Best Throne and Liberty Longbow Build

Unlock the ultimate power in Throne and Liberty with our guide to crafting the best Longbow build, explaining gear, stat points, and rotation.

Best Longbow Build in Throne and Liberty MMORPG

This guide has been created based on early access to the NA/EU Server and playtesting in Korea and will be updated throughout the Throne and Liberty launch.

Longbow Build Introduction

The Longbow build for Throne and Liberty focuses on single-target range damage with stationary gameplay. Using the Longbow with a Crossbow in your off-hand, this build provides some of the highest PvE Damage in the game. The synergy between both weapons’ active and passive skills makes this Longbow and Crossbow build unique. You have multiple debuffs and damage implications to both weapons, thus keeping your damage sky-high. However, you will want to keep the maximum distance and stationary for the best damage, and sometimes, that isn’t easy to pull off solo.

In Throne and Liberty, skills are abilities you can use and change depending on your equipped weapons.  Unlike other MMORPGs, your weapon choices determine your skills and build.  You can swap weapons and gain a new set of skills that you learn throughout the leveling process.  Moreover, skills come in three forms: active, passive, and defensive.  Below is our suggested loadout for these three types of skills and the reasons why we selected them for this

Longbow + Crossbow ProsLongbow + Crossbow Cons
Insane DamageStationary Gameplay
Long RangeMedium Survivability
Immobilizations Rotation Dependent

Features and Mechanics – Best Longbow Build Throne and Liberty

Longbow Weapon in Throne and Liberty MMORPG

The following list presents all the essential Longbow Build Features and Mechanics in Throne and Liberty:

  • Main Hand Weapon – Longbow
  • Off-Hand Weapon – Crossbow
  • Stat Points – Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, Perception
  • Best Active Skills – Mortal Mark, Decisive Snipe, Nature’s Blessing
  • Best Passive Skills – Sniper’s Sense, Rapid Fire Stance, Roxie’s Arrowhead
  • Defensive Skill – Sustaining Roll (Crossbow)
  • Guardian – Lady Knight Kamarshea

Weapons Choice

The Main Hand weapon for this build is the Longbow, which has the best range and damage in Throne and Liberty. The Longbow, however, wants you to stay at max range stationary for optimal damage due to passives. Staying stationary in PvE group content is easy but challenging for new players. However, you can stay mobile while leveling or solo, lower your damage, and still destroy enemies in content.

The off-hand weapon for this is the crossbow because of the active skills and passive synergy that work well together. You can use the skill Mark Target to increase damage, and passives like Roxie’s Arrowhead increase damage for both Longbows and Crossbows. Moreover, the Crossbow has built-in mobility skills, which the Longbow lacks, giving you an escape and strafing mechanic.

Swap to a Tome on the back bar for tough solo or group content and use our Tome and Longbow build setup. While you will lose damage dropping the Crossbow, your overall survivability and group utility will increase.

Stat Points

The best stat points for the Longbow build are 10 Strength, 30 Dexterity, 19 Wisdom, and 30 Perception. You want to increase Dexterity to 30 to gain additional bonus damage, then switch to Perception and increase it to 30 for better damage and range. Beyond 30 points, you hit diminishing returns and lose effectiveness. Additionally, you start with a base of 10, so factor that into the scores. Lastly, Wisdom is the remaining stat that aids in mana regeneration. Use gear sets and consumables to aid in Mana regeneration if you struggle.

Below is the best recommended Stat Point for the Longbow Crossbow Build in Throne and Liberty:

  • 10 Strength – increase defense, max health, max damage, and minimum damage. 
  • 30 Dexterity – affects critical attacks, evasion, and maximum damage.  Spend 30 points to gain bonus damage.
  • 19 Wisdom – determines maximum mana, mana regeneration, skill cooldown, and maximum damage. 
  • 30 Perception – affects accuracy, crowd control effects, time boost ability, maximum damage, and minimum damage.

