Bungie Finally Reveals New PvP Map for Destiny 2

Bungie finally Reveals a new PvP Map for Destiny 2 called Multiplex in their August State of the Game blog post.

Destiny 2 Multiplex Crucible Map
New Multiplex Crucible Map

New Destiny 2 Crucible Map: Multiplex

Bungie today revealed a new map for Destiny 2, called Multiplex. The map is set in the Vex network and features asymmetrical layouts, providing different strategic opportunities for players on both sides and allowing for multiple game modes.

Multiplex is the second new Crucible map added to Destiny 2 since season 10, the other being Disjunction. It is only the 3rd Crucible map added to Destiny 2 at all since Bungie Implemented the Destiny Content Vault back with the Beyond Light expansion .It is scheduled to be released on August 22, 2023, alongside the start of Season 22.

Crucible players have been begging for a new PvP map for a long time. The Vex Network is also a player favorite for environments, so it will most likely be well received. That being said, players, especially those that favor pvp, may feel like this is a tiny drop in a well that is almost dried up. Time will tell.

Bungie also announced two new crucible modes to drop during Season 22: Checkmate and Relic. Checkmate is a modifier that can be added to existing modes such as Control and Survival. It changes the PvP paradigm by putting more empasis on communication and positioning. Relic is its own 6v6 game mode that utilizes Relic weapons from past content.

More Info to Come on Destiny 2 PvP

The new map and game modes will be added to the game on August 22, 2023 with the release of Season 22. That being said, Bungie has not yet released any specific details about Multiplex, and have only give a little information on Checkmate and Relic. In the meantime, players can stay tuned to the Bungie website and social media channels for updates. And make sure to tune into the Destiny Showcase 2023 for even more reveals on August 23, 2023.

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