ESO Stamina Warden PvE Build

This guide explains how to use the best Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Stamina Warden PvE Build, skills, gear, champion points, and more!

This build has been updated for the Update 40 patch of the Elder Scrolls Online.

Why Should You Play the ESO Stamina Warden PvE Build?

The ESO Stamina Warden PVE build is for players looking to complete solo or small group content with a well-rounded class. This build has very high AOE damage abilities and great sustain. Stamina Wardens are currently one of the hardest-hitting stamina classes in the game.

ESO Stamina Warden PvE Build Playstyle

Use the following rotation as the starter point. After, apply your buffs and cast the DoT skills on cooldown for the best, highest DPS. In total, the Damage over Time skills (DoTs) do more damage than your main spammable. Thus, they need to be cast less often and are easier to maintain, for example, The Degeneration from Mages Guild or the Barb Trap from Fighters Guild. Maintain DoTs and use your spammable skill as filler until you need to reapply the DoTS.

At certain percentages, replace your spammable with your in-class or weapon execute if you have one in this build. Executes are the skills that deal more damage the lower the health of the opponent becomes. Ideally, these are meant to replace your main spammable skill at anywhere between 35% (Radiant Oppression) all the way to 20% (Mages’ Fury). At a high level, execute skills become so strong that the lower the enemy’s health, the fewer DoTs you maintain because it does so much damage.

Use the healing skill when your health drops below 50% or the shield skill when you anticipate damage. Also, always use the suggested food and potions as they significantly increase your damage, survivability, and resource sustain.

If you run out of resources, do a heavy attack and return to your rotation. Remember that a heavy attack on off-balance enemies will return double the resources. Additionally, if you are a beginner or struggle with sustain, you can flex in the Consuming Trap skill instead of a DoT skill. The Consuming Trap gives you a flood of both resources when a target dies.

ESO Stamina Warden PvE Build Features and Mechanics

Below are some of the features found using the One Bar PvE Stamina Warden in the Elder Scrolls Online:

  • Class – Warden
  • Weapon One – Frost Staff
  • Weapon Two – Two-Handed
  • Armor Types: 5 Medium, 2 Light
  • Mythic: Harpooner’s Wading Kilt
  • Race: Khajiit
  • Attributes: 64 Stamina
  • Mundus Stone: Thief

Skills 1 – Front Bar

Front Bar – Frost Staff

Front Bar Weapon choice options:

  1. Frost Staff
  2. Dual Wield
  3. Two-handed
  4. Bow

Deep Fissure (Morph of Scorch | Skill Line : Animal Companions) – Great AoE and single target damage.

Fetcher Infection (Morph of Swarm | Skill Line : Animal Companions) – Great damage over time ability.

Bird of Prey (Morph of Falcon’s Swiftness | Skill Line : Animal Companions) – Passively get minor berserk or 5% more damage for having on our main bar

Cutting Dive (Morph of Dive | Skill Line : Animal Companions) – Great single target main spammable option.

Arctic Blast (Morph of Arctic Wind | Skill Line : Winter’s Embrace) – Great AoE damage, stun and burst heal.

Wild Guardian (Morph of Feral Guardian | Skill Line : Animal Companions) – Strong single target ultimate that fights at your side. Remember to activate it for extra damage, when available, and slot it on both bars.

Back Bar – Two Handed

  1. Two Handed
  2. Dual Wield
  3. Bow

Barbed Trap (Morph of Trap Beast | Skill Line : Fighters Guild) – A trap that immobilizes target, procs minor force buff and does good single target damage.

Carve (Morph of Cleave | Skill Line : Two Handed) – Main spammable that stacks DoT up to three. AoE damage and huge shield when hitting targets.

Winter’s Revenge (Morph of Impaling Shards | Skill Line : Winter’s Embrace) – AoE DoT that can apply chilled status effect.

Stampede (Morph of Critical Charge | Skill Line : Two Handed) – AoE damage over time that hit likes a truck with massive AoE.

Resolving Vigor (Morph of Vigor | Skill Line : Assault) – Selfish heal that does great survivability. You can swap if you have great healing.

