Bungie Adds Destiny 2 Fireteam Group Finder

Bungie aims to elevate Destiny 2 by adding a NEW Fireteam Group Finder, also reshaping Guardian collaboration in epic adventures.

Bungie Adds Destiny 2 Fireteam Group Finder

Destiny 2’s Fireteam Group Finder is a crucial tool for Guardians seeking fellow players to join forces in their epic adventures across the galaxy. The previous iteration of the system facilitated the assembly of Fireteams through a relatively straightforward process. Guardians would navigate through a list of available activities, manually selecting the ones they intended to play and patiently waiting for other players to join their ranks.

However, with Bungie’s recent changes, the Destiny 2 Fireteam Group Finder aims for a transformative update, introducing new features designed to enhance the player experience. Let’s delve into the new details of this integral tool and explore the exciting additions that await Guardians in the future.

Bungie Adds NEW Destiny 2 Fireteam Group Finder

Bungie has announced significant changes to Destiny 2’s Fireteam Group Finder, a crucial tool for Guardians seeking comrades in their interstellar adventures. Traditionally, the Group Finder beta testing or other “Bungie Beta” for a social feature operated through limited in-house testing. It often involves only a fraction of the final player counts. However, Bungie has now opted for a more inclusive approach by initiating a public Fireteam Finder Beta.

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The goals of this beta are ambitious, aiming to prove the system’s scalability to millions of players. Secondly, safeguard the launch of the Season of the Wish and dungeons and maintain flexibility in response to new information. Lastly, deliver a polished Fireteam Finder for all activities by The Final Shape.

The beta plan starts with a Raids Stress Test on November 30, with subsequent phases beginning in December, leading to a targeted full release in late January. The stress test, from 9 AM to 5 PM PST, invites players to stress-test all accessible raids. However, unexpected issues could mean the test ends early, so Bungie encourages players to play and give feedback as soon as possible.

Group Finder Interface and Access

Accessing the Fireteam Finder can be done in two ways: via the Director using the Roster tab or through the Fireteam Finder access point on each activity’s launch screen. Players can search for a fireteam or create listings with various options specifying the desired group.

NEW Destiny 2 Fireteam Group Finder Interface

The system will undergo updates during the beta. Additional features will roll out as the community progresses toward the final release. The View Listings screen is a glimpse into this evolution, showcasing the stress test version and the targeted final release version.

Acknowledging existing group finding systems on the website and Companion app, Bungie reassures that both will remain available until the new Fireteam Finder, integrated into and out of the game, is ready. The Bungie.net team is developing an out-of-game Fireteam Finder to complement the in-game system. However, it won’t be available during the early beta period.

As Destiny 2 Guardians dive into this new chapter, Bungie expresses gratitude for their patience and assistance. They aim to provide powerful tools for tackling challenges together in the evolving world of Destiny 2.

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