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Are you thinking about or currently pursuing a productive experience in Cyrodiil?  Check out our ESO PvP How to Enter Cyrodiil guide by Party Pyro.

“Pull the NPCs! Focus the Tower Mage! Stack the Crown! Crash the Flag! NEGATE NEGATE NEGATE!!!”

Wide ShotIf you have no clue what I just said than this series is for you. Party’s PvP Palooza will be an ongoing guide for all things Cyrodiil. Each week I’ll delve into a different aspect of Player vs Player (PvP) in The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO). If you’re just beginning your Cyrodiil Adventures, hopefully I’ll be able to give you some insider information to ease your introduction. Today I’m going to list the top eight things you need to know for PvP and discuss the first. Over the next few weeks I’ll be elaborating on the rest. But first let’s answer the question of why we are here.

Why do we PvP? Is it for the heightened competition? Is it because we secretly enjoy ruining someone else’s day? Is it because we like hundreds of flashy colorful spells bouncing all over our monitors? Whatever the reason may be, scores of people enjoy PvP. I do it for that feeling I get when I drop my bats on the face of a guy who my friends in Teamspeak have been complaining about being killed by and watch him backpedal and die. Was that dark? Yeah, maybe that was a little dark… Where was I? Oh yeah, we all PvP for different reasons and we all bring something special to the table.#1

This is what makes PvPing so amazing in TESO, there are so many ways you can do it. From tiny 1v1s to massive 100v100s there are a million different ways to play. Wanna roll a stamina build? (lol) Then go for it, bro. Do you want to sneak around and gank somebody picking a flower? How about rushing over the crumpled wall of a keep with 50 battle hardened warriors at your side on a quest for glory and the Emperorship? You can do all of these things! Oh, but you can’t queue up for a specific encounter on a small scale objective based level (I’m looking at you Brian Wheeler). Aaaaaanyways… Like I was saying, there is so much stuff that Cyrodiil has to offer and it’s all super cool. Just stick with it and don’t get discouraged if you don’t instantly find your place. Don’t give up! I promise there’s something for everyone here. But enough jabbering, ONTO THE LIST!!!

  1.  Entering Cyrodiil (How do you get there.)
  2. Know your goals (What are we trying to accomplish here?)
  3. How to get around (Saddle up and buy an FC.)
  4. The Buddy System (Don’t venture out alone.)
  5. Siege it up (PvP specific items and their uses.)
  6. Tactics (Next level PvP strategy.)
  7. Don’t die from starvation (Bring some snacks!)
  8. The Builds (What skills you need.)

Entering Cyrodiil—To gain admittance to Cyrodiil you must go to the Alliance Tab. This can be accomplished by tapping your [L] key by default. Campaign TabThis will initially bring you to a screen that will show you all of the currently running campaigns. There are several different campaigns and they all have their own style and unique characteristics. Once you’ve chosen a campaign to enter you must queue for it. Sometimes there is no wait and other times the population is locked and you have to stand in line.

The Alliance Tab—This screen gives you access to almost every available statistic relevant to your campaign. It tells you your specific rank in the quest for the Emperorship and also your Alliance’s standing in the greater conflict. It also tells you the buffs you currently have as per your home campaign.

Exiting Cyrodiil—Something that I have seen yelled in zone chat quite a few times is “HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS PLACE?!” Weeeell, aren’t you lucky ole Party Pyro is here to show you have to escape from Cyrodiil (Though I’m not quite sure why you’d ever want to leave). All you have to do is go to a wayshrine at your Alliance’s safe zone (Where you entered Cyrodiil) and use it just like you would any other wayshrine in PvE.

Close UpWell, we’ve come to the end of our time together this week. It was wonderful to have you!

My username in TESO is @PartyPyro and I’m currently playing as Mad Maverick in the Blackwater Pre-Vet campaign.

So why do you PvP? What do you think of the topics we’ll be discussing? Did I miss anything? I can’t wait to hear from all of you!

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