Best Throne and Liberty Staff Build

Unlock the ultimate power in Throne and Liberty with our guide to crafting the best Staff build, explaining gear, stat points, and rotation.

Staff Build in Throne and Liberty MMORPG

This guide has been created based on early access to the NA/EU Server and playtesting in Korea and will be updated throughout the Throne and Liberty launch.

Staff Build Introduction

The Staff build in Throne and Liberty focus on elemental debuffs and massive area based damage. What makes the Staff unquie is, you are reward for attacking enemies who are burning, wet, or frozen, and most of your skills give powerful secondary effects. Therefore, you must constantly apply and take advantage of these debuffs and status effects. We selected a Tome for the off-hand weapon because it haves weaken curse and additional healing vital for survivability. The overall strenght of the staff build is area damage though expect weaker survivability than others.

In Throne and Liberty, skills are abilities you can use and change depending on your equipped weapons.  Unlike other MMORPGs, your weapon choices determine your skills and build.  You can swap weapons and gain a new set of skills that you learn throughout the leveling process.  Moreover, skills come in three forms: active, passive, and defensive.  Below we walk you through how to setup a staff build in Throne and Liberty and alternative selection choices.

Staff ProsStaff Cons
Area Damage (AOE)Weak Mobility
Fast LevelingLacks Single Target
Easy to Play Lower Survivability

Features and Mechanics for the Best Staff Build in Throne and Liberty

Staff Weapon in Throne and Liberty MMORPG

The following list presents all the essential Staff Build Features and Mechanics in Throne and Liberty:

  • Main Hand Weapon – Staff
  • Off-Hand Weapon – Wand
  • Stat Points
    • Strength: 10
    • Dexterity: 30
    • Wisdom: 19
    • Perception: 30
  • Best Active Skills – High Locus, Swift Healing, Curse Explosion, Judgment Lighting
  • Best Passive Skills – Manaball Eruption, Wraith’s Beckon, Asceticism
  • Defensive Skill – Mystic Shield
  • Guardian – Lady Knight Kamarshea

Weapons Choice

The Main Hand weapon for this build is Staff due to its rare area-based power. The staff has great AOE damage and status effects. You can also play at range and keep your mana sustain high while standing still. However, you are susceptible to melee pressure and need to rely on crowd control and snares to avoid damage dealers.

The Off-hand weapon for this Staff build is the Tome. The strength of the Tome is off-healing yourself and allies, which is vital when using a Staff. Additionally, you can do good area damage using the curse status effect with a tome, then exploding enemies and shielding allies. This allows you to easily clear waves of mobs and is helpful for general gameplay.

If you struggle with survivability, Sword and Shield on Off-hand is a secondary choice. You can get more crowd-control skills and defensive buffs. If you feel super slow, try to Crossbow. Swap to a Longbow on the back bar if you want more single targets.

Stat Points

Best Throne and Liberty Staff Build Stat Points

The best stat points for the Staff build are 10 Strength, 30 Dexterity, 19 Wisdom, and 30 Perception. Dexterity is most important due to the increase in flat bonus damage, while perception is the second most important stat for accuracy and damage. Lastly, Wisdom is helpful for mana regeneration and evasion.

Below is the best recommended Stat Point:

  • 10 Strength – increase defense, max health, max damage, and minimum damage.  Spend 30 points to gain damage reduction.
  • 30 Dexterity – affects critical attacks, evasion, and maximum damage.  Spend 30 points to gain bonus damage.
  • 19 Wisdom – determines maximum mana, mana regeneration, skill cooldown, and maximum damage.  Spend 30 points to gain increased debuff duration.
  • 30 Perception – affects accuracy, crowd control effects, time boost ability, maximum damage, and minimum damage.

In Throne and Liberty, stat points are earned while leveling and increasing your effectiveness.  After you increase a specific stat to a level, you may be required to spend more stat points to increase it.  Additionally, you will receive an additional achievement effect when stat points reach a specific value. 

