Destiny 2 - Ada-1 Now Sells Shaders

Destiny 2: Ada-1 Now Sells Shaders

Every Destiny 2 player knows Ada-1 vendor, she is everyone’s favourite mods vendor, but now, in addition to mods and armor she sells Shaders!

Destiny 2 - Ada-1 Now Sells Shaders
Ada-1 Vendor – Shaders

Since the Lightfall release Ada-1 now sells 2 random shaders for an in-game currency called bright dust. Before the Lightfall expansion, she was a well-known mods vendor. But after the recent armor and mods rework, all mods are unlockable and add bonuses to the characters’ statistics without buying them first.

Where can you find Ada-1 in Destiny 2?

Players can find Ada-1 in the Tower Annex. You can spawn at the Annex teleportation shrine or in the courtyard. From the courtyard, turn left and take the stairs down. Nextly pass through the Bazar, take the stairs to the bottom floor, and she will be in the bright room on the left. The map below shows the exact location.

Destiny 2 - Ada-1 Location-Tower
Ada-1 Location-Tower

How to get Bright Dust?

Bright Dust is a currency in the online game Destiny 2 that can be used to purchase various cosmetic items. It is easily obtainable through multiple sources. The following list has some of the methods to get Bright Dust.

  • Weekly bounties – Completing weekly bounties from vendors like Zavala, Shaxx, and the Drifter can reward you with Bright Dust.
  • Seasonal events – Participating in seasonal events like the Festival of the Lost or the Dawning can reward you with Bright Dust.
  • Triumphs – Completing certain Triumphs can reward you with Bright Dust.
  • Repeatable bounties – Certain repeatable bounties can reward you with Bright Dust.
  • Dismantling Eververse items – Dismantling Eververse items like ships, sparrows, and shaders can also reward you with Bright Dust.
  • Season Pass – The Season Pass for each season usually includes some Bright Dust as a reward.


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