Chasing the Crown Part I Why

It’s time that I go for the pinnacle of PvP achievements in Elder Scrolls Online, becoming the Emperor.  I want to do a daily blog on my quest to become Haderous Campaign’s Emperor starting next Monday.  I have a lot to prepare for, both in game and out but I want to share WHY this is important to me (and maybe you) so let’s get started with “Chasing the Crown Part I Why.”

Chasing the Crown Video here

Deltia's Military Picture
That’s me on left, crazy huh?

Being a part of something great is special.  I felt that way in the above picture while serving in the US Army in 2002-2005.  The stakes were as high as the come, but when it doubt we trusted each other.  Most important, we had a strong leader (center) Mata.  He was our Emperor.  Never letting us down, leading by example, and teaching us his ways.  After two years of training and one year in Iraq, our service was over and we began a new mission, civilian life.

Our Corpses and Coffee training group

Something about gaming always linked me back to these moments in the Military.  Working together, accomplishing something with a larger purpose and a sense of belonging.  There’s no better game to do that than Elder Scrolls Online.  This one game, has you become the shining beacon of hope for your entire faction.  Just like our tour in Iraq, it’s not going to be easy, but it can and will get done.

The second less personal reason I want to become Emperor is for you the community.  I cannot find a guide, written, video, or otherwise helping people achieve this goal.  I know fellow Emperors yes, and each has their own you unique story.  But this time, we get to experience it together.  Once I learn the tricks it will be time to help others obtain this.

The character I’ll be using for this is Deltia, my trusty Nord Dragonknight.  We’ve been “ride or die” since day one and he symbolizes me in game and my faction pride.  Here’s some of his stats and details:

  • Veteran Rank 14
  • Cyrodiil Campaign Haderous
  • Alliance Aldmeri Dominion
  • Race Nord (such a Skyrim fanboy I know)
  • Guild Epic Synergy
  • Gear and skills here

How Emperor Works

Cyrodiil Emperor Keep PicturesYour faction must take control of all the centralized keeps around the Imperial City.  Than the person with the highest Alliance points at that time becomes Emperor.  So no, it’s not entirely based on individual actions, but team and faction.  You must earn a lot of AP by sieging, killing enemies, repairing, and even resurrecting.  It’s not a perfect system, but it’s what we have.  Skill, friends, and time are all important factors and achieving this goal (from the outside looking in).

So what’s next?  A lot!  Here’s some of things I have planned before for the series.

Saturday (day two) – Prepare in game

All of the little things I haven’t done yet on my character Deltia need to get done now.  That means, leveling skills, setting up macros to change gear, anything that can help me in game.  I plan to literally stock my bank (and personal guild bank) full of potions, repair kits, gold, siege, soul gems, literally anything that can keep me in Cyrodiil.

Sunday (day two) – Prepare outside of game

Food, food and more food.  To optimize my time in game I’m going to need snackies. Yep not snacks, snackies (there’s literally no difference).  Luckily I have a toilet close too.  Okay enough with that.  I plan on buying groceries, doing yard work, laundry, prepping food, errands you name it.  I want to spend as much time in game as I can.  Also, call on my buddies.  I’ll need help a lot of people to help flip keeps, take down baddies and rise the ranks.  It’s time to call on my friends and rally the AD.

Monday (zero day) – Play my butt off

Zero day is the no sleep day.  When the campaign flips, my stream goes on and we go yoloing along.  I plan on play 16 hours day one.  I prefer to play during off peak hours, but this time I will have no choice.  Any and all times are a go for me.  The weird thing is, I may get Emperor within the first two hours, or not at all within the campaign.   Getting off to a good start by being prepared and focus is key to success.

Tuesday – Sunday (hunker down)

The rest of the time I get into my normal schedule.  Morning writing and taking care of my dogs.  Add some more streaming this series and cut out most of my other duties.  That means, less guides, less videos until this gets done.  Though I do plan on capturing the majority of this on stream on via YouTube so it should be an absolute riot to watch and learn from each other!

Want to help?

Well I better get back in game and start preparing, but wait you can help!  Talk to me in at Deltia in-game, join me on the AD faction or help me with any supplies if you have extra.  I’m honestly low on gold so don’t charge me a arm and a leg please 🙂  I’m looking for:

  • Siege weapons
  • tri-potions
  • Spell power potions
  • filled soul gems
  • repair kits
  • Anything that could be helpful (no crawlers please)

This will happen!  This campaign or the next.  I want to be that leader the AD looks up to.  Not someone who abandons their faction when the going gets tough, but a leader on and off the battle field.  It’s time to chase that crown!  See you on stream or YouTube for full coverage.

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