Active Skills

Best Throne and Liberty Staff Build Active Skills

Below is a list of the best active skills for the Staff Build in Throne and Liberty:

  1. Chain Lightning (Staff) – lower cooldown AOE skill, which you want to apply frosted/wet/burning first with other elements for more damage.
  2. Inferno Wave (Staff) – large fire-based damage at an 11-meter range if enemies are hit with heavy attacks. Can also apply stacks of weakening burning.
  3. High Locus (Staff) – lowers cooldowns of skills, which should be used for an opening rotation.
  4. Frost Smokescreen (Staff) – mobility skill that also debuffs targets by weakening and lowering movement speed in a 4-meter area.
  5. Judgment Lightning (Staff) – hitting a wet enemy does massive damage, and you can apply to burn.
  6. Inner Peace (Staff) – this mana skill increases regeneration, but you must stay stationary.
  7. Icebound Tomb (Staff) – high chance to stun or freeze a target in place, allowing you to stun lock a melee or high damage dealer.
  8. Touch of Despair (Wand) – lower cooldown applies to weaken curse and damage over time meant to build up stacks.
  9. Curse Explosion (Wand) – used as a combo when applying a weakened curse or burning stacks for a large explosion.
  10. Swift Healing (Wand) – your healing and survivability tool that can be used twice a row once upgraded.
  11. Clay’s Salvation (Wand) – AOE healing to you and all party members can be flexed out for Ice Spear if your survivability is high.
  12. Blessed Barrier (Wand) – powerful defensive buff to activate before healing, can be flexed out for Corrupted Magic Circle if survivability is high.

The active skill systems in Throne and Liberty are skills that grant immediate effects when used. Moreover, this skill system uses a roughly one-second global cooldown, and more powerful skills have a longer cooldown. Each weapon has an “auto-attack,” meaning you attack once, and the game will automatically re-attack after the one-second global cooldown. Each time you activate a skill on your bar, the cooldown time will display in text, thus giving you an indication of when it will likely be ready to use. Some skills require a target and might be greyed out unless aiming or tab targeting an enemy.

Passive Skills

Best Throne and Liberty Staff Build Passive Skills

Below is a list of the best passive skills for the Staff Build in Throne and Liberty:

  1. Manaball Eruption (Staff) – triggers additional projectiles randomly and applies to burn.
  2. Mana Amp (Staff) – passive boost to max health and mana.
  3. Flame Condensation (Staff) – increases burning damage.
  4. Asceticism (Staff) – increase mana regeneration and this is aided by staying still.
  5. Forbidden Sanctuary (Staff) – lowers mana cost efficiency and increase skill damage.
  6. Wraith’s Beckon (Wand) – helps curse chance and duration of curses.
  7. Vampiric Contract (Wand) – heals friendly targets when you damage an enemy with a curse.
  8. Devotion and Emptiness (Wand) – helps with skill power depending on day or night.

Passive skills are only activated when equipped in the passive quick slot in the skills menu. These are designed to enhance your build with more damage, healing, resource sustain, and survivability. Like active skills, your weapon must be equipped on your main or off-hand for the passives to apply. You will increase your passive skills through the leveling process and be able to equip up to eight from the two weapons you have equipped.

Defense Skills

Landing a Perfect Fury Attack Example in Throne and Liberty MMORPG

Mystic Shield is the best defense skill for staff build because you can regenerate mana on defense and deal with increased damage against burning, wet, or frosted targets. The Secondary choice is Chaotic Shield because it lowers curse skill cooldowns.

Below is a list of the best passive skills for the Staff Build in Throne and Liberty:

  1. Mystic Shield (Staff) – regenerates mana and does additional damage to status effect enemies.
  2. Chaotic Shield (Wand) – good if you want to consistently lower curse cooldowns.

Defensive skills are skills that allow you to defend against attacks. Enemies will have a “Fury Attack,” a purple circle drawing down to a central point. You can defend against the Furty Attack by using your defensive skill at the precious moment for a perfect defense. Each weapon has its defensive skill, which consumes stamina instead of mana, shown on the left of your User Interface when used. Special effects occur when you successfully defend against a Furty Attack; timing is vital for maximizing your build’s potential.


A Staff build aims to trigger status effects like burning, wet, frost, and curse with a Wand. Once your status effects have been applied, most skills gain an additional damage effect or bonus; therefore, “chaining” them together is ideal for the best result.

  • Burning – you can burn a target with a light or heavy attack (percentage chance) then follow up with Inferno Wave or Judgement Lighting.
  • Frosted – Use an icebound tomb or Frost Smokescreen to freeze the target or apply a weakening, then follow up with Chain Lighting.
  • Curse – stack up to three times once upgraded with Touch of Despair then combo with Curse Explosion.
  • Opener – use High Locus to lower cooldown, heavy attack to trigger burning, the touch of despair to curse, then depending on the status effect combo it. If burning, use above combo, if you want to curse, continue to build up to three stacks then Curse Explosion.
  • Survival – in high-pressure situations, use Blessed Barrier buff first, then Swifting Healing twice if leveled, followed by Clay’s Salvation. For mobility, use Frost Smokescreen and crowd control with Icebound Tomb.

in Throne and Liberty, your rotation is a series of priority skills to use “off cooldown.” Most of the gameplay revolves around an opening sequence, followed by subsequent priority usage of abilities that produce the most damage, heal, or buff. Your goal is always to stay alive and follow our rotation as the situation permits. If you get off track, continue to do some damage, even if it’s an auto attack, to keep your “time on target” high.

Skill Upgrade Progression 

Best Throne and Liberty Staff Build Skill Progression

The most important skills to upgrade are Swift Healing, Touch of Despair, and Curse Explosion. Swift healing at a rare level gives two consecutive uses of healing, which helps survivability. Touch of Despair upgraded to rare allows for an additional stack of curses, thus more damage. Lastly, Curse Explosion upgraded and applied a health shield per stack to friendly targets.

Below are the most important skills to upgrade in Throne and Liberty using the Staff build:

  • Swift Healing uncommon to rare
  • Touch of Despair uncommon to rare
  • Curse Explosion uncommon to rare
  • Chain Lighting uncommon to rare
  • Chain Lighting rare to epic
  • Curse Explosion rare to epic
  • Touch of Despair rare to epic
  • Swift Healing rare to epic

Upgrading Skills in Throne and Liberty is a long process requiring crafting materials but increases the effectiveness of your skills. Moreover, you can increase your skill after reaching level five to gain a rare or epic bonus. These bonuses significantly impact the effectiveness of your skills, but you’ll only have so many materials, thus requiring a priority in skill progression.

Weapon Mastery

Best Throne and Liberty Staff Build Mastery
Best Throne and Liberty Staff Build Wand Mastery

Destroy staff weapon mastery and damage tome master are the most important selections for a Staff build. The Destroy staff mastery tree increases base damage and cooldown speed. Long cooldowns are the worst part of the staff, and this dramatically helps lower the wait time. Second, the Tome damage tree also increases cooldown and base damage.

Below are the best weapon mastery selections in Throne and Liberty using the Staff build:

  • Staff – take 9 points into Destroy to gain Strang Spacetime lower cooldowns, then switch to mana for sustain.
  • Wand – take 9 points into Damage to gain Greedy Need to lower cooldowns, then swap to Weaken for better status effects.

Weapon Mastery is a system that gives you experience for your weapon that is equipped proportional to the experience earned.  Thus, at the start of the game, Weapon Mastery points are limited, but you will start earning more as your experience per kill and quest increase with level and zones.  Your main hand weapon gains increased weapon mastery, while off-hand still gains some, just not as much. 

Each weapon mastery tree will have three areas of emphasis that you will want to select based on your build.  These include increased damage, debuffs, buff, healing, and survival.  You can reset these for a price, though it can be expensive and time-consuming, so picking the right weapon mastery tree becomes essential.


Eternal Barrier (Lady Knight Kamarshea) Throne and Liberty Best Guardian

The best Guardian for the Staff build is Lady Knight Kamarshea because of the Eternal Barrier skill that creates a 50% max mana shield and speeds up your cooldowns. If you have enough survivability, look to Masked Warlock Dantalux and the skill Abyssal Sanctuary for increased burst damage.

The best Guardian for the Staff and Tome Build is the following:

  1. Eternal Barrier (Lady Knight Kamarshea) – a defensive shield that helps survivability.
  2. Masked Warlock Dantalux (Abyssal Sanctuary) – an offensive ability that increases bonus damage when consuming mana to use a skill.

Guardians act as a short-term ultimate or super ability with powerful effects and a long cooldown.  Ideally, you want to select a Guardian that either enhances a strength or covers up a weakness.  You obtain Guardians after level 25 and completing Chapter 25. From that point, you can find how to obtain additional Guardians to enhance your Staff Build further. Moreover, these skills can only be used infrequently, as in 10 minutes, so save them for critical situations.

Best Weapons, Armor, and Accessories

Equipment such as weapons, armor, and accessories can be found throughout Throne and Liberty questing or combat.  However, crafting specific equipment that grants bonuses to your build will be the most effective way to increase your power.  There are no light, medium, or heavy proficiency requirements, but specific equipment grants unique bonuses suited to a longbow or tome user, not a Greatsword wielder. 

Therefore, it’s important that you craft the correct equipment early in Throne and Liberty.  Then, you can upgrade to higher quality throughout your playthrough and end at the max level of 50 with a properly balanced set of gear specifically designed for your Staff build.

Beginner: Leveling Equipment

Below are the best Staff beginner Weapons, Armor, and Accessories in Throne and Liberty:

Gear SlotBest Gear ItemEffect
Main Hand WeaponShaman’s StaffHeavy Attack Chance
Off Hand WeaponShaman’s WandHeavy Attack Chance
HeadWitch’s Cloth HatMana Regen
CloakShaman’s CloakDebuff Duration
ChestWitch’s Incantation GarbMax Mana
HandsWitch’s Incantation GlovesMana Regen
LegsWtich’s Linen PantsMax Mana
FeetWitch’s Incantation BootsMax Health
NecklaceCrude Stone NecklaceWeaken Chance
Bracelet Crude Conquest BraceletMax Health
Ring 1Crude Wind BandMax Health
Ring 2Crude Wind BandMax Health
BeltCrude Energy BeltMana Regen

End-Game: Best in Slot Equipment

Below are the best Staff end-game Weapons, Armor, and Accessories in Throne and Liberty:

Gear SlotBest Gear ItemEffect
Main Hand WeaponToublek’s Thunderous SoulSpecial Effect
Off Hand WeaponLequirus’s GripSpecial Effect
HeadBreath of Mother Nature HatCooldown Speed
CloakArchpriest’s DevotionMax Mana
ChestTranscendental Saint RaimentMax Health
HandsTouch of Mother Nature GlovesAttack Speed
LegsMysteries of Mother Nature PantsMax Health
FeetResonance of Mother Nature BootsSet Bonus
NecklaceHoly Warrior’s ChokerSkill Damage
Bracelet Beast King’s Gilded BracersMax Health
Ring 1Eternal Ring of DimensionSkill Damage
Ring 2Insightful Ring of DimensionSkill Damage
BeltDuke Magna’s BeltMax Health

Gameplay, Tips, and Tricks for Throne and Liberty Best Staff Build

Below are 10 Gameplay Tips and Tricks for the Staff build in Throne and Liberty:

  1. Survival – Buff with Blessed Barrier, heal with Swift Healing, mobility with Frost Smokescreen.
  2. Movement – Frost Smokescreen creates distance and slows enemies and crowd control in Icebound Tomb.
  3. Damage – apply status effects like a curse and burning, then follow up with chain lighting or curse explosion.
  4. Food – use food that increases critical and boss critical hits when in solo or co-op dungeons.
  5. Healing – use recovery crystals with Swift Healing, Clay’s Salvation, and World Tree Leaf.
  6. Debuff – Touch of Despair and Heavy Attacks are your main sources of debuffs.
  7. Guardian – save your Guardian for when you have no other options in terms of survival, and pop for a big shield.
  8. Rotation – debuff, explode, repeat.
  9. Remedy – use these consumables at the start of the fight once the boss is marked and bound for big burst damage.
  10. Weapon Flex – Sword and shield for higher survivability.

Consumables, Stellarite, Remedy, and Food

In Throne and Liberty, consumables play an important part in your build’s overall power. One-time use items like Stellarite and World Tree Leaf add damage or healing to the player. These items should always be stocked up and used throughout leveling and boss fights. Moreover, food and Remedy make a difference in challenging encounters.

The following list represents the best individual use consumable items that will aid in the Best Staff Build in Throne and Liberty:

  • Stellarite – adds 10% of weapon damage consumed on every attack.  Stock up at Sundries Merchant before adventuring, as the passive boost in damage is significant. 
  • World Tree Leaf – enables Amitoi to heal the player passively every 6 seconds.  World Tree Leafs are consumed per each heal.  Purchase these at Sundries Merchant and keep 1,000+ on you at all times.
  • Recovery Crystal – instantly restoring 750 of your health with a one-minute cooldown.  These come in a variety of forms, with more powerful versions.  You should combine this healing with any skill-based healing and be aware of the long one-minute cooldown.   
  • Attack Remedy – increase damage delt by 20% for 15 seconds with a two-minute cooldown.
  • Defense Remedy – reduces damage taken by 20% for 15 seconds with a two-minute cooldown. 
  • Aroma Pie – increases all hits and all critical hits by 60 for 30 minutes. Useful when leveling and farming enemies without a lot of boss fights.
  • Rare Quarba Sandwich – increase boss hit and boss critical hit by 90 for 30 minutes.  Specific to boss encounters in dungeons, towers, and event farming.
  • Salted Jerky – increase all defense by 120 for 30 minutes.  Useful when needing extra survivability at the expense of damage.

Build Summary – Throne and Liberty Best Staff Build

Weapon Choices

  • Main Hand – Staff
  • Off Hand – Tome

Stat Points

  • Strength – 10
  • Dexterity – 30
  • Wisdom – 19
  • Perception – 30

Weapon Master Staff

  1. Damage
  2. Mana

Weapon Master Tome

  1. Damage
  2. Weaken

Guardian – Lady Knight Kamarshea


  • Food – Aroma Pie
  • Remedy – Attack Remedy

Active Skills

  1. Chain Lightning (Staff)
  2. Inferno Wave (Staff)
  3. High Locus (Staff)
  4. Frost Smokescreen (Staff)
  5. Judgment Lightning (Staff)
  6. Inner Peace (Staff)
  7. Icebound Tomb (Staff)
  8. Touch of Despair (Wand)
  9. Curse Explosion (Wand)
  10. Swift Healing (Wand)
  11. Clay’s Salvation (Wand)
  12. Blessed Barrier (Wand)

Passive Skills

  1. Manaball Eruption (Staff)
  2. Mana Amp (Staff)
  3. Flame Condensation (Staff)
  4. Asceticism (Staff)
  5. Forbidden Sanctuary (Staff)
  6. Wraith’s Beckon (Wand)
  7. Vampiric Contract (Wand)
  8. Devotion and Emptiness (Wand)

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