In Throne and Liberty, skills are abilities you can use and change depending on your equipped weapons.  Unlike other MMORPGs, your weapon choices determine your skills and build.  You can swap weapons and gain a new set of skills that you learn throughout the leveling process.  Moreover, skills come in three forms: active, passive, and defensive.  Below is our suggested loadout for these three types of skills and the reasons why we selected them for this

Active Skills

Longbow Crossbow Build Active Skills - Throne and Liberty MMORGP

Below is a list of the best active skills for the Longbow Build in Throne and Liberty:

  1. Ensnaring Arrow (Longbow) – Deals damage and Binds the target, which helps increase DPS via passives.
  2. Decisive Sniping (Longbow) – Cast time hard-hitting ability that can be reused on critical hits. It also buffs your critical hit for 6 seconds and should be used when you can cast safely.
  3. Zephyr’s Nock (Longbow) – The highest damage instant cast ability increases damage when a target is bound or stunned.
  4. Deadly Marker (Longbow) – Mark a target to increase your critical hit for you and all party members for 9 seconds.
  5. Strafing (Longbow) – Massive damage ability that fires four arrows, and if two hits, it will remove cooldown and allow use again at half the mana cost.
  6. Nature’s Blessing (Longbow) – Gives health regen to everyone within a 16-meter radius for 3 seconds.
  7. Blitz (Longbow) – Resets the cooldown of the recently used skill. Used to combo hard-hitting damage attacks.
  8. Mortal Mark (Crossbow) – acts as a delayed damage tool that soaks up and explodes with a chance to weaken.
  9. Quick Fire (Crossbow) – a quick burst damage attack that increases damage if the target is weakened, used after Mortal Mark.
  10. Merciless Barrage (Crossbow) – directional long channel ability that fires many shots, and you need a stationary or stunned target to optimize its usage.
  11. Selfless Diffusion (Crossbow) – our movement mobility tool that can be used when immobilized or strafing to gain distance.
  12. Mana Exchange (Crossbow) – use this skill if your mana is starved during longer fights. You can swap to Thorn Gale for higher DPS, but with less resource sustain.

The active skill systems in Throne and Liberty are skills that grant immediate effects when used. Moreover, this skill system uses a roughly one-second global cooldown, and more powerful skills have a longer cooldown. Each weapon has an “auto-attack,” meaning you attack once, and the game will automatically re-attack after the one-second global cooldown.

Passive Skills

Longbow Crossbow Build Passive Skills - Throne and Liberty MMORPG

Below is a list of the best passive skills for the Longbow Build in Throne and Liberty:

  1. Sniper’s Sense (Longbow) – Increase the critical longer distance you are.
  2. Rapidfire Stance (Longbow) – Staying in place increases your damage; thus, stay in position if possible.
  3. Steady Aim (Longbow) – Increases critical hit against bound targets.
  4. Eagle Vision (Crossbow) – Increase ranged hit and weaken chance as you go further away.
  5. Piercing Strike (Crossbow) – flat increase to bonus damage.
  6. Ambidexterity (Crossbow) – increases off-hand damage passively.
  7. Devoted Shield (Longbow) – When a target is weakened, there is a chance that a large damage shield can be created.
  8. Roxie’s Arrowhead (Longbow) – Chance to shoot additional projectile, passively increasing damage.

This passive loadout wants you to play at max range, standing stationary and focusing on binding targets for optimal damage.

Defense Skills

Landing a Perfect Fury Attack Example in Throne and Liberty MMORPG

Below is a list of the best passive skills for the Longbow Build in Throne and Liberty:

  1. Sustaining Roll (Crossbow) – the dodge roll skill is best because it grants mobility, binding shot, and health regeneration. Moreover, you can lower the stamina cost of this skill as you level it to rare and use it more frequently. Binding the target fits in well with our passive bonus to damage, making Sustaining Roll the best choice.
  2. Overtaker (Longbow) – defending against a fury attack while stationary increases defensive for 3 seconds. Agile Shot (perfect defense) can use directional buttons to use the skill while moving and binding the target. Since Bind increases our damage, this defensive skill serves two critical roles: mobility and damage production.

