All Destiny 2 New Enhanced Perks Season 20

All Destiny 2 New Enhanced Perks Season 20

Weapons are an integral part of the Destiny 2 experience and one of the factors that decide which gun is the most powerful is weapon roll, so we present all New Enhanced Perks in Season 20, Season of Defiance! Perks are far more complicated than may seem, thus some perks are good and PvP others only for certain PvE fights or are great for beginners. The game veterans know exactly which perks are good, what gun has – so-called GodRoll – the best perks combination possible. And what can be better than regular perks? Enhanced Perks give certain weapons a little bit more power compared to the regular ones.

All Destiny 2 New Enhanced Perks Season 20

This list was created to present you with the complete list of the new season 20 Enhanced Perks that come with any new crafted or certain new adept weapons from the new raid Root of Nightmare.

Destiny 2 New Enhanced Perks Season 20

Destabilizing Rounds = Final blows cause nearby targets to become volatile. Cooldown between activations reduced.

Envious Assassin = Rapidly defeating targets with other weapons before drawing this one transfers ammo to the magazine from reserves. This effect can overflow the magazine based on the number of targets defeated.

Hatchling = Precision final blows or rapidly defeating targets with a non-precision weapon spawns a Threadling at the target’s location.

Keep Away = Significantly increased reload, range, and accuracy when no combatants are in close proximity.

Valiant Charge = Receiving damage while guarding temporarily increases Sword lunge distance for an improved duration.

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