Wild Guardian (Morph of Feral Guardian | Skill Line : Animal Companions) – Strong single target ultimate that fights at your side. Remember to activate it for extra damage, when available, and slot it on both bars.

Passives Skills

Below are passive skills lines that add power without requiring a skill slot while playing the ESO One Bar PvE Stamina Warden Build. Consider taking all the skill passives in the skill tree listed below:

  • Winter’s Embrace (class skill line)
  • Animal Companions (class skill line)
  • Green Balance (class skill line)
  • Destruction Staff (weapon skill line)
  • Two-Handed (weapon skill line)
  • Light Armor
  • Medium Armor
  • Undaunted
  • Fight’s Guild
  • Racial
  • Alliance War Support
  • Alliance War Assault
  • Crafting, Alchemy Medicinal Use

Gear Setup 1: Mythic

The gear chart below represents the best gear for ESO PvE Stamina Warden Build:

ChestmediumPillar of NirnDivinesStamina
LegsmediumHarpooner’s Wading KiltDivinesStamina
GlovesmediumPillar of NirnDivinesStamina
BootsmediumPillar of NirnDivinesStamina
BeltlightPerfect Whorl of the DepthsDivinesStamina
Weapon OneDaggerPerfect Whorl of the DepthsNirnhoned>PreciseFire
SecondaryDaggerPillar of NirnChargedPoison
Weapon Two2H SwordPillar of NirnInfusedWeapon Damage
NecklacePerfect Whorl of the DepthsBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
Ring 1Perfect Whorl of the DepthsBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
Ring 2Perfect Whorl of the DepthsBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
ESO Stamina Warden PvE Build
Monster Helms and Mythic

Kjalnar’s Nightmare: Veteran dungeon Unhallowed Grave, Harrowstorm DLC.

  • Why? great single target damage ONLY one player can have this in your group.

Harpooner’s Wading Kilt Set

  • Why? synchronizes well with the skills and light attack weaving. Obtained through the Antiquity system, Blackwood Chapter. You need five items/leads to complete the mythic gear piece.
  • You need 5 items to be able to create the Mythic item Harpooner’s Wading Kilt. Location of the 5 pieces:
    • Murkmire – Wolf-Tail Sash Lead – Murkmire Foul Fishing Spots
    • Blackwood – Kothringi-Cut Leather Lead – World Boss Death Wart, World Boss Sul-Xan Ritualists
    • Shadowfen – Bog-Blue Jasper Fetish Lead – Ruins of Mazzatun Dungeon last boss
    • Shadowfen – Tide-Glass Beads Lead –  All water and alchemy nodes
    • Bal Foyen – Silverweave Cord Lead – Covenant Enemies, most likely all enemies


  1. Zaan – high DPS monster helm
  2. Kra’gh – one pc is great for pen, two-piece does good single-target damage
  3. Stormfist – always works, easy to obtain and  AoE DPS set.
Gear Sets

Pillar of Nirn: obtained in Veteran Falkreath Hold, Veteran dungeon, Horns of the Reach DLC

  • Why? most damage producing proc set and the easiest to maintain high up time on the proc.


  1. Perfect Whorl of the Depths = another S tier proc damage set.
  2. Kinra’s Wrath = great damage boost if you can light attack weave consistently

Perfect Whorl of the Depths: obtained in Dreadsail Reef trial, Haig Isle Chapter.

  • Why? another S tier proc damage set.


  1. Perfected Arms of Relequen = the bust pure damage set in the game.
  2. Perfected Coral Riptide = god tier damage if you run low stamina (dodge roll a bit before pull)
  3. Order’s Wrath = great craftable option though watch for too much critical damage (125% cap)
  4. Leviathan = easy base game dungeon set with high critical


  1. Mora’s Whisper = Update 34, 10% critical chance for great damage boost
  2. Death Dealer’s Fete = great option when taking damage

Gear Setup 2: Parse

Use the below skill setup when trying to optimize DPS with a dedicated healer or a 21 million health Parse Dummy.

ChestmediumPerfected Arms of RelequenDivinesStamina
LegsmediumPerfected Arms of RelequenDivinesStamina
GlovesmediumPerfected Arms of RelequenDivinesStamina
BootsmediumPerfected Arms of RelequenDivinesStamina
BeltmediumPerfected Arms of RelequenDivinesStamina
Weapon OneFrost StaffPillar of NirnChargedFrost
Weapon Two2H SwordPerfected Merciless ChargeInfusedWeapon Damage
NecklacePillar of NirnBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
Ring 1Pillar of NirnBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
Ring 2Pillar of NirnBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
PvE Parsing Set up for ESO Warden


  1. Zaan: Veteran dungeon Scalecaller Peak, Dragon Bone DLC.  Why? The highest DPS monster helm currently which can out perform Harpooner’s Wading Kilt Set.
  2. Perfected Arms of Relequen: Obtained in Veteran Cloudrest Trial Summerset chapter. The non-perfected version in normal difficulty. Why? most single target damage-producing set for stamina and magicka thanks to hybridization changes.
  3. Pillar of Nirn: obtained in Falkreath Hold dungeon. WHY? one of the hardest hitting, easiest proc sets in the game.
  4. Perfected Merciless Charge: from Veteran Maelstrom Arena in Orsinium DLC. WHY? Increase your overall DPS massively, must change out blockade for Stampede, considered meta, but struggle with sustain

Gear Setup 3: Beginner

Starter setup for someone just starting ESO.

ChestmediumHunding’s RageDivinesStamina
LegsmediumHunding’s RageDivinesStamina
GlovesmediumHunding’s RageDivinesStamina
BootsmediumHunding’s RageDivinesStamina
BeltmediumHunding’s RageDivinesStamina
Weapon OneFrost StaffAgilityPrecise or SharpenedDamage Health Poison
Weapon Two2H GreatswordAgilityInfusedWeapon Damage
NecklaceBriarheartRobustStamina Recovery
Ring 1BriarheartRobustWeapon Damage
Ring 2BriarheartRobustWeapon Damage
Beginner Build for ESO Stamina Warden


  • Briarheart: obtained in overland Wrothgar (Orsinium DLC) or from traders. WHY? great burst damage and nice healing and easy to obtain set.
  • Hunding’s Rage: craftable 6 traits, crafting stations found in Bangkorai, Reaper’s March, The Rift. WHY? Craftable set that has well-balanced stats.
  • Agility: found in Imperial City with keys or Dungeon Finder via random dungeons and or traders sell. WHY? easy to obtain with massive stats as a two-piece set.


Best Choice


Best raw damage option. Great overall race with bonuses to all tree resources, and additional critical damage, be careful on the 125% critical damage cap.

Secondary Choice

Dark Elf

FLEX: Reasonable option if you want to switch between magic and stamina builds. Good damage though lacks sustain passives.






Mundus Stone

Thief – Increases the Critical Strike rating by 1212

Champion Points – ESO Stamina Warden PvE Build

Warfare Constellation Champion Points

ESO Warfare Champion Tree

Below is a step-by-step method for slotting your champion points in the Warfare tree (blue).  We have used the minimum possible to reach 4 slottable selections all maxed out.  If you have more CP, consider taking more in the passives for optimal performance.

Below are recommended Warfare Champion Point selections for the ESO Stamina Warden PvE Build:

  1. Precision 10
  2. Wrathful Strikes (slottable) 50
  3. Fighting Finesse (slottable) 50
  4. Extended Might – sub constellation – piercing 10
  5. Deadly Aim (slottable) 50
  6. Master – at- Arms (slottable) 50

This would be the bare minimum setup, spending 220 CP (660 total required). The next step is to max out passives, that do not require a slottable but increase performance.

  1. Precision 10
  2. Piercing 10
  3. Tireless discipline 20
  4. Eldritch insight 20
  5. Blessed 20
  6. Quick recovery 20
  7. Flawless ritual 40
  8. War mage 30
  9. Battle mastery 40
  10. Mighty 30
  11. Elemental aegis 20
  12. Hardy 20
  13. Preparation 20

This would max out the Warfare tree with all active and passive champion points at 520 spent 1,560 total spent.

