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ESO House Achievement List

Welcome to the ESO House Achievement List.  This post is dedicated to displaying the information regarding ESO Housing Achievements, vendor locations, prices, achievements and what they look like.  Note, this is currently in testing and should be available in Feb of 2017.  I'm working on this right now so plan on seeing new images crop up throughout the day. *Huge thanks to Axoa for grabbing im...
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ESO Master Crafting Writs

The Elder Scrolls Online is adding something to the current crafting writs system, ESO Master Writs.  I've done a short video guide on my YouTube channel and wanted to share it here with you.  I'll also post some other helpful links for maxing out your crafting skill lines if you want to prepare for ESO Master Crafting Writs. https://youtu.be/5KDQeolwVO0 Crafting Writs Guide https://youtu.be/...
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ESO Tel Var Farming Build – Tel Var Timmy

Here's a specific build for farming Tel Var stones in Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City.  This is specifically made for that area, not overland (Bee Mode is still useful). Build Video https://youtu.be/2TDLUT8Pddc Objective Make a very tanky, self-sufficient build for Imperial City.  This build is meant for solo farming, meaning fighting World Bosses while being able to kill players attempting...
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One Tamriel Gear Sets

Robes of the Hist Set
Here's a quick list of the new One Tamriel Gear Sets and some of the revamped Trial sets.  These pictures and stats will change depending on your character, this was a Template with zero CP spent, no food, etc.   Table of Content Dungeon Sets Overland Trials Dungeon Sets Treasure Hunter Toothrow Jack Sword Dancer Set Strength of the Automaton Set Spider Cu...
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One Tamriel Undaunted Sets

Here's a quick glimpse of the One Tamriel Undaunted Sets currently in testing on the Public Test Service ESO patch 2.6.  Remember these values will change drastically depending on gear, cp, etc but just a quick screen shoot.  I'll do more testing and a video along with weapon ultimates. https://youtu.be/_rjqlY8sT7A In case you're wondering about Undaunted Shoulders and where they come from on ...
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ESO Weapon Ultimates

Elemental Storm
Here's the new Elder Scrolls Online Weapon Ultimates that are being added in Tamriel One.  Currently, these ultimates are in testing and I wanted to created a video on how they are and how effective they can be. VIDEO ON WEAPON ULTIMATES https://youtu.be/oriWgAvZI1E Two Handed One Hand and Shield Dual Wield Bow Destruction Staff Restoration Staff  
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ESO Magplar PvP Build

Magplar thumbnail 1
Welcome to Bee Mode an ESO Magplar PvP Build for The Elder Scrolls Online Patch 2.5.  This build was created by my friend Bee or Karstyll PC NA.  I've been playing this non stop and it's truly special.  I didn't come up with this, she did so all the credit goes to her.  I'm going to post her build and list my changes throughout the guide.  Either way, this is incredibly powerful and uses mostly cr...
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ESO Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj Guide

First Vet Maw North American Server Clear
Welcome to our ESO Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj Guide.  This information comes from @ Kuscoe on the North American PC server.  He is a PvE veteran, Crown Store Hero (CSH) Guild leader and first group to clear Vet Maw on the North American Server. Since few guides/teams have beat this, I think it's a must read for anymore any ESO player out there. Table of Contents Group Play Zhaj'hassa th...
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