Best Enshrouded Warrior Build

Discover how to create the best Enshrouded Warrior Build, with a guide on the best weapons, skills, consumables, armor, and more!

Warrior Build for Enshrouded Game

This build was created during Early Access of Enshrouded, updated for Patch 1 with the max level of 25, and will be updated upon full release.

Warrior Build Guide

The Warrior build in Enshrouded is a marital weapon damage dealer that focuses on damage from multiple weapon types. What makes the Warrior unique is that it can be effective with one hand and shield, two-handed weapons, or a ranged bow. This gives the build a versatile approach to destroying enemies while retaining the tough, rugged, and brutal damage dealer.

Before progressing with our Best Enshrouded Warrior Build, your character creation will not impact gameplay. There are no racial passives, ability scores, or attributes to consider. Thus, we advise you to select a character whose appearance resonates with you.

Warrior Build Features & Mechanics

Warrior Build Guide for Enshrouded Game

The following list presents all the features and mechanics for Enshrouded Warrior Build:

  • Primary Attribute: Strength
  • Secondary Attribute: Constitution
  • Primary Weapon: One-hand and Shield
  • Secondary Weapon: Two-handed mace
  • Best Armor: Soldier
  • Best Skills: Veteran, Swift Attack, Battle Heal, Ranger
  • Best Consumable: Meat Wrap, Open Sandwich, Fruit Bowl

Weapon Choices

Rotblood Mace in Enshrouded Game
Wildwood Shortbow in Enshrouded Game

The Warrior build in Enshrouded uses a one-handed melee mace and a bow for weapon choices. Below is a list of all the weapons we recommend using with this Warrior build, and when you should use them:

  • One-Hand and Shield – this combination is optimal for moderate damage but defensive capabilities. The weapons will swing fast, and you can block. However, you won’t have the maximum amount of damage that two-handed or bow possess. Use one hand and shield when you expect pressure or enemy incoming attacks.
  • Two-Handed Melee – chose this weapon when wanting to double jump or increase overall damage. You can use the double-jump combo and avoid incoming damage with dodge or blink. However, you won’t have the defensive capability when handling pressure so switch to a weapon with a shield.
  • Bow – the best overall damage at range when you sneak up on enemies from the rear to hit backstab. The best part of the bow is the damage can be high without a high investment in dexterity attributes. The downside is, that you won’t have a shield and require constant consumable arrows for optimal damage.
  • Unarmed – After you unlock the Begone skill, you can knock enemies back and stun them when unarmed. To do this, simply put a crafting material on one slot on your bar. Swap to that, which will still allow you to block with a shield, and punch to stun an enemy. This is a great crowd-control method with almost zero damage.


The best arrows for the Warriror build are Exploding arrows, Shroud arrows, and Stun arrows. Exploding arrows provide area burst fire damage useful for multi-target fights. Shroud arrows do damage over time, though are not effective in the shrouded areas. Stun arrows subdue enemies and allow you to do melee damage.

The Hunter Craftsperson unlocks the ability to craft arrows and special arrows. When you first start, Wooden Arrows are your best option which can be crafted in your manual crafting menu using Twigs. As you explore more areas, and unlock more metals and materials, the Hunter provides better arrows. These typically do more damage or add small amounts of poison damage.


healing on a critical strike with Barbarian in Enshrouded Game
Battle Heal

The Battle Heal skill is the best ability for surviving with the Warrior build. Battle heal skill rewards you for critical strikes, giving you healing based on your health pool. Thus, constitution and increasing it allows for greater healing within the need for potions or retreating. At max level, you can reach 20 constitution and 18 strength depending on your consumables, gear, and skills. Your overall health pool will be around 1400 or more, giving you a massive amount of health to aid in survival.

Unlike other builds like the Wizard or Ranger, you must continue to attack to trigger Battle Heal for high survivability. We select this skill early in the game, but you can expect a slow start until unlocked. We avoid taking the Merciless Attack skill because of its unreliability and delayed animation. Combine the melee battle heal with high health recovery and potions for great survivability.

Best Warrior Attributes & Combat Stats

Warrior Attributes and Stats for Enshrouded Game

The best attribute for a Warrior build is Strength because it increases melee damage by 5% per attribute point.  The secondary most important is the Constitution which gives you 50 health per attribute point.  Lastly, Dexterity will help increase range damage with the bow. However, you can gain a few skills in the Ranger tree that will drastically improve your overall bow damage without the need for high-skill point investment. Thus, we recommend the bulk of your skill points be invested into strength and constitution attributes.

Skill Selections

Best Warrior Skills in Enshrouded Game

In Enshrouded, you earn skill points from leveling and completing Elixir Wells. We have broken down the skill sections based on level range and listed the best skills to select at every level for this build. While your skill points totals may change depending on your overall level, and Elixir Well completions, save up skill points if you cannot afford one at your current level. Below is what our skill points were at various levels in Enshrouded:

  • Level 10 – 36 Skill Points
  • Level 20 – 72 Skill Points
  • Level 25 – 114 Skill Points

The maximum level in Enshrouded is 25, with some enemies in further regions being level 30. The general skill selections below are geared towards combat performance specifically, and we will list and explain the most critical of all the skills. Moreover, look to the utility skill section if you prefer more utility, crafting, and less combat emphasis. Lastly, you can always respec your skill points with Runes at the Flame Altar so feel free to experiment. However, we feel the below selections are the best overall for combat power and enjoyment for the best Warrior build in Enshrouded.

Level 1-10 Skills

Best Movement Skills in Enshrouded Game

Below is a list, in order, of the skills for the Best Warrior Build for Enshrouded from levels 1 to 10:

  • Strength (Athlete): Increases Melee damage by 5%.
  • Jump Attack (Athlete): Perform a jump attack that deals 50% more weapon damage in a small blast radius.
  • Double Jump (Survivor): Allows jumping a second time while airborne.
  • Jump Attack II (Survivor): Attacking from a double jump deals an additional 20% of weapon damage.
  • Strength (Athlete): Increases Melee damage by 5%.
  • Strength (Athlete): Increases Melee damage by 5%.
  • Constitution (Tank): Increases Health by 50.
  • Shiny Plates (Tank): Physical Armor gains 10% more armor points.
  • Evasion Attack (Tank): When equipped with a melee weapon, you can perform an evade attack, which dashes towards the enemy and deals more weapon damage with (LMB).
  • Battle Heal (Tank): When dealing critical damage with a melee weapon, you heal 5% of your maximum health.
  • Arcane Deflection (Battlemage): On a successful parry, gain 20 mana.
  • Blink (Healer): Replaces the Dodge Roll Ability With a Short Range teleport.
  • Emergency Blink (Tank): You can blink while being stunned. This will break the stunned state.
  • Constitution (Warrior): Increases Health by 50.
  • The Warrior’s Path (Warrior): When attacking with a melee weapon, the damage is increased by 10%.
  • Strength (Warrior): Increases Melee damage by 5%.
  • Strength (Warrior): Increases Melee damage by 5%.

Level 11-20 Skills

Swift Blade skill in Enshrouded Game

Below is a list, in order, of the skills for the Best Warrior Build for Enshrouded from levels 11 to 20:

  • Brute: (Warrior): All melee blunt damage is increased by an additional 10%.
  • Hammer Time: (Warrior): All melee blunt damage is increased by an additional 20%.
  • Veteran (Warrior): When attacking with a melee weapon, your critical hit chance is increased by 10%.
  • Swift Blade (Warrior): You can attack faster with one-handed swords and axes.
  • Constitution (Warrior): Increases Health by 50.
  • Strength (Warrior): Increases Melee damage by 5%.
  • Constitution (Warrior): Increases Health by 50.
  • Strength (Barbarian): Increases Melee damage by 5%.
  • Heavy Handed (Barbarian): An enemy’s stun bar is increased by an additional 20% when attacking into their block with a melee weapon.
  • Strength (Barbarian): Increases Melee damage by 5%.
  • Constitution (Barbarian): Increases Health by 50.
  • Relentless (Barbarian): Dealing critical damage with a two-handed weapon increases your critical chance by another 10% for the next hit.
  • Constitution (Barbarian): Increases Health by 50.
  • Heavy Specialization (Barbarian): Allows you to attack faster with two-handed hammers.
  • Barbarian (Barbarian): You will gain one strength level for every two levels of the flame.

Level 21-25 Skills

Blood Rage skill in Enshrouded Game

Below is a list, in order, of the skills for the Best Warrior Build for Enshrouded from levels 21 to 25:

  • Blood Rage (Barbarian): When an enemy is killed within 10 meters with a melee weapon, the damage done with melee weapons is increased by 20% for 10 seconds.
  • Vigorous Deflection (Athlete): You gain 30 stamina when you parry an enemy’s attack.
  • Constitution (Athlete): Increases Health by 50.
  • Strength (Athlete): Increases Melee damage by 5%.
  • Constitution (Athlete): Increases Health by 50.
  • Dexterity (Assassin): Increases ranged damage by 5%
  • Airborne (Assassin): Gliders consume 30% less stamina.
  • Updraft (Assassin): Pressing the jump button while gliding will give you a small height boost. This skill can be used once per flight at the cost of 120 mana.
  • Dexterity (Ranger): Increases ranged damage by 5%
  • Marksman (Ranger): All damage dealt with ranged weapons is increased by 10%.
  • Sharpshooter (Ranger): All ranged damage is increased by an additional 20%.
  • Skill Shot (Ranger): All damage dealt to an enemy’s head is increased by 20%.
  • Ranger (Ranger): Gain +2 endurance, + 2 dexterity, +5 stamina recharge, and +5% critical damage.
  • Multi-Shot (Ranger): Adds a 20% chance to spawn a flurry of arrows that spread slightly.
  • Counterstrike (Trickster): 20% chance to reflect 50% of the damage back to the attacker as fire damage.
  • Intelligence (Trickster): Increases Magic damage by 5%.
  • Begone! (Trickster): Replaces your unarmed attacks with a magic stun costing 30 mana.
  • Heavy Plates (Tank): The maximum amount of Physical damage your armor can mitigate is increased by 10%.

Best Warrior Skills Explained

  • Jump Attack & Double Jump – Gives you a method for area-based damage with melee weapons.
  • Evasion Attack – Charges forward with a melee weapon doing more damage and acts as a gap closer.
  • Battle Heal – Provides healing based on critically striking with a melee weapon. Consider being aggressive after obtaining this skill for passive healing.
  • Blink – Increases the distance of roll dodge and Emergency Blink allows you to break free from a stun.
  • Multi-Shot – Generates more arrows randomly which equals more damage.
  • Ranger – Overall passive boost to attributes and damage and helpful for increasing bow damage.

Utility Skills

Below are recommended utility skills for this Warrior Build, if you wish to sacrifice some combat performance:

  • Mason (Core) – The pickaxe deals 30% more damage against stone objects including resource veins.
  • Miner (Core) – When you mine resources, you have a 10% chance to get additional resources.
  • Lumberjack (Core) – Felling axes do 30% more damage against wooden objects including trees.
  • Relentless Flame (Survivor) – maximum shroud time increased by 5 minutes allowing you to explore for longer.
  • Inner Fires (Survivor) – maximum Shroud time increased by 2 minutes, allowing you to explore for longer.

Warrior Gameplay & Tips

The best tip to play the Warrior build is to use a one-handed shield weapon attacking from the flank to keep damage and healing high while blocking when needing defensive. You can make additional weapon choices for the situation based on your needs. The main emphasis of the Warrior is being excellent at 3 weapons, all with unique pros and cons. Below are some other gameplay tips when playing the best Warrior build in the Enshrouded game:

  • Survival – staying alive by having high mobility, attacking with battle heal, and using potions when needing a burst to heal. Always attack from sneak or the flank if possible and avoid front-facing damage. Crowd control enemies with unarmed punches or stun arrows to keep incoming damage low.
  • Damage – start combat from the rear with a bow and a high-damage arrow if possible. From this point, swap to aggressive two-handed with area damage via double jump or one-hand and shield for defensive capabilities.
  • Range Bow – the bow is helpful because you can do a lot of damage by landing headshots, or backstab from the rear. Use a bow for medium to long-range combat and swap when incoming damage is likely.
  • Mobility – use a combination of Blink and Evasion Attack to move in and outside the enemy target range.

Best Warrior Weapons & Armor

Below is a list of the best Warrior Build Armor and Weapons for Enshrouded:

Main Hand WeaponTwin Soul Mace+10 crit chance
ShieldFlame Shield14 Block
Secondary WeaponRotblood Mace+28 Shroud Damage
Range WeaponWildwood Bow+10 Shroud Damage
HeadSoldier Helmet12% crit chance
Upper BodySoldier Chestplate90 health
ArmsSolider Gloves+12% one-hand damage
Lower BodySoldier Trousers90 health
FeetSoldier Boots+4 Health Regeneration
Ring 1Ring of the Ancients+1 all attributes
Ring 2Ring of the Ancients+1 all attributes
Best Warrior Armor and Weapons for Enshrouded
  • Twin Soul Mace – Found in the chest.
  • Rotblood Mace – Random Chest.
  • Flame Shield – Quest completion.
  • Wildwood Bow – Random Chest.
  • Soldier Set – Created by Blacksmith.
  • Ring of the Ancients – Found in a random chest.
Alternative Gear Sets

If you are not at the end game, use the Blacksmith Craftsperson to craft melee damage gear throughout your journey until the end game. Here’s what we recommend based on your level:

  • Level 5 (Fur Armor Set) – A basic form of armor crafted by the Blacksmith. Materials needed to craft are torn cloth, animal fur, string, and metal scraps.
  • Level 8 (Rising Fighter Set) – First set with melee damage bonuses. Materials needed to craft are Bonemeal, Torn Cloth, String, Metal Scraps, and Resin.
  • Level 13 (Adventurer Set) – High damage set emphasizing melee damage. Materials needed to craft Amber, Torn Cloth, Indigo Plant, Linen, and Dried Fur.
    • Guard of the North: this set will be found in the Pike area.
  • Level 18 (Mercenary Set) – Upgraded damage set. Materials needed to craft Line, Mint Mushroom Meat, Torn Cloth, Fossilized Bone, and Leather.
  • Level 23 (Solider Set) – Best end-game melee damage set. Materials needed to craft Fossilized Bone, Padding, Charcoal, Iron Bars, Yellow Fabric, and Lapislazuli.
  • Level 25 (Radiant Paladin Set): unique set found in end-game areas with a chest with similar set bonuses to Soldier.

Best Warrior Consumables

Warrior Consumables and Food for Enshrouded Game

The Warrior build will be able to consume three consumable sources. You want to increase Strength (melee damage), Constitution (health), and health recovery (survival). Below are the best consumables for the Warrior build in the Enshrouded game:

  • Open Sandwich (Crafted) – +4 Strength and +2 Constitution. Materials needed to craft are Saffron, Grilled Wolf Meat, and Flat Bread.
  • Meat Wrap (Crafted) – +5 Constitution, and +1 Intelligence.  Materials needed to craft are Water, Red Mushroom, Raw Sand Digger Meat, and Flour.
  • Fruit Bowl (Crafted) – +6 Health regeneration, and +3 Stamina regeneration. Materials needed to craft are Honey, Strawberry, Purple Berries, and Yucca Fruit
  • Elixir (Looted) – +30% Damage Multiplier, -1 minute in the shroud. This gives additional damage and stacks with Pray of the Flame Scrolls.


In addition, make sure to carry berries (blueberries or strawberries) for health regeneration, water for stamina regeneration, and bandages for healing. As you advance, you can unlock the Alchemist and craft healing potions. This will help you early with survival, then start optimizing for damage with consumables.

Build Summary – Best Enshrouded Warrior Build

Primary Attribute: Strength

Secondary Attribute: Constitution

Warrior Skills 1-10

  • Jump Attack
  • Evasion Attack
  • Battle Heal
  • Blink

Skills 11-20

  • Veteran
  • Relentless
  • Barbarian

Best Skills 20-25

  • Blood Rage
  • Ranger

Weapons, Armor, and Gear

  • Main Hand Weapon: Twin Soul Mace
  • Shield: Flame Shield
  • Range Weapon: Wildwood Bow
  • Head: Soldier Set
  • Upper Body: Soldier Set
  • Arms: Soldier Set
  • Lower Body: Soldier Set
  • Feet: Soldier Set
  • Ring 1: Ring of the Ancients
  • Ring 2: Ring of the Ancients

Best Ranger Consumables

  • Meat Wrap
  • Open Sandwich
  • Fruit Bowl

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