Destiny 2: All Hunter Prismatic Subclass Abilities

Learn all Hunter Prismatic Subclass Abilities, Fragments, Grenade, Super, and Aspects in the Destiny 2 Final Shape.

Destiny 2: All Hunter Prismatic Subclass Abilities

Remember this information: Prismatic is a new subclass coming to Destiny 2 with the Final Shape expansion on July 4, 2024. It’s unique and something we have never seen before in D2, but it nicely ties the Light and Dark forces in the game. Prismatic will allow players to “combine certain class abilities for different damage types.”

“The Prismatic Hunter is evasive and maneuverable, grappling around the battlefield and leaping to advantageous positions with Ascension. Their starting Prismatic build enables that maneuverability, with Winter’s Shroud providing a handy debuff that Stylish Executioner (which now triggers by defeating an enemy afflicted by any subclass debuff) can activate from, providing easily accessible Invisibility to reposition to wherever you need to be with safety.” – Prismatic Hunter Subclass and Abilities Description in Destiny 2.

Prismatic Subclass Overview

Dual Abilities:

  • The Prismatic subclass enables you to use abilities from both Light and Darkness. Your Super, melee, grenade, and Aspect slots can be filled with a mix of abilities from all five damage types: Arc, Solar, Void, Stasis, and Strand.

Movement and Class Abilities:

  • You can access all available movement modes and class abilities, including subclass-specific ones such as Phoenix Dive, Acrobat’s Dodge, and Thruster. This flexibility supports various build-crafting possibilities.

Buildcrafting and New Interactions:

  • The Prismatic subclass is designed to enable unique build combinations by making underused abilities more relevant and creating new interchanges. Some aspects were adjusted before the release of the Final Shape to enhance these unique combinations, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Prismatic Transcendence

Light and Dark Meters:

  • Beneath your Super bar, you’ll see two meters: one for Light and one for Dark. As you deal damage with Light abilities, the Light meter fills up. Similarly, the Dark meter fills up when you use Dark abilities.
How Prismatic Subclass Transcendence Works in Destiny 2

Achieving Transcendence:

  • When both the Light and Dark meters are entirely filled, you reach a heightened state of power called “Transcendence.” This state grants you enhanced abilities and boosts your performance, providing significant advantages in combat.

Starting Builds and Prismatic Subclass Progression

Initial Access:

  • From the first mission of The Final Shape, you will have access to a Prismatic build. This build includes a set of Light and Darkness abilities, Aspects, and a full set of Fragments.

Expanding Capabilities:

  • As you progress through The Final Shape, you’ll unlock additional abilities and customization options, allowing you to refine and enhance your Prismatic build further.

Destiny 2: All Hunter Prismatic Subclass Skills and Abilities

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Only selected Light and Darkness abilities and skills can be combined with the Prismatic subclass in Destiny 2. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of all Destiny 2 Prismatic subclass abilities and skills, including Fragments, Supers, Melees, Grenades, Aspects, and more, for the Hunter class.


Hunter available super abilities for Prismatic Subclass:

  • Storm’s Edge (Arc)
  • Golden Gun: Marksman (Solar)
  • Silence and Squall (Stasis)
  • Silkstrike (Strand)
  • Shadowshot: Deadfall (Void)


Hunter available melee abilities for Prismatic Subclass:

  • Combination Blow (Arc)
  • Knife Trick (Solar)
  • Withering Blade (Stasis)
  • Threaded Spike (Strand)
  • Snare Bomb (Void)


Moreover, each class will get a new grenade ability for the prismatic subclass in Destiny 2. Hunter available grenade abilities for Prismatic Subclass:

  • Arcbolt Grenade (Arc)
  • Swarm Grenade (Solar)
  • Duskfield Grenade (Stasis)
  • Grapple (Strand)
  • Magnetic Grenade (Void)
  • Hailfire Spike (Prismatic): Throw a device charged with Stasis matter and Solar energy that attaches to surfaces or targets and then erupts into a slowing storm. After a short duration, the device ignites, creating a deadly scorching cyclone.


Hunter available aspects for Prismatic Subclass:

  • Ascension: While airborne, activate your class ability to twirl upward, causing Jolt and damaging enemies below you while granting the Amplify buff to you and your nearby allies.
  • Gunpowder Gamble: Defeat targets with Solar abilities, Solar debuffs, or Solar weapons to charge up an improvised Solar explosive. Throw a Solar explosive that can be shot in mid-air to cause an ignition.
  • Stylish Executioner: Defeating a weakened, suppressed, or volatile target grants Invisibility and Truesