Baldur’s Gate 3: Sorcerous Sundries Vault Guide

Discover a guide to the secrets and treasures of the Sorcerous Sundries Vault, located within the Sundries in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3).

BG3 Sorcerous Sundries Vault Guide

Sorcerous Sundries stands as a sizable magical marketplace in the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate during Act 3. Found southeast of the Lower City Central Wall waypoint, this enchanting locale is overseen by the wizard Lorroakan and boasts a vault housing potent magical texts. The Sorcerer Vault, located beneath the Sundries contains important quests, items, and loot used in Gale’s personal quest and permanent bonuses. This guide will walk you through how to find, unlock, and explore the vault.

Sorcerous Sundries Vault Guide in Baldur’s Gate 3

Markoheshkir in Sorcerer’s Sundries Baldur’s Gate 3 - Map Location

To locate the Sorcerer Sundries Vault, you need to first reach Act 3, and move into Upper Baldur’s Gate by moving north from Rivington, and past the Wyrm’s Crossing. Move southwest from the basilisk gate, and locate the sprawling Sorcerer Sundries marketplace within the heart of the city. Before we show you the vault, the Sorcerous Sundries area contains many important quests, NPC, and items:

Tolna Tome-Monger

BG3 Tolna Tome-Monger

Before you attempt to access the vault, purchase items from the vendor and talk with NPC Tolna Tome-Monger with Gale in your party. With a persuasion check of 18, she will reveal that two important books are inside the vault, in addition, to a way to access the vault. This will progress Gale’s quest to the Wizard of Waterdeep and open a second access point to the vault. Additionally, she sells powerful scrolls which are useful for learning new spells with any Wizard build.

How to Enter the Sorcerer Sundries Vault

BG3 How to Enter the Sorcerer Sundries Vault
Office Entrance

To enter the Sorcerer Sundries Vault, you will need to either enter the Ramazith’s Tower and jump down furniture, or unlock Tolna Tome-Monger’s office, and interact with a claspe book. Our preferred method of entry is Ramazith’s Tower because you can obtain the Legendary Markoheshkir Quarterstaff and the Cloak of the Weave and still enter the vault.

To enter via the office, after speaking with Tolna Tome-Monger, travel to the second floor of the Sundries and turn left. Here you will see a locked door (Trespassing). You can use an invisibility potion, scroll, or fog cloud to unlock the door with a 15 DC check. Once inside, press your left alt key to reveal a clasped book. Interact with the object, and a portal will open up to the room giving you a quick entrance. However, our guide suggests using the second method which involves entering the Ramazith’s Tower to access the Sorcerous Sundries in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Enter the Ramazith’s Tower

Baldur's Gate 3 - Pick the correct Portal to Reach Ramazith's Tower Arcane Barrier Puzzle
Ramazith’s Tower Entrance

To enter Ramazith’s Tower, enter the Sorcerer Sundries, move up the stairs, and speak with Lorroakan projection. The projection will trigger four portals. Select the blue one on the far left to be transported to Ramazith’s Tower, where you’ll encounter Lorroakan, a formidable wizard in pursuit of Nightsong. Engaging in dialogue with Lorroakan is crucial for progressing through the Nightsong questline, so exercise caution and weigh your choices thoughtfully during the conversation.

Next, travel to the left of the blue portal you entered and locate glowing blue furniture. This is used to jump down one level to another floor with “weave buttons.” Below is a list of what the weave buttons do in Ramazith’s Tower in BG3:

  • Below (Northwest) – teleports you to the bottom floor for Markoheshkir Quarterstaff and Cloak of the Weave.
  • Cleanup (West) – activates Cloudkill traps.
  • Security (Northeast) – activates Arcane Cannons.
  • Vault (Southeast) – teleports characters to the Sorcerous Vault.
  • Artillery (Outer ring) – fires a fireball off the top of the tower.
BG3 Weave Button

For the sake of this Sorcerous Sundries Vault guide, we will be focused on selecting the Vault Weave Button. However, we suggest using the Below weave button first and following our Markoheshkir Quarterstaff to grab the two items and come back before going to the vault.

