Chasing the Crown Part III 24 and Counting

As I write this blog, we are nearing the 24 hour mark to the start of the next campaign.  I’m rushing around finishing last minute touches to my character and personal life.  I feel confident, excited, and ready for the challenge which motivated me towards completing all my tasks. 

Sej is now ours…deal with it

Last evening, our guild, Epic Synergy, spent some time in Cyrodiil.  After about three hours, we really started to get a good synergy going (no pun intended) and I logged off for the night.  Realizing that I will need an Army to stop the endless red zerg, it was all about others today.  We talked strategy, crafted gear, went and leveled skills and got ready for a week long adventure.  The closer and closer the event gets, the tighter and tighter our community becomes.  I’m sure this won’t come easy as people love to troll community members, so I expect Monday to be no different.  But a lot (and I mean a lot) of people have been supportive so this will be a great event!

Emperor GrociesThis morning, I rushed off to finish the last bit of house work and literally picking out seven shirts and pants I plan on wearing for the week.  The only decisions I want to make will be in game.  I even moved a small refrigerator downstairs so I can have a near endless supply of caffeine.  Then my wife went and picked up a massive amount of fattening, Emperor-approved food.  You know, hot pockets, candy bars, the stereotypical gamer  food.  I don’t care this week, it’s all about quick and easy energy needed to thwart off the purple army.

I do have to be honest, not all the news I received today was good.  A long time family friend, my Dad’s closest, suddenly died.  He meant a lot to me, helping our family throughout 20+ years.  Helping me working on cars, talking, and drinking an occasional beer.  Today I shed a tear and plan on attending his funeral Thursday.  This only galvanizes my resolve to work towards my goal and that all of us should do the same.  Life is short, do what you love and this was a sudden reminder of that.  For most of us, ESO means more than just a game.  It’s our social outlet, what we do for fun, or an escape.   We must not lose sight of what’s important, and that’s each other in game or out.  So, I welcome all of you to join in for or against me and participate in Cyrodiil.  Thanks community, you are what motivates me to help others.

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