ESO Dragonknight One Bar PvE Healer Build

The guide gives gear, skills, champion points, and consumables for an ESO Dragonknight One Bar PvE Healer Build!

This build has been updated for the Update 40 patch of the Elder Scrolls Online.

Why Should You Play ESO Dragonknight One Bar PvE Healer Build?

The ESO Dragonknight One Bar PvE Healer Build is able to wield fiery magic and alter the earth to strengthen their allies, shattering the ground and slamming enemies with molten rock to heal your allies. Though most known for tank builds, Dragonknight bring much to the table as healers and make for fun gameplay!

good resources with ultimatetotally reliant on resto staff
major mending in classvery little unique in classs
very tanky

ESO Dragonknight One Bar PvE Healer Build Playstyle

The ESO Dragonknight One Bar PvE Healer Build is a versatile and strong healer build. Oakensoul makes the one bar healer effective because you aren’t required to maintain as many buffs, which gives players breathing room on ability timers and allows you to focus more on mechanics and team health bars. Dragonknights are more readily used as tanks in ESO, but they make viable healers, as well! While they are mostly reliant on healing abilities provided in the resto staff skill line, they are very survivable and have a strong ultimate.


restoration staff

we use restoration staff for main healing abilities.

Illustrious Healing (Morph of Grand Healing | Skill Line : Restoration Staff) – Main AoE heal over time ability with a big radius. Keep this heal up, especially when stationary, also used to proc sets requiring a ground cast ability. This also helps keep high up time on Spell Power Cure or proc Olorime 5pc set.

Energy Orb (Morph of Necrotic Orb | Skill Line : Undaunted) – A great heal over time with burst heal synergy. It’s a slow traveler but does everything for you as a healer. Keeps people’s resources flowing via undaunted synergy passive, huge burst healing anyone can activate and massive heals over time. Only downside is it’s not mobile and doesn’t have great range.

Combat Prayer (Morph of Blessing of Protection | Skill Line : Restoration Staff) – Very important AoE heal that applies Minor Berserk and Minor Resolve, increasing damage output and resistances for you and your allies. Apply these buffs up as much as possible, so use ability as your main spammable.

Overflowing Altar (Morph of Blood Altar | Skill Line : Undaunted) – Altar in a trial is exceptional because the healing it provides during prolonged stationary fights. Moreover, added synergies means more resource sustain for your group. However, I do flex this ability in and out depending on the situation, gear set and mobility of the encounter. Swap to Combat Pray in high mobility fights, from the resto skill line.

Radiating Regeneration (Morph of Regeneration | Skill Line : Restoration Staff) – Great multi-targeting heal over time ability, especially for mobile encounters, also helps to proc specific healer sets. Spam ability to cover more targets if needed. This helps proc our gear sets along with decent healing in high mobility fights, plus you can pre-cast before going into a pull for HoTs.

Aggressive Horn (Morph of War Horn | Skill Line : Assault) – TWO CHOICES 1x for increasing damage Aggressive Horn or 1x for Survival and that’s Reviving Barrier for Alliance War Support. Horn = One of the most important ultimate abilities for a support role. Grants Major Force increasing critical damage by 20%, also increases Max Magicka and Stamina by 10% for you and your group members. Prioritize use of this ultimate, it provides a huge damage boost to your group, coordinate with other support roles if possible to keep a high uptime. Reviving Barrier = An ultimate that applies massive damage shields to group members, and those shielded also receive healing over time. Provides extra Magicka Recovery through Support skill line passive when slotting this ultimate ability.

Optimal with Mythic

Great all around setup with oakensoul

HeadlightMagma IncarnateDivineMagicka
ShoulderslightHollowfang ThirstDivineMagicka
ChestlightHollowfang ThirstDivineMagicka
LegslightHollowfang ThirstDivineMagicka
GloveslightSpell Power CureDivineMagicka
BootslightSpell Power CureDivineMagicka
BeltlightSpell Power CureDivineMagicka
Weapon OneRestoration StaffSpell Power CurePoweredSpell Damage
NecklaceHollowfang ThirstArcaneSpell Damage
Ring 1Oakensoul RingArcaneSpell Damage
Ring 2Hollowfang ThirstArcaneSpell Damage

Desktop hover over gear for set bonuses, mobile click once for set bonuses

Magma Incarnate: helmet obtained in Veteran dungeon The Dread Cellar, Waking Flame DLC, shoulders bought from Urgarlag Chief-bane the Pledge Master

  • Why? 1 piece gives stamina and magical recovery helps with sustain.


Hollowfang Thirst: obtained in Moongrave Fane dungeon, Scalebreaker DLC.

  • Why? does everything you need, helps with healing and sustain!


Spell Power Cure: obtained in white gold tower dungeon.

  • WHY? Major courage adds tons of damage and this set is mobile.


Oakensoul: obtained through ESO Mythics/antiquities system. You need 5 objects(leads) to be able to create the Mythic item. Location of the 5 leads (click for details)

  • Why? The best one bar item for a DPS


Optimal without Mythic

HeadlightRoksa the WarpedDivineMagicka
ShoulderslightRoksa the WarpedDivineMagicka
ChestlightSpell Power CureDivineMagicka
LegslightSpell Power CureDivineMagicka
GloveslightSpell Power CureDivineMagicka
BootslightHollowfang ThirstDivineMagicka
BeltlightHollowfang ThirstDivineMagicka
Weapon OneRestoration StaffSpell Power CurePoweredSpell Damage
NecklaceHollowfang ThirstArcaneSpell Damage
Ring 1Hollowfang ThirstArcaneSpell Damage
Ring 2Hollowfang ThirstArcaneSpell Damage


Best Choice


Secondary Choice







Mundus Stone

Atronach – Increases Magicka recovery by 310

Champion Points


Food: Ghastly Eye Bowl

GOOD HEALING (Use if you’re good with mechanics and sacrifice less health): Increase Max Magicka by 4256 and Magicka Recovery by 425 for 2 hours. (effects are scaled based on your level) Ingredients: Bananas (1), Fleshfly Larvae (1), Rose (1), Saltwater Bait (1), Worms (1)

Food: Bewitched Sugar Skulls

GOOD MAX STATS (Use if you don’t need recovery or want more health and stamina): Increase Max Health by 4620, Max Stamina and Max Magicka by 4250, and Health Recovery by 462 for 2 hours. (effects are scaled based on your level) Ingredients: Scrib Jelly (2), Flour (5), Columbine (2), Bervez Juice (2), Honey (5)

Food: Clockwork Citrus Filet

EXPENSIVE (A great option if you can afford it): Increase Max Health by 3724, Health Recovery by 351, Max Magicka by 3458 and Magicka Recovery by 319 for 2 hours. (effects are scaled based on your level) Ingredients: Red Meat (1), Lemon (1), Frost Mirriam (1), Perfect Roe (1)

Potion: Tri-Restoration Potion or Essence of Health (tri-stat)

Restore 7329 Health, 6618 Magicka, and 6618 Stamina immediately. Grants Major Fortitude, Major Intellect, and Major Endurance which increase your Health Recovery, Magicka Recovery, and Stamina Recovery by 20% for 31.7 seconds. (effects are scaled based on your level) Ingredients: Bugloss, Columbine, Mountain Flower


  • Class
  • Weapon
  • Armor
  • Fighter’s Guild
  • Mage’s Guild
  • Undaunted
  • Psijic Guild
  • Alchemy Medicinal
  • Race
  • Assault Alliance
  • Alliance Support

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