Defensive skills are skills that allow you to defend against attacks. Enemies will have a “Fury Attack,” a purple circle drawing down to a central point. You can defend against the Furty Attack by using your defensive skill at the precious moment for a perfect defense. Each weapon has its defensive skill, which consumes stamina instead of mana, shown on the left of your User Interface when used. Special effects occur when you successfully defend against a Furty Attack; timing is vital for maximizing your build’s potential.


The rotation for the Longbow build is about staying stationary and keeping uptimes high for your debuff skills: Deadly Marker and Mortal Mark. You want to start the rotation with Deadly Marker first, then Mortal Mark. Deadly Marker will increase critical and come back on cooldown with Blitz. After Mortal Mark, use Merciless Barrage if the target is stationary or Quick Fire to trigger Mortal Mark explosion. Depending on the duration of Deadly Marker, use Blitz and reapply as you go into Longbow rotation of 3-4 skills.

With the Longbow, Ensnaring Arrow, the target triggers immobilization, which increases damage via passive skill. Then Decisive Snipe while it can’t reach you, followed up by Zephy’rs Nock. Strafing is an excellent filler skill that can come off cooldown if critical and can be used on cooldown when the standard rotation is done. Moreover, maintain high uptime on Deadly Marker and Mortal Mark because those skills will dramatically increase your overall rotational damage.

Your defensive skills are selfless diffusion for mobility and the defensive skill of sustaining roll. When running low on resources, you can get a flood of health regeneration via Nature’s Blessing and Mana Exchange. Swap Mana Exchange for Thorn Gale if you don’t use it, and use Thorn Gale as the skill after Mortal Mark.

Skill Upgrade Progression 

Longbow Crossbow Build Skill Progression- Throne and Liberty MMORGP

Below are the most important skills to upgrade in Throne and Liberty using the Longbow build:

  1. Mortal Mark uncommon to rare
  2. Zephyr’s Nock uncommon to rare
  3. Decisive Sniping uncommon to rare
  4. Ensnaring Arrow uncommon to rare
  5. Quick Fire uncommon to rare
  6. Strafing rare to epic
  7. Nature’s Blessing rare to epic
  8. Mortal Mark rare to epic

Upgrading Skills in Throne and Liberty is a long process requiring crafting materials but increases the effectiveness of your skills. Moreover, you can increase your skill after reaching level five to gain a rare or epic bonus. These bonuses significantly impact the effectiveness of your skills, but you’ll only have so many materials, thus requiring a priority in skill progression.

Weapon Mastery

Longbow Crossbow Build Mastery - Throne and Liberty MMORGP

The best Weapon Mastery choices for the Longbow Build are Sniping from the Longbow and Chain Fire for the Crossbow. Sniping increases your overall damage while stationary and helps with range. Chain Fire increases your skill cooldown speed, mana regeneration, and range damage.

Below are the best weapon mastery selections in Throne and Liberty using the Longbow build:

  • Longbow – spend 9 points on Sniping to increase your stationary ranged damage, then move into Check to help with range damage.
  • Crossbow – spend 9 points into Chain Fire to obtain Brutal Wound, then switch to Regen tree.

Weapon Mastery is a system that gives you experience for your weapon that is equipped proportional to the experience earned.  Thus, at the start of the game, Weapon Mastery points are limited, but you will start earning more as your experience per kill and quest increase with level and zones.  Your main hand weapon gains increased weapon mastery, while off-hand still gains some, just not as much. 


Eternal Barrier (Lady Knight Kamarshea) Throne and Liberty Best Guardian

The best Guardian for the Longbow build is Lady Knight Kamarshea because of the Eternal Barrier skill that creates a 50% max mana shield and speeds up your cooldowns. If you have enough survivability, look to Masked Warlock Dantalux and the skill Abyssal Sanctuary for increased burst damage.

