the features and mechanics for the Enshrouded Ranger Build:

  • Primary Attribute: Dexterity
  • Secondary Attribute: Intelligence
  • Primary Weapon: Bow
  • Secondary Weapon: Unarmed and Shield
  • Best Armor: Eagle Eye
  • Best Skills: Multi-Shot, Begone!, Shell Shock, and Chain Reaction
  • Best Consumable: Stir-Fried Vegetables

Enshrouded Headshots Explained

Headshots for Enshrouded Game

Headshots can add damage to your ranged bow attacks. You can target manually or use the tab button to lock onto a target. For experienced first-person shooter players, it’s optimal damage to aim for the head, though less reliable than tab target. With this best Ranger build, you can gain over 55% increased damage when landing a headshot. This is due to our skills and armor that amplify this benefit.

In summary, go for the head if you are familiar and comfortable with aiming. If not, use the tab target method for more consistent damage.


The Hunter Craftsperson unlocks the ability to craft arrows and special arrows. When you first start, Wooden Arrows are your best option, and they can be crafted in your manual crafting menu using Twigs. The Hunter provides better arrows as you explore more areas and unlock more metals and materials. These typically do more damage or add small amounts of poison damage.

Exploding Arrows were changed in Patch 4, giving two versions. You can access Exploding Arrow I around level 14, thus using the Assassin skill tree much earlier. Moreover, these arrows do less damage but are much easier to craft and require less complex materials. Consider Exploding Arrow I a great replacement to provide area damage and stuns.

Below is a list of our best arrows in Enshrouded:

  • Wooden Arrows – can be crafted with twigs under the manual crafting section. These are considered basic and do piercing damage.
  • Stun Arrow – Deals no damage but stuns targets depending on size.  Materials needed to craft Twigs, Goo, Alchemical Base, and Bug Dust.
  • Shroud Arrow – these are the arrows that show your damage over time (DOT). Shot one in a large area or on a boss for damage over time the follow up with Exploding Arrow.
  • Exploding Arrows – 41 damage that explodes on impact with fire.  Materials needed to craft Flint Arrow, Feather, and Black Powder.
  • Eternal Ice Arrow – added in Patch 4, a non-consumable arrow that does Ice damage and acts similar to an eternal spell but for arrows. Quest in Northwest new area Blackmire to unlock.

Multi Shot

Patch 4 Multi Shot Skills and Arrows Enshrouded

Patch 4 added two new skills to the Ranger line that improved the multi-shot skill, though it cost 5 points for each skill. These skills help aid with multi-shot special arrows, and multi-shot arrows don’t subtract from your stack. This incentivizes the build to fire off special arrows for damage and crowd control.

Aiming with a Bow

Aiming with a Bow in Enshrouded Game

While aiming with a bow in Enshrouded, you will not regenerate stamina. By default, you will not consume stamina when shooting an arrow. However, certain weapons will have “stamina cost,” which will incur a per-arrow stamina cost and can be costly at first. Carefully decide which bow to use, especially early on. A small difference in damage may not be worth the stamina cost bow.

Additionally, holding down your aim will delay stamina regeneration once you are no longer aiming. This will be roughly 1.5 seconds before you start to regenerate stamina again. Eventually, You will come across end-game gear sets with a -700 stamina timeout reduction. We assume the 700 is milliseconds because that specific gear piece halves the delay. Having at least one gear piece with stamina timeout reduction is helpful when needing constant stamina regeneration to dodge, sprint, and block.

Lastly, bows have draw speeds of 1.0 seconds or 0.6 seconds. This will determine how fast you can shoot an arrow. During our play testing, we chose bows that favored damage over the draw speed. We want fewer shots but more head shots, tactical aims, and sneak attacks. However, if the damage is the same, pick a 0.6-second draw speed and bow that doesn’t have stamina cost.

Best Ranger Attributes & Combat Stats

 Ranger Attributes & Combat Stats for Enshrouded Game

The primary attribute for the best Ranger build in Enshrouded is Dexterity. This gives you a flat 5% increase to ranged damage. Endurance increases your overall stamina pool, which can be used to aim, dodge, and block. Endurance isn’t critical because we will have multiple ways to regenerate or obtain stamina passively. Dexterity can be increased primarily via food consumables, some rings, and skill selections.

