Bungie Teases New Pathfinder Progression System for Destiny 2

In their recent State of the Game blog post, Bungie teased a new progression system called Pathfinder that will be coming to Destiny 2 in The Final Shape expansion.

Pathfinder Progression Teaser
Pathfinder Progression Teaser Image

Pathfinder Progression System

While we know very, very little about the new system, it looks very choice based, allowing for players to complete activities from a list of items rather than having to do 1 specific task. Looking at the picture, it seems like multiple paths can and even must be completed to unlock the engram. Or perhaps the reward is dependent on what nodes have been filled. Who knows? Neither the picture nor the blog post give a lot of information. Its all guess work right now, but we will have more information soon.

Since all we have is a picture and a very brief snippet to go off of, its hard to say exactly how this system will work. Here are the things we do know:

  • Rewards engrams of some type
  • Multiple nodes and paths can be completed
  • Will be used in the Final Shape’s destination
  • Will most likely take the place of core ritual bounties

State of the Game

Bungie also teased at several other things in their state of the game post. They chiefly mentioned changes to core activities including strikes, crucible, and gambit and their various reward systems. This will include Pathfinder progression as well. They also teased new Strand Subclass aspects and exotic armor reworks, but seemed to keep those on the down low for now.

In their blog post, Bungie touched on several things:

  • Core Playlist Updates
  • Rewards
  • Game Security & Stability Updates
  • Quality of Life Updates
  • Sandbox Updates
  • And much much more

You can check out the full post here on Bungie’s website.

More Information to Come for Progression

Its very clear Bungie is keeping some things about the new Pathfinder progression system under wraps for now, but more will most likely be revealed during the Destiny 2 Showcase on August 23, 2023. Make sure and tune in that day at noon EDT (9 AM PDT) to find out about the Pathfinder Progression system and all the other new things coming with the Final Shape Expansion. You can tune into the showcase here.

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