ESO Templar One Bar PvE Tank Build

The ESO Templar One Bar PvE Tank Build is one of the most powerful self-healing builds out there! This high survivability build will keep you in action and protect your group for longer with its effective HPS and cleanse abilities.

This build has been updated for the Update 40 patch of the Elder Scrolls Online.

Why Should You Play The ESO Templar One Bar PvE Tank Build?

The ESO Templar One Bar PvE Tank Build is a great starting point for beginning tanks. Oakensoul makes the one-bar tank effective because you aren’t required to maintain constant buffs

Solid group utilityLacks magicka pull
Good Crowd ControlZero damage synergies
Great self-healing

The ESO Templar One Bar PvE Tank Build Playstyle

The most important tank responsibility is to survive while enduring the enemy’s damage. Sometimes independently from a healer. And second, significant responsibility is to provide buffs and debuffs to your group. The ESO Templar PvE Tank Build has everything that you need to be successful in tanking. We will also give different gear options in case you lack the necessary gear whether beginner or hardcore tank in the Elder Scrolls Online.


Skills Bar One: Sword and Shield

Two options in tanking:

  • Sword and Shield (preferred front bar)
  • Frost Staff (preferred back bar)

Silver Leash (Morph of Silver Bolts | Skill Line : Fighters Guild) – pulls mob in to quickly clear out trash. Downside it cost stamina and can be a burden to cast multiple times. Can be useful to have Void Bash two piece gear set instead.

Pierce Armor (Morph of Puncture | Skill Line : One Hand and Shield) – Single target taunt with massive armor debuff making DPS do more damage. Most mobs have 18,200 resistances, the lower, the more damage your group does. Use this on your priority target like a boss, mini boss or something you want to kill fast. If you’re using Master’s Sword and Shield this will heal you as well.

Extended Ritual (Morph of Cleansing Ritual | Skill Line : Restoring Light) – cleanse group synergy

Living Dark (Morph of Eclipse | Skill Line : Dawn’s Wrath) – self healing and proc minor sorcery for group

Honor The Dead (Morph of Rushed Ceremony | Skill Line : Restoring Light) – burst heal

Aggressive Horn (Morph of War Horn | Skill Line : Assault) – TWO CHOICES 1x for increasing damage Aggressive Horn or 1x for Survival and that’s Reviving Barrier for Alliance War Support. Horn = One of the most important ultimate abilities for a support role. Grants Major Force increasing critical damage by 20%, also increases Max Magicka and Stamina by 10% for you and your group members. Prioritize use of this ultimate, it provides a huge damage boost to your group, coordinate with other support roles if possible to keep a high uptime. Reviving Barrier = An ultimate that applies massive damage shields to group members, and those shielded also receive healing over time. Provides extra Magicka Recovery through Support skill line passive when slotting this ultimate ability.

Optimal with Mythic

This is setup assumes you have are good at maintaining resources and healing yourself.

HeadmediumMagma IncarnateSturdyPrismatic
ShoulderslightDesert RoseSturdyPrismatic
ChestheavyCrimson Oath’s Rive ReinforcedPrismatic
LegsheavyCrimson Oath’s Rive SturdyPrismatic
GlovesheavyCrimson Oath’s Rive SturdyPrismatic
BootsheavyCrimson Oath’s Rive SturdyPrismatic
BeltheavyCrimson Oath’s Rive SturdyPrismatic
Weapon OneSwordDesert RoseDecisiveCrusher
SecondaryShieldDesert RoseSturdyHealth
NecklaceDesert RoseInfusedMagicka Recovery
Ring 1Oakensoul ringInfusedMagicka Recovery
Ring 2Desert RoseInfusedReduced Spell Cost

Desktop hover over gear for set bonuses, mobile click once for set bonuses

Magma Incarnate: helmet obtained in Veteran dungeon The Dread Cellar, Waking Flame DLC, shoulders bought from Urgarlag Chief-bane the Pledge Master

  • Why? 1 piece gives stamina and magical recovery helps with sustain.


Desert Rose: Obtained from Cropsford Elite Gear Vendor Cyrodiil PvP Vendor.

  • Why? great because you’ll need massive magicka to sustain with one bar and this provides it.


Crimson Oath’s Rive: obtained in The Dread Cellar Waking Flame DLC.

  • Why? many DPS have switched to stamina and the decreased armor in combination with major vulnerability adds the most damage for two 5pc sets.


Oakensoul: obtained through ESO Mythic/antiquities system. You need 5 objects(leads) to be able to create the Mythic item. Location of the 5 leads (click for details)

  • Why? The best one bar item for a DPS


Without Mythic

Great for a beginner who wants high survivability and sustain with a mythic

HeadmediumRoksa the WarpedSturdyPrismatic
ShouldersheavyRoksa the WarpedSturdyPrismatic
ChestheavyBattalion DefenderReinforcedPrismatic
LegsheavyBattalion DefenderSturdyPrismatic
GlovesheavyBattalion DefenderSturdyPrismatic
BootsheavyBattalion DefenderSturdyPrismatic
BeltheavyBattalion DefenderSturdyPrismatic
Weapon OneSwordDesert RoseDecisiveCrusher
SecondaryShieldDesert RoseSturdyHealth
Weapon Two
NecklaceDesert RoseTriuneMagicka Recovery
Ring 1Desert RoseTriuneMagicka Recovery
Ring 2Desert RoseTriuneMagicka Recovery


Best Choice


Great resistance passives for players who want more defensive gameplay and high stamina resource pool.

Secondary Choice


The best overall stat pool for tanking and skill cost reduction in cost makes it a go-to.






Mundus Stone

Atronach – Increases Magicka recovery by 310

Champion Points



Bewitched Sugar Skulls

BEST: Increase Max Health by 4620, Max Stamina and Max Magicka by 4250, and Health Recovery by 462 for 2 hours. (effects are scaled based on your level) Ingredients: Scrib Jelly (2), Flour (5), Columbine (2), Bervez Juice (2), Honey (5)

Longfin Pasty With Melon Sauce

CHEAPER: Increase Max Health by 4462, Magicka by 4105, and Stamina by 4105 for 120 minutes. Ingredients Fish Fruit, Melon Vegetable, Greens and Frost Mirriam.


Tri-Restoration Potion or Essence of Health (tri-stat)

Restore 7329 Health, 6618 Magicka, and 6618 Stamina immediately. Grants Major Fortitude, Major Intellect, and Major Endurance which increase your Health Recovery, Magicka Recovery, and Stamina Recovery by 20% for 31.7 seconds. (effects are scaled based on your level) Ingredients: Bugloss, Columbine, Mountain Flower


  • All Class
  • Heavy Armor
  • Light Armor
  • Medium Armor
  • One Hand & Shield
  • Destruction Staff
  • Race
  • Undaunted
  • Fighter’s Guild
  • Mage’s Guild
  • Alliance Support
  • Medicinal Use (Alchemy)

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