Finish the Masterwork Weapon: Baldur’s Gate 3 Quest Guide

Finish the Masterwork Weapon is a must-complete Act 1 quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 for a powerful weapon upgrade.

Finish the Masterwork Weapon: Baldur's Gate 3 Quest Guide

Finish the Masterwork Weapon is an Act 1 Baldur’s Gate 3 quest that gives you a great weapon upgrade that silences enemies. While you can start the quest almost immediately, you have to journey into the Underdark to complete it, meaning you’ll need to be able to handle multiple level 4 enemies before you can finish the quest.

Starting the Masterwork Weapon Quest

To start the Masterwork Weapon quest, you should travel to the Blighted Village and enter the house directly to your right.

Starting the Masterwork Weapon Quest

First, you need to interact with Highcliff’s Journal on your left from the entryway. This will start the quest, “Finish the Masterwork Weapon,” allowing you to create a powerful weapon midway through Act 1. If you can’t see the item in the entryway, holding down Alt will show items you can pick up around you.

BG3 Highcliff's Journal

From here, you should walk further into the house into the room with the large web over the center of the floor. Again, holding down Alt will show an Old Key on the ground next to the hole. To enter the hidden room under the house, you’ll need to light the webs on fire in the center of the room. This will allow you to jump down the hole and find the forge.

Masterwork Weapon Cellar Entrance

If you don’t have a burn spell, you can also use a torch on the webs to burn them.

Once you enter the hidden workshop under the house, you’ll have a perception check to reveal the booby trap on the wooden chest. Disarming the trap requires a Sleight of Hand check of 10. Opening the chest reveals Highcliff’s blueprints, claiming you need Sussur Bark to make the weapon. To find Sussur Bark, you’ll have to journey to the Underdark.

Finding the Underdark in BG3

Lucky for you, one of the entrances to the Underdark is nearby.

BG3 Blighted Village Well

At the center of the Blighted Village is a well, which isn’t a well at all.

Climbing down the well will reveal an entire catacomb with spider webs and large caverns. You’ll have to fight many spiders and other enemies in these caverns before reaching the Phase Spider Matriarch. While you could technically sneak past the spiders and jump into the hole, this should be a very easy fight for your team if you’re ready for the Underdark.

Dark Amethyst BG3

Make sure you pick up the Dark Amethyst on the ground at the edge of the hole. This is an item you either already need or will need later for the Necromancy of Thay tome, so it’s a good idea to go ahead and grab it. Doing so will give you another Blighted Village quest to pursue, alongside Finish the Masterwork Weapon.

Before you jump, make sure you cast Feather Fall or use a Feather Fall scroll, or your entire party will tumble to its death. Feather Fall allows you to safely descend into the Underdark without dying from the fall damage.

Feather Fall Baldur's Gate 3

Navigating the Underdark

When you land in the Underdark, you’ll want to make your way to the Sussur Tree. You also don’t need to worry about getting back as there is a waypoint at the tree that takes you right back into the Blighted Village.

Susser Tree Map Masterwork Weapon

Travel west, avoiding as many enemies as possible if you’re a lower level. There are many level 4 enemies roaming around, including Minotaurs that will tear up your party.

Minotaurs are the most dangerous enemies you should find on your way to the Sussur Tree. To take them out as easily as possible, you should spread your party out before engaging. Minotaurs like to jump into the middle of your party and use hard-hitting melee attacks and gap-closers.

Minotaur Attack BG3 Underdark

Finding the Sussur Tree

Once you make your way to the Sussur Tree, you’ll start seeing many Hook Horrors, more powerful level 4 enemies. The easiest way we were able to deal with them was by sneaking up on them. This allows you to take them out one enemy at a time. Hook Horrors will start to call for backup, bringing more enemies into the battle if you don’t kill them fast enough. To avoid this, take them out as fast as you can.

By climbing up the roots of the tree, you’ll be able to peel away some bark from the trunk.

Susser Bark to Finish the Masterwork Weapon

Make sure you grab the Sussur Tree Bark, not the Sussur Blooms covering the tree. You can press Alt to make sure you’re traveling up to an area with Sussur Bark on it. The bark is used to finish the masterwork weapon, while the blooms will lose their power as soon as you leave the Underdark.

Next to the Sussur Tree is another NPC you should fight, Filro the Forgotten. While he doesn’t give you the chance to speak with him, he is easy to kill if you take him by surprise. From the journals looted from him, you’ll learn about the Adamantine Forge, another great area of the Underdark to explore.

Crafting the Finished Masterwork Weapon

Using the Ancient Sigil Circle to return to the Blighted Village, you can now finish the masterwork weapon.

Go back to the house where you originally found the journal and enter into the basement where the forge is. You can interact with the furnace to light the fire, and then use the bellows to stoke the fire. Once the forge is lit, you can open the combine menu.

Masterwork Weapon Forge Combine

Add your Sussur Bark to the forge, and the flames will turn a pale blue color. If you open the combine menu again, you can add either a common greatsword, dagger, or sickle to the forge to finish the masterwork weapon, completing the quest. Whichever weapon you choose will add a +1 weapon enhancement and give it the ability to silence on hit.

BG3 Susser Dagger

Best Uses for the Sussur Weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3

While you could use the Sussur weapon yourself, you might want to place it on a companion who is suited for it.

If you choose to make the Sussur Dagger, you can use it as an early game build for Astarion. Astarion is very powerful in the early game as a stealthy rogue, using sneak to surprise enemies. By equipping him with the Sussur Dagger, you give him the ability to strike hard without receiving an immediate counter-attack from his opponent.

You could also use the Susser Greatsword for your Lae’zel build. With Lae’zel’s ability to strike multiple times, she could utilize the Susser Greatsword very well, silencing multiple targets early in the fight.

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