Sorcerous Sundries Vaults

BG3 The Red Knight's Final Stratagem

The entrance via Ramazith’s Tower grants access to a hidden back room with two gilded chests and a locked display case. The locked display case contains the book, The Red Knight’s Final Stratagem. Once read, this book will reward you with a unique spell scroll called Scroll of Artistry of War. Like all scrolls, this is a one-time use item, BUT, you can have Gale or another Wizard learn the scroll to permanently unlock its potential.

BG3 Wizard Learns Scroll of Artistry of War

Artistry of War: Summon the apparitions of 6 master strategists. Each apparition strikes a target of your choosing, dealing 2d6 + 6 Force damage (for a total of 12d6 + 36 Force). This spell is particularly helpful for defeating Raphael in the House of Hope and obtaining the best items in the game like Helldusk Armour. Next, move south on the map, and hit the lever to reveal the office entrance of the Vaults with a large blue portal.  In the corridor between, you can unlock two wooden chests for more loot. Continue one more room and hallway to the puzzle section of the vaults.

BG3 Sorcerous Sundries Vaults

Restricted Area – Sorcerous Sundries Vaults

BG3 Restricted Area Room 1

The premise behind the restricted area is to flip two levers to access treasure vaults. The two treasure vaults are Elminster and Karsus. The simplest method is to unlock Elminster first, then Karsus. The first area shown in the picture above requires you to go through the Silverhand door, then others to unlock the vault levers.

How to Unlock Elminster Vault

BG3 How to Unlock Elminster Vault

The Elminister Vault can be opened via a lever in the Wish room within the Restricted section of Sorcerer Sundries Vault. Before you venture out, consume an Elixir of Invisibility or cast it on your primary trap disarm character. Be prepared for many traps and having someone with expertise in Perception can be helpful. To unlock the Elminster Vault, follow the steps below:

  1. Move South through the Silverhand door
  2. Next, move East through the Evocation door
  3. Now, behind you the Wish door
  4. Flip the switch, to unlock the vault at the beginning of the restricted area
  5. Exit the Wish room, and enter the Invulnerability door to return to start
  6. Enter Elminster Vault and collect the loot
BG3 The Tharchiate Codex

The most important piece of loot from this area is the Tharchiate Codex. This is used to unlock the full potential of the Necromancy Thay book and gain a permanent bonus. However, be careful if you read it, it will curse you and reduce your constitution by 5. For now, grab the book and stow it.

Additionally, there is an additional hidden room where you can unlock and obtain the Hellfire Axe. Move through Silverhand and the first room, before Evocation, and move towards the “illusion” door with a lever. Detect it and damage it with a bow. It will break open, revealing a secret room with the Hellfire Axe!

BG3 Illusion Door

How to Unlock Karsus Vault

BG3 How to Unlock Karsus Vault

The Karsus Vault can be opened via a lever in the Silver room within the Restricted section of Sorcerer Sundries Vault. To unlock the Karsus Vault, follow the steps below:

  1. Move South through the Silverhand door
  2. Now, move west to the Abjuration door
  3. Next, move North behind you through the Silver door
  4. Flip the switch, to unlock the Karsus vault at the beginning of the restricted area
  5. Exit the Silver room, and enter the Wild door to return to start
BG3 the Annals of Karsus

The most important piece of loot from this area is the Annals of Karsus. Reading this rewards you with another powerful spell, Dethrone. Dethrone is a level 5 Necromancy spell that deals 30~80 Necrotic damage. Like previous spell scrolls, you can give this to Gale or another Wizard and learn permanently with gold. However, there is one more hidden room near the start of the Sorcerous Sundries Vaults, so let us guide you through that step in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Hidden Library Room

BG3 Hidden Library

To access the Hidden Library room with Sorcerers Sundries Vault, move through the wall at coordinates X: 359 and Y: 1010. Here you will find some scrolls, Correspondence, Q Query from DeHurst, a Dairy of a Mage, and Caution Before the Seelie. The most important of these is Caution Before the Seelie. Reading the book gives you access to Scroll of Bestial Communion. Learn this spell with a Wizard or Gale to gain a powerful summoning spell to add to your arsenal! That concludes the Sorcerous Sundries Vault Guide in Baldur’s Gate 3. Use the blue portal in the center to return to Ramazith’s Tower and continue your adventure.

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