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100k Giveaway

For those that don't view my YouTube, I'm doing a monster giveaway for reaching the 100k subscriber mark this year. If you'd like to enter, simply subscribe to my channel and comment in the video below, your favorite build from Deltiasgaming in 2016. Thanks for making this a great year! The Winners were selected and chosen 3rd place Panda 2nd place Trey 1st place Doddy Dodson (already cont...
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Plans for the Future 2017

Hey Gang, It's me again and I'm back bringing some information regarding the plans for the year 2017.  Everything from my site, YouTube and the direction of my content as well as what you can do to help in keeping me going. VIDEO PLAN https://youtu.be/-ZNF_OH_PG8 Family Regarding why I haven't been posting that much is mainly due to raising my son (Maximus) most of the day.  My first and nu...
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ESO Normal Dungeon Guide – The Banished Cells

Welcome to our Normal The Banished Cells Guide! Table of Contents Cell Haunter Shadowrend Angata the Clanfear Handler Skeletal Destroyer High Kinlord Rilis Normal The Banished Cells Basics Why Run Normal The Banished Cells? One of the best reasons to run the Normal Version of The Banished Cells is that it is an amazing way to level up your Undaunted skill or becaus...
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ESO Normal Dungeon – Elden Hollow

Welcome to our Normal Elden Hollow Guide! Table of Contents Akash gra-Mal Chokethorn Nenesh gro-Mal Leafseether Canonreeve Oraneth Normal Elden Hollow Basics Why Run Normal Elden Hollow? Well for the same reason you should run all the normal dungeons, normal does are useful for three player advancements. First, the one time normal dungeon quest will always give a s...
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ESO Alchemy Guide

Welcome to our ESO Alchemy Guide.  Here you will find the basics about alchemy, leveling the skill line, how your character can benefit from it and some powerful potions combinations. As I write this (May 4, 2016), Alchemy is becoming more and more important due to the Dark Brotherhood release at the end of the month.  Therefore it's time to learn all about alchemy and how it can help you. (mo...
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ESO Dark Brotherhood HUB

Welcome to our ESO Dark Brotherhood HUB.  If you haven't heard, the Dark Brotherhood is coming to the Public Test Server on Monday April 25, 2016 (PC only)!  This page will be updated live with new information as I get it.  I have a Top 10 testing list video and written post below that I'll be filling in over the next coming days and weeks.  Get excited, this might be a gamer changer in ESO DLC! ...
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The Bloodletter: An Evolution to Sap Tanking (Nightblade Tank Build) Bookmark

Welcome to Gilliam the Rouge's latest Nightblade Tanking build, The Bloodletter: An Evolution to Sap Tanking.  Keep in mind this is HIS build, not mine but I'm sharing it here as he's done some massive theory crafting and put a unique spine on the build.  If you're looking to reach him or his post directly, check here on the forums.  And here we go a new powerhouse Nightblade Tank by Gill. (mo...
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Efficient Leveling Guide

INTRODUCTION Before getting into the meat of what constitutes Efficient Leveling, let me identify who this guide is NOT written for: This guide is NOT written for the new player who has never played the game. The new player should take the time to explore and enjoy every part of the story, including all the side quests and unessential zones. The developers have made a deep, immersive, beauti...
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Behind the Scenes Theory-crafting Interactivity

So today I'm posting (or posted) a video on a behind the scenes look at how I create my build.  This will be a multiple part series aimed at trying to create the most powerful burst AoE magicka Sorcerer possible for small group PvP "Fusion." This is designed for small group PvP only, jump in, blow up and get out.  I'm following a step by step series in this order and need your help.   ...
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