The best Guardian for the Longbow + Crossbow Build is the following:

  1. Eternal Barrier (Lady Knight Kamarshea) – a defensive shield that helps survivability.
  2. Masked Warlock Dantalux (Abyssal Sanctuary) – an offensive ability that increases bonus damage when consuming mana to use a skill.

Guardians act as a short-term ultimate or super ability with powerful effects and a long cooldown.  Ideally, you want to select a Guardian that either enhances a strength or covers up a weakness.  You obtain Guardians after level 25 and completing Chapter 25. From that point, you can find how to obtain additional Guardians to enhance your Wand Build further. Moreover, these skills can only be used infrequently, as in 10 minutes, so save them for critical situations.

Best Weapons, Armor, and Accessories

Equipment such as weapons, armor, and accessories can be found throughout Throne and Liberty questing or combat.  However, crafting specific equipment that rewards your build will be the most effective way to increase your power.  There are no light, medium, or heavy proficiency requirements, but specific equipment grants unique bonuses suited to a longbow or tome user, not a Greatsword wielder. 

Therefore, you must craft the correct equipment early in Throne and Liberty.  Then, you can upgrade to higher quality throughout your playthrough and end at the max level of 50 with a properly balanced set of gear designed for your Longbow build.

Beginner: Leveling Equipment

Below are the best Longbow beginner Weapons, Armor, and Accessories in Throne and Liberty:

Gear SlotBest Gear ItemEffect
Main Hand WeaponForest Keeper’s Horn BowMana Regen
Off Hand WeaponForest Keeper’s ArbalestMax Mana
HeadProphet’s Cloth HoodMana Regen
CloakShaman’s CloakMana Regen
ChestShock Trooper’s Plate ArmorMax Health
HandsVitality Linen GlovesMax Mana
LegsProphet’s Linen PantsHealth & Mana Regen
FeetAmbush Leather Boots+2 Dexterity
NecklaceCrude Wave NecklaceMelee Evasion
Bracelet Crude Liberation BraceletMax Mana
Ring 1Crude Stone BandMax Health & Mana
Ring 2Crude Wind BandMelee Evasion
BeltCrude Vigor BeltMelee Evasion

You aim for items that give max health, max mana, mana regeneration, and melee evasion. Focus on mana regeneration as a priority since Wisdom is lower.

End-Game: Best in Slot Equipment

Below are the best Longbow end-game Weapons, Armor, and Accessories in Throne and Liberty:

Gear SlotBest Gear ItemEffect
Main Hand WeaponGrand Aelon’s Hallowed BowRestores Health
Off Hand WeaponPeerless Rampage CrossbowMerciless Barrage Buff
HeadSpecial Resistance Magic HatMax Mana
CloakCommandant’s GrandeurDamage Reduction
ChestSpecial Resistance Tactical ArmorMelee Evasion
HandsGrim Judicator’s TouchAttack Speed
LegsWind Soul Mists PantsMana Regen
FeetWind Soul Gust BootsBind Chance
NecklaceGreat Sage’s Necklace+2 Wisdom
Bracelet Abyssal Wind WristbandBind Chance
Ring 1Insightful Ring of Dimension+2 Wisdom & Perception
Ring 2Insightful Ring of Dimension+2 Wisdom & Perception
BeltSkull Spectral BeltDexterity +2

Collect items that regenerate mana, increase Wisdom, and Bind chance. Melee evasion and damage reduction are also helpful, depending on your survivability.

Gameplay, Tips, and Tricks for Throne and Liberty Best Longbow Build

Below are 10 Gameplay Tips and Tricks for the Longbow build in Throne and Liberty:

  1. Survival – mobility and range are the best ways to prevent damage and strafing and dodging with defense skills.
  2. Movement –  you want to remain stationary and defend against attackers with Sustaining Roll defense skills.
  3. Damage – Use Mortal Mark and Deadly Mark targets to bind them in place; Sniper and Zephyr’s Nock are the primary damage concepts.
  4. Food – use food that increases critical and boss critical hits when in solo or co-op dungeons.
  5. Healing – use recovery crystals with Nature’s Blessing, Swift Healing, and World Tree Leaf.
  6. Debuff – the best debuffs are Mortal Mark for weakening and Deadly Mark to increase your critical.
  7. Guardian – save your Guardian for when you have no other options in terms of survival, and pop for a big shield.
  8. Rotation – Keep the maximum distance stationary when rotating and bind targets on cooldown for optimal damage.
  9. Remedy – use these consumables at the start of the fight once the boss is marked and bound for big burst damage.
  10. Weapon Flex – Swap to Tome on the off-hand to gain self and group healing skills and crowd control skills.

Consumables, Stellarite, Remedy, and Food

In Throne and Liberty, consumables play an important part in your build’s overall power. One-time use items like Stellarite and World Tree Leaf add damage or healing to the player. These items should always be stocked up and used throughout leveling and boss fights. Moreover, food and Remedy make a difference in challenging encounters.

The following list represents the best individual use consumable items that will aid in the Best Longbow Build in Throne and Liberty:

  • Stellarite – adds 10% of weapon damage consumed on every attack.  Stock up at Sundries Merchant before adventuring, as the passive boost in damage is significant. 
  • World Tree Leaf – enables Amitoi to heal the player passively every 6 seconds.  World Tree Leafs are consumed per each heal.  Purchase these at Sundries Merchant and keep 1,000+ on you at all times.
  • Recovery Crystal – instantly restoring 750 of your health with a one-minute cooldown.  These come in a variety of forms, with more powerful versions.  You should combine this healing with any skill-based healing and be aware of the long one-minute cooldown.   
  • Attack Remedy – increase damage delt by 20% for 15 seconds with a two-minute cooldown.
  • Defense Remedy – reduces damage taken by 20% for 15 seconds with a two-minute cooldown. 
  • Aroma Pie – increases all hits and all critical hits by 60 for 30 minutes. Useful when leveling and farming enemies without a lot of boss fights.
  • Rare Quarba Sandwich – increase boss hit and boss critical hit by 90 for 30 minutes.  Specific to boss encounters in dungeons, towers, and event farming.
  • Salted Jerky – increase all defense by 120 for 30 minutes.  Useful when needing extra survivability at the expense of damage.

Build Summary – Throne and Liberty Best Longbow Build

Weapon Choices

  • Main Hand – Longbow
  • Off Hand – Crossbow

Stat Points

  • Strength – 10
  • Dexterity – 30
  • Wisdom – 19
  • Perception – 30

Longbow Mastery – Snipe

Crossbow Mastery – Chain Fire

Guardian – Lady Knight Kamarshea


  • Food – Aroma Pie
  • Remedy – Attack Remedy

Active Skills

  1. Ensnaring Arrow (Longbow)
  2. Decisive Sniping (Longbow)
  3. Zephyr’s Nock (Longbow)
  4. Deadly Marker (Longbow)
  5. Strafing (Longbow)
  6. Nature’s Blessing (Longbow)
  7. Blitz (Longbow)
  8. Mortal Mark (Crossbow)
  9. Quick Fire (Crossbow)
  10. Merciless Barrage (Crossbow)
  11. Selfless Diffusion (Crossbow)
  12. Mana Exchange (Crossbow)

Passive Skills

  1. Sniper’s Sense (Longbow)
  2. Rapidfire Stance (Longbow)
  3. Steady Aim (Longbow)
  4. Eagle Vision (Crossbow)
  5. Piercing Strike (Crossbow)
  6. Ambidexterity (Crossbow)
  7. Devoted Shield (Longbow)
  8. Roxie’s Arrowhead (Longbow)

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