Fitness Constellation Champion Points

ESO Fitness Champion Tree

Below are recommended Fitness Champion Point selections for the ESO Stamina Warden PvE Build:

  1. Fortified (slottable) 50
  2. Boundless vitality (slottable) 50
  3. Rejuvenation (slottable) 50
  4. Sprinter 10
  5. Winder chaser – sub constellation – hasty 8
  6. Hero’s Vigor 10
  7. Bloody Renewal (slottable) 50

This would be the bare minimum setup, spending 228 CP (684 total required). The next step is to max out passives, that do not require a slottable but increase performance. 

  1. Hero’s Vigor 10
  2. Tumbling 30
  3. Sprinter 10
  4. Defiance 20
  5. Hasty 8
  6. Tireless guardian 20
  7. Fortification 30
  8. Nimble 6
  9. Mystic tenacity 50
  10. Tempered soul 50
  11. Piercing gaze 30
  12. Savage defense  30
  13. Bashing brutality 20

This would max out the fitness tree with all active passive champion points at 542 cp spent and 1,626 total spent.

Craft Constellation Champion Points

ESO Craft Champion Tree

Below are recommended Craft Champion Point selections for the ESO Stamina Warden PvE Build:

  1. Steed’s blessing (slottable) – 50
  2. Breakfall 10 
  3. Wanderer 15
  4. Steadfast 10
  5. Treasure hunter 50 (slottable)
  6. Master gatherer 15
  7. Gifted rider (slottable) 100
  8. Rationer 10
  9. Liquid Efficiency (slottable) 75

This would be the bare minimum setup, spending 370CP (1110 total required). The next step is to max out passives, that do not require a slottable but increase performance.

  1. Steadfast enchantment 40cp
  2. Breakfall 40 cp
  3. Wanderer 60
  4. Fortunes favor 10
  5. Rationer 10
  6. Friends in low places 25
  7. Out of sight 30
  8. Fleet of Phantom 40
  9. Soul’s Reservoir 33
  10. Gilded fingers 50
  11. Fortunes favor 40
  12. Inspiration boost 45
  13. Infamous 30

This would max out the crafting tree with all active passive champion points at 823 cp spent 2,469 total spent.



Artaeum Takeaway Broth

OVERALL: Increase Max Health by 3326 and Health Recovery by 406 and Max Stamina by 3080 and Stamina Recovery by 338 for 2 hours. (effects are scaled based on your level)

Dubious Camoran Throne

CHEAP: Increase Stamina Recovery by 319 and Max Stamina and Max Health by 3192 for 2 hours. (effects are scaled based on your level)

Lava Foot Soup-And-Saltrice

SUSTAIN but NO HEALTH: Increase Max Stamina by 4575 and Stamina Recovery by 457 for 2 hours. (effects are scaled based on your level)


Essence of Weapon Damage

BEST DAMAGE: Grants major brutality with increases weapon damage by 20% for 47.6 seconds. Major savagery which grants you 2191 weapon critical rating for 47.6 seconds. Restore 7582 stamina immediately. Grants you major endurance which increases your stamina recovery by 20% for 47.6. Potions have a 45sec cooldown. IMPORTANT: make sure you have three points into medicinal use passive in alchemy crafting. (INGREDIENTS: Blessed Thistle, Dragonthorn and Wormwood

Build Summary – ESO PvE Stamina Warden

Class: Warden

Race: Khajiit

Attributes: 64 Stamina

Mundus Stone: Thief

Weapon One: Frost Staff

Weapon Two: Two-Handed

Armor Set 1: Pillar of Nirn

Armor Set 2: Perfect Whorl of the Depths

Monster Helm: Kjalnar’s Nightmare

Mythic: Harpooner’s Wading Kilt

Armor Weight: 5 Medium, 2 Light

Skill Bar 1

  • Deep Fissure
  • Fetcher Infection
  • Bird of Prey
  • Cutting Dive
  • Arctic Blast
  • Wild Guardian (Ultimate)

Skill Bar 2

  • Barbed Trap
  • Carve
  • Winter’s Revenge
  • Stampede
  • Echoing Vigar
  • Wild Guardian (Ultimate)

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