The second most important attribute is intelligence. While it seems odd to emphasize this stat, having high Intellgence gives us incredible healing per second with Water Aura. With 17 Intelligence, you will gain over 44+ heals per second in combat, and if playing with others, give them healing, too. Consider this a powerful survivability attribute necessary when playing solo, outnumbered, or under-leveled.

Additionally, your Flame Altar level will increase your attribute bonus. This is a priority for improving your Enshrouded Ranger build power level. 

Skill Selections

Ranger Skills for Enshrouded Game

In Enshrouded, you earn skill points from leveling and completing Elixir Wells. Based on the level range, we have organized the skill sections and listed the best skills to select at every level for this build. While your skill points totals may change depending on your overall level and Elixir Well completions, save up skill points if you cannot afford one at your current level. Below is what our skill points were at various levels in Enshrouded:

  • Level 10 – 36 Skill Points
  • Level 20 – 72 Skill Points
  • Level 25 – 114 Skill Points

The maximum level in Enshrouded is 25, with some enemies in further regions being level 30. The general skill selections below are specifically geared towards combat performance We will list and explain the most critical of all the skills. Moreover, look to the utility skill section if you prefer more utility, crafting, and less combat emphasis. Lastly, you can always respec your skill points with Runes at the Flame Altar so feel free to experiment. However, the selections below are the best overall for combat power and enjoyment for the best Ranger build in Enshrouded.

Level 1-10 Skills

Enshrouded Multi Shot Patch 4 Skill

Your primary goal at the start of Enshrouded is to gain damage with the Ranger, Multi Shot, and Marksman skills. Then, you will transition into healing and mobility skills stacked with bandages. Moreover, in later levels, you will come back to Ranger Tree to unlock Multi Shot Spread and Trigger. We don’t select them here because you will most likely not have many special arrows until a higher level. You can, however, take this early but at a hefty 5 skill points.

Below is a list, in order, of the skills for the Best Ranger Build for Enshrouded from levels 1 to 10:

  • Endurance (Survivor): Increases stamina by 10
  • Runner (Survivor): sprinting speed increased by 10% and stamina consumption decreased by 10%.
  • Double Jump (Survivor): allows jumping a second time while airborne.
  • Dexterity (Ranger): Increases ranged damage by 5%.
  • Marksman (Ranger): All damage dealt with ranged weapons is increased by 10%.
  • Sharpshooter(Ranger): all ranged damage is increased by an additional 20%.
  • Skill Shot (Ranger): all damage dealt to an enemy’s head is increased by 20%.
  • Ranger (Ranger): adds +2 endurance, + 2 dexterity, +5 stamina recharge, and +5% critical damage.
  • Multi Shot (Ranger): adds a 20% chance to spawn a flurry of arrows that spread slightly.
  • Intelligence (Battlemage): Increases Magic damage by 5.
  • Arcane Deflection (Battlemage): On a successful parry, gain 20 mana.
  • Blink (Healer): Replaces the Dodge Roll Ability With a Short Range teleport.
  • Emergency Blink (Healer): you can blink while being stunned.
  • Healer (Healer): The health gain from healing spells will be increased by 10%.
  • Intelligence (Healer): Increases Magic damage by 5.

Level 11-20 Skills

Enshrouded Patch 4 Water Aura Skill

Water Aura has seen some nerfs but it is still worth taking if you can increase intelligence above 15. You should heal for over 20 seconds, and combining a clean bandage will do even more healing in a second. That’s why we want to take Desert Stomach later to gain an additional food slot. Then, you stack even more health recovery, resulting in insane survivability and great damage.

Below is a list, in order, of the skills for the Best Ranger Build for Enshrouded from levels 11 to 20:

  • Healer II (Healer): The health gain from healing spells will be increased to a total of 300 health points.
  • Intelligence (Healer): Increases Magic damage by 5.
  • Water Aura (Healer): All players within 15 meters regenerate 1 health point per second for every point of their intelligence.
  • Waters of Life (Healer): all players within 15 meters regenerate 1 additional health point per intelligence.
  • Dexterity (Assassin): Increases ranged damage by 5%.
  • Airborne (Assassin): Gliders consume 30% less stamina.
  • Endurance (Assassin): Increases stamina by 10.
  • Sniper (Assassin): when attacking with a ranged weapon your critical hit chance is increased by 10%.
  • Vitality Surge (Assassin): dealing a critical strike with a ranged weapon restores 5 stamina.
  • Dexterity (Assassin): Increases ranged damage by 5%.
  • Shell Shock(Assassin): infused your ranged explosives with mana, they now stun enemies for 1 second.
  • Blessed Arrows (Assassin): when scoring a critical hit with a bow you will regenerate 20 mana.
  • Dexterity (Assassin): Increases ranged damage by 5%.
  • Bounty Bonanza (Assassin): after defeating a fell enemy with a headshot your group gains an additional 5 exp points
  • Ricochets (Assassin): for every target you hit with an exploding arrow, its damage is increased by 1%.

Level 21-25 Skills

Enshrouded Patch 4 Chain Reaction Skill

The final levels of the Ranger focus on massive aoe skills like Chain Reaction and Multi-Shot Spread and Trigger. You should be crafting Explosive, Stun, and Shroud Arrows. Rotate between Shroud and Explosive for the best damage possible.

Below is a list, in order, of the skills for the Best Ranger Build for Enshrouded from levels 21 to 25:

  • Graceful Stride (Assassin): you will gain one dexterity for every two levels of the flame.
  • Chain Reaction (Assassin): every enemy hit with an exploding arrow has a 20% chance to trigger a secondary explosion for 50% damage in a small radius.
  • Endurance (Survivor): Increases stamina by 10.
  • Wanderlust (Survivor): stamina consumption for sprinting on dirt roads is reduced from 90% to 80%. Stamina consumption for sprinting on stone roads is reduced from 75% to 50%.
  • Swiftshot Sustenance (Survivor): 30% chance to spawn a stamina orb when defeating an enemy with a bow.
  • Arachnoid (Survivor): stamina consumption while climbing reduced by 50%
  • Dexterity (Survivor): Increases ranged damage by 5%.
  • Dessert Stomach (Survivor): you gain one additional food slot.
  • Multi Shot Spread (Ranger): adds a 25% chance to spawn an additional projectile to your flurry of arrows from multi shot skill.
  • Multi Shot Trigger (Ranger): all arrows, including special arrows, can trigger multi shot.
  • Updraft (Assassin): while gliding you can use mana to get a small height boost.
  • Counterstrike (Trickster): After receiving damage there is a 20% chance to inflict 50% of damage to the attacker.
  • Intelligence (Trickster): Increases Magic damage by 5.
  • Begone! (Trickster): A magic-powered punch that pushes and stuns hit foes. Replaces your unarmed attacks as long as you have the necessary 30 mana.

Best Ranger Skills Explained

  • Double Jump – We recommended this immediately because it helps jump and avoid attacks even in combat.
  • Sharpshooter – This skill increases overall ranged damage and is a priority early in Enshrouded.
  • Begone! – Use Begone to give you a stun and knockback to avoid melee aggressors. Leave a slot on your bar empty, swap it with a shield, and attack.
  • Blink – As a Ranger, you will need mobility and the creation of space for survival.  Blink helps generate that space with a massive teleport. You can also obtain an escape blink, allowing you to dodge/blink while stunned. Blink helps play solo at the end game and is highly recommended as a mobility tool.
  • Water Aura – You can stack this with another skill to double the healing and with high intelligence, over 22 heals per second. Moreover, it applies to your group, giving you strong survivability.
  • Multishot – This skill will passively add a lot of damage with a random chance to trigger multiple arrows. Multi-shots can also trigger multiple special arrows like Explosives, which causes even more damage.
  • Ranger – The Ranger skill adds a massive boost to damage via attributes and doesn’t look flashy but increases your build performance drastically.
  • Desert Stomach – The fact that this Ranger build uses Intelligence as well means that having one extra food slot will give us +5 to another attribute.
  • Shell Shock + Chain Reaction – The combination of these two skills with Multishot means you can area-based stun and do massive damage to many targets at once. These skills are recommended much later in the game because Explosive Arrows are difficult to craft.

Utility Skills

Below are recommended utility skills for this Ranger Build, if you wish to sacrifice some combat performance:

  • Mason (Core) – The pickaxe deals 30% more damage against stone objects including resource veins.
  • Miner (Core) – When you mine resources, you have a 10% chance to get additional resources.
  • Lumberjack (Core) – Felling axes do 30% more damage against wooden objects, including trees.
  • Relentless Flame (Survivor) – maximum shroud time increased by 5 minutes allowing you to explore for longer.
  • Well Rested (Core) – adds 5 minutes to rested time.
  • Inner Fires (Survivor) – maximum Shroud time increased by 2 minutes, allowing you to explore for longer.

Ranger Gameplay & Tips

The best way to play the Ranger build is at range with constant dodging (blinking) to avoid melee pressure. Early in the game, the Ranger can be frustrating because you must craft arrows, have limited tools to create space, and lack healing. Stick with it until level 10 where it will shine. The most helpful skill to deal with melee aggression is Begone! This knocks back enemies and uses mana, which you do not need anyway. You can create space with a punch a dodge and a free attack with your bow.

Additionally, you want to practice aiming for headshots for more damage. Attempt to initiate combat from behind (backstab) and sneak or crouche. Both can trigger additional damage, and while this is not always possible, it’s optimal.

You will have a decent single target early in the game when it comes to damage. You gain access to AOE or area damage with Exploding Arrows later in the game. At first, it may seem to lack luster for area damage, but arrows will aid in multi-kills or throwing explosive bombs.

Regarding resources, your stamina should be primarily used for dodging and blocking. Mana is used for punches and, at the end game, stunning targets with Exploding Arrows. Food and armor that gives stamina and mana regeneration are useful because you will use both resources.

Combat Explained Tips

Here’s a list of the Enshrouded Ranger combat and gameplay tips:

  • Keep your range with Dodge and Begone! punches
  • Use Wooden Arrows and poison arrows as you advance
  • Aim for headshots, throw bombs and explosives for multi-kills
  • Double Jump on top of rocks and ledges where enemies cannot reach you
  • Start combat from stealth and the back of an enemy for more damage
  • Stack Dexterity for more ranged damage, and intelligence for more healing with Water Aura
  • Punch, Dodge, and Heal when in trouble and health is low
  • Carry Bandages, healing potions, and health regeneration food at all times
  • Bring flame altars, lockpicks, potions, and food
  • Most importantly, pew pew and have fun exploring!

Best Ranger Weapons & Armor

Enshrouded Shadowbane Bow
Eagle Eye Helmet for Enshrouded Game
Enshrouded Ring of Endless Life

Use a combination of Eagle Eye and Radiant Paladin armor for the Ranger. These can be found in the southern Kindlewaste Desert by looting or killing bosses. Crafting alternatives at level 23 are good as well. Look to rings that increase your stats and or life leech as your next priority. For your weapon, anything that boost Shroud damage for Shroud arrows is a good selection.

Below is a list of the best Ranger Build Armor and Weapons for Enshrouded:

Main Hand WeaponUnarmedBegone! Skill
ShieldTranscendental Screen10% Shock Resist
Range WeaponShadowbaneLife/Stam Leech
HeadEagle Eye Helmet+13% Critical Chance
Upper BodyRadiant Paladin Chest+48 Stamina & Health
ArmsEagle Eye Helmet+6 Ranged Damage
Lower BodyRadiant Paladin Legs+4 Stamina Regen
FeetEagle Eye Feet+3 Stamina Regen
Ring 1Ring of the Ancients+1 all Attributes
Ring 2Ring of Endless LifeLife Leech
Best Ranger Armor and Weapons for Enshrouded
  • Shadowbane – Found in a random chest, level dependent on where you find it. In your bow selection, you want a high critical chance, critical damage, and shroud damage for Shroud arrows.
  • Transcendental Screen – A basic shield that gives resistance. Your shield choice is high parry and poison resistance, if possible.
  • Eagle Eye Helmet – Unique dropped set from the chest in Kindlewastes area. You can swap in craftable level 23 gear with almost the same quality.
  • Radiant Paladin Armor – Unique dropped set from the chest in Kindlewastes area. You can swap in craftable level 23 gear with almost the same quality. Take Radiant because it gives a larger health pool, and chest/legs from other sets don’t do much for you.
  • Ring of the Ancients – Gives +1 attributes which increases damage and is rare for rings. Found in a random chest.
  • Ring of Endless Life – random loot drop in high levels.
Alternative Gear Sets

If you are not at the end game, use the Hunter Craftsperson to craft gear throughout your journey until the end game. Here’s what we recommend based on your level:

  • Level 5 Fur Armor Set (Blacksmith) – A basic form of protection. Materials needed to craft are torn cloth, animal fur, string, and metal scraps.
  • Level 8 Scout Set (Hunter) – First set with ranged damage bonuses. Materials needed to craft are String, Dried Fur, Bones, and Resin.
  • Level 13 Ranger Set (Hunter) – High damage set emphasizing ranged damage. Materials needed to craft Linen, Dried Fur, Bones, Copper Bar, Charcoal, and Amber.
    • Archer: this set will be found through Revelwood chest none craftable unique. This is also a good armor set.
  • Level 18 Hunter Set (Hunter) – Upgraded range bow user damage set. Materials needed to craft Fossilized Bone Dust, Leather, Resin, Mint Mushroom Meat, Leather, Resin, Amber, and Linen.
    • Fowler: unique set found in mid-game areas with a chest.
  • Level 23 Deadeye or Deerstalker (Hunter) – Both sets are balanced for range damage. Materials needed to craft Padding, Yellow Fabric, Scales, Lapislazuli, and Leather.
    • Hawk: unique set found in end-game areas with chest.

Best Ranger Consumables

Ranger Consumables for Enshrouded Game

The best Ranger consumables and food effects for Enshrouded are listed below:

  • Meat Wrap: +5 Constitution and +1 Intelligence.
  • Boiled Eggs: +3 Stamina Recharge, +3 Health Regeneration, +2 Mana Recharge.
  • Stir-Fried Vegetables: +5 Dexterity.
  • Glow Soup: +5 Intelligence, +60 Shroud Protection.

You gain one additional food slot with the skill Dessert Stomach. This is critical for the build, which relies heavily on Dexterity and intelligence attributes.


How to Heal in Enshrouded

In addition, make sure to carry berries (blueberries or strawberries) for health regeneration, water for stamina regeneration, and bandages for healing. As you advance, you can unlock the Alchemist and craft healing potions. This will help you early with survival, then optimize for damage with consumables. At the end game with the Ranger, you want to have four consumable buffs simultaneously. Boiled eggs provide a lot of passive health regeneration, and potions can be used when a burst is needed to heal.

Patch #4 Combat Changes for Enshrouded

Patch #4 introduces the Blackmire area with new quests and a crucial addition: the dual-wield weapon type, featuring new legendary gear, mysteries, enemies, and decorative items for your house. The update also includes fresh skills and numerous revisions to existing skill trees and playstyles. Here are the Top 5 Combat Changes in Enshrouded Patch #4:

  1. Dual-Wielded Daggers: New dexterity-based melee combat weapon.
  2. Mage Class:
    • New Skill: Eternal Spark (20% chance to prevent durability loss).
    • Water Aura: Reworked as a non-stackable buff.
    • Unity Skill: Buffed (mana regeneration increased to 4%).
    • Blood Magic Exploit Fix: Introduced a 120-second cooldown to prevent infinite mana.
  3. Warrior Class:
    • New Skills: Opportunity (enhances Merciless Strike and Sneak Attack) and Finesse (reduces durability loss).
    • Two-Handed Weapons: Improved mechanics with varied attack chains and better parrying.
    • Merciless Strike: Increased base damage (+500%).
  4. Ranger Class:
    • Daggers: Now available as loot, scaling with dexterity.
    • Dagger Master: Increases dagger damage by 15%.
    • Magic Arrow: Consumes Mana, dealing slightly less damage than regular arrows.
    • Explosive Arrows: Now found in Revelwood, with reduced crafting costs.
  5. Multi Shot Skill Upgrades:
    • New Skill: Multi Shot Trigger (all arrows, including special ones, can activate Multi Shot).
    • New Skill: Multi Shot Spread (25% chance to create an additional projectile).

This update enriches the game with new content, weapon types, and significant combat and skill adjustments.

Best Enshrouded Ranger Build Summary

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

Secondary Attribute: Intelligence

Ranger Skills 1-10

  • Double Jump
  • Sharpshooter
  • Multi Shot
  • Ranger
  • Blink

Skills 11-20

  • Water Aura
  • Shell Shocked
  • Richochets

Best Skills 20-25

  • Chain Reaction
  • Multi Shot Spread, Multi Shot Trigger

Weapons, Armor, and Gear

  • Main Hand Weapon: Unarmed
  • Shield: Transcendental Screen
  • Range Weapon: Shadowbane
  • Head: Eagle Eye Helmet
  • Upper Body: Radiant Paladin Armor
  • Arms: Eagle Eye Helmet
  • Lower Body: Radiant Paladin Armor
  • Feet: Eye Helmet
  • Ring 1: Ring of the Ancients
  • Ring 2: Ring of Endless Life

Best Ranger Consumables

  • Meat Wrap
  • Boiled Eggs
  • Stir-Fried Vegetables
  • Glow Soup

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