Throne and Liberty Best Weapons (Classes): Tier List

The Tier List will analyze the best and worst weapons (classes) in Throne and Liberty based on their damage output, survivability, utility, and flexibility.

Throne and Liberty Best Weapons (Classes) - Tier List

In this Throne and Liberty Weapon Tier List, we will explore and rank the best and worst playstyles based on their overall effectiveness and versatility. The game’s combat system allows players to choose from weapon types, which determines their available skills, passives, and gear. Like other MMORPGs, Throne and Liberty weapon types (classes) and builds come in various options, including melee damage, ranged, spell caster, support, and more. The goal is to provide an overview of the relative power levels of each weapon (class), allowing you to make informed decisions when creating your character. 

This guide has been created based on early access to the NA/EU Server and playtesting in Korea and will be updated throughout the Throne and Liberty launch.

Best Weapon Types (Classes) Tier List for Throne and Liberty

The best Throne and Liberty weapons (Classes) are:

  • S Tier – Longbow, Crossbow
  • A Tier – Dagger, Greatsword
  • B Tier – Wand
  • C Tier – Staff
  • D Tier – Sword and Shield

What is The Best Weapon Type in Throne and Liberty?

Throne and Liberty Combat and Enemies

The Longbow is the best weapon type (class) in Throne and Liberty due to its damage, self-healing, and range. This weapon is dominant at both PvE and PvP and can be used solo or group with the right off-hand weapon. The second best weapon type is the Crossbow due to its versatility. The Crossbow can be combined with any off-hand weapon and be effective. Consider the Greatsword the best weapon for melee damage dealers and the Dagger ideal for rogue assassin-type players.

Unlike other MMORPGs, Throne and Liberty Builds or Classes are determined by your chosen weapon. You can put one in your main hand and one in your off-hand, which determines which skills and passives you equip. This tier list focuses on the weapon’s overall potential in the main hand as a primary weapon or off-hand.

Here is a tier list of all Throne and Liberty Weapon Ranked:

List PositionWeaponRanking
1LongbowS+ Tier
2CrossbowS Tier
3DaggerA+ Tier
4GreatswordA Tier
5WandB Tier
6StaffC Tier
7Sword and Shield D Tier
Throne and Liberty Best Weapons (Classes): Tier List

Sword and Shield (D Tier)

Throne and Liberty Sword and Shield - Weapon Skills

The Sword and Shield weapon is ideal for players wanting to emphasize survivability over all else.  You have the best survivability in Throne and Liberty; however, not much else.  Every group for both PvE and PvP contexts wants to bring a tank; it’s just that no one usually wants to play it due to weak overall damage.

Sword and Shield Pros:

  1. High Survivability: can reflect damage and make enemies pay for attacking you.
  2. Taunt: grab the attention of enemies with taunt and aggro, which is vital in PvE group play.
  3. Damage Reduction: reduce the damage for you and your group.

Sword and Shield Cons:

  1. Low Damage: your damage output will be dreadful unless you have an excellent off-hand weapon.
  2. Weak Mobility: the playstyle will be forced into a melee-only domain playstyle without range.
  3. Support Only: MMOs have very few tank players because they are support-only builds, which is no different.

The best pairing and build for Sword and Shield in the main hand with a Greatsword or Wand in the off-hand.  The Greatsword provides area-based damage, or the Wand can gain healing and extra utility.  Pick Sword and Shield as your primary weapon if you are a traditional Tank MMORPG player.

Staff (C Tier)

Throne and Liberty Staff Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

In Throne and Liberty, the Staff only fills the area-based damage role.  You will be the master of clearing out weak enemies and power leveling, only to lack high-pressure single-target damage.  The Staff is best used off-hand and not a primary main-hand weapon.

Staff Pros:

  1. AOE Damage: This is your weapon if you like massive elemental damage and destruction.
  2. Power Leveling: nothing beats clearing waves of enemies while leveling with a Staff.
  3. Long Range: the weapon type is full range, though be careful to keep that range.

Staff Cons:

  1. Long Cooldowns: your spells will have dreadfully long cooldowns, so use them preciously.
  2. Weak Survivability: you must kite enemies and not let them approach in melee.
  3. Lower Damage: the overall damage output isn’t at the top, nor is balanced damage.

The best combination for a staff build would be pairing it with Longbow or Wand.  Both weapons come with significant damage and range and help fill gaps within the Staff.  Wand, in particular, can help give some support, while Longbow will aid in overall damage.

Wand (B Tier)

Throne and Liberty Wand and Tome Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

Consider the Wand the best weapon for solo players due to healing and crowd control.  This will be the primary hand weapon for healers, though PvPers and solo players can off-hand this weapon to gain powerful survivability.  What holds the weapon back is the lack of damage and the focus on support.

Wand Pros:

  1. Support: if you want to buff, heal, and support allies in combat, this is your best weapon.
  2. Crowd Control: the Wand excels at stunning enemies, which is great for PvE and PvP.
  3. Solo Play: every solo player will need healing, thus making the Wand a great choice.

Wand Cons:

  1. Weak Damage: made for support, the Wand is not a damage-dealing weapon.
  2. Support Focus: you will primarily be locked into healing and buff party members.
  3. Requires Kiting: do not let enemies approach by strafing side to side for survival.

Pick the Wand if you want to focus as the primary healer in your group or you’re a solo player. The best pairing would be a Staff for area-based damage and other defensive skills.  You can pair it with Sword and Shield, though your damage will be meager.

Greatsword (A Tier)

Throne and Liberty Greatsword Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

The Greatsword is the best melee weapon in Throne and Liberty due to its powerful damage.  Greatsword is helpful for tank players looking to gain extra damage and a perfect PvP weapon due to crowd control abilities. Pick the Greatsword as your main-hand weapon if you like melee damage dealers in MMORPGs.

Greatsword Pros:

  1. AOE Damage: domain AOE damage and single target come later in the game.
  2. Crowd Control: you can stun enemies reliably, which helps in PvP.
  3. Sword and Shield: combine with an off-hand Sword and Shield for a strong build.

Greatsword Cons:

  1. No Range: you are entirely dependent on melee damage and vulnerable to range.
  2. Off-hand Dependent: if you pick the wrong off-hand weapon, you will lose out on damage and survivability.
  3. Has to Gap Close: the Greatsword build needs to time gap closers and cooldowns to attack range.

The best pairing for the Greatsword build is combining with Sword and Shield.  You can be an offensive damage-dealing tank with incredible survivability.  Daggers are another excellent choice for more damage and Wand for healing and support.

Dagger (A+ Tier)

Throne and Liberty Dual Daggers Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

The Dagger weapon type in Throne and Liberty emphasizes burst damage as your prototypical assassin build.  Dagger playstyle is centered around critical chance and multiple, and positioning it to the flank (side) and rear for extra damage.  Consider the Dagger an excellent weapon for typical Rogue MMORPG players.

Dagger Pros:

  1. High Critical: you can quickly chunk enemies and players from 100 to 0 due to high critical.
  2. Great Mobility: While in melee, you have excellent mobility with daggers.
  3. Burst Damage: you are built for short-lasting fights where burst is key.

Dagger Cons:

  1. Positioning Required: to maximize damage, constant focus on positioning will be required.
  2. PvP Focused: this weapon type isn’t built for sustained PvE fights, but PvP short duration.
  3. Off-Hand Choices: your off-hand choices and stat optimization are limited.

The best pairing for a Dagger weapon type build is the Greatsword.  You will gain more area damage and survivability.  The other weapon choices give poor stat optimization and are lackluster in comparison, holding the dagger weapon type back from ranking higher.

Crossbow (S Tier)

Throne and Liberty Crossbow Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

The second-best weapon type in Throne and Liberty is the Crossbow due to its high single-target damage and debuff potential. It lacks AOE damage and falls just behind the Longbow in single-target damage.  However, the Crossbow is the most versatile weapon in Throne and Liberty and a great choice when you don’t know what else to use.

Crossbow Pros:

  1. Single Target DPS: the second-best DPS in the game.
  2. Range: play at range and avoid taking damage.
  3. Versatile: the most versatile weapon that synergizes with any off-hand weapon.

Crossbow Cons:

  1. Lower DPS: The crossbow has lower DPS than the Longbow.
  2. One Target: Crossbow is entirely focused on single-target DPS.
  3. Jack of all Trades: this weapon is the master of none but great all around.

The best choice for a Crossbow build is pairing the weapon with a Dagger.  This will give you an uber single target heavy build that is versatile at range.  However, this weapon type doesn’t punish you for experimenting with your off-hand choice, depending on your playstyle and content.

Longbow (S Tier)

Throne and Liberty Longbow Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

The best weapon type in Throne and Liberty is the Longbow due to its damage, off-hand optimization, and range.  You can combine this weapon with Dagger or Staff to have the highest DPS possible, either AOE or a single target. Moreover, the Longbow makes a killer PvP build using the Wand as an offhand for crowd control and healing.  Nothing beats the Longbow as a main hand (primary) weapon in the current meta.

Longbow Pros:

  1. Damage: Depending on off-hand selection, the best overall damage is for PvE and PvP.
  2. Range: you can play at range and still do crazy damage.
  3. Easy to Play: The Longbow is relatively easy and less complex than others.
  4. Self-Healing: you can even heal yourself and others with the Longbow.

Longbow Cons:

  1. Off-Hand Choices: the only downside to the Longbow is that it doesn’t synergize with every off-hand weapon. 

The Longbow is the first choice for meta players in Throne and Liberty.  You will shine as a DPS player in both PvE and PvP.  For PvE Players, consider pairing with a Staff for AOE or Dagger for a single target. PvP players should look to the Wand in the off-hand for healing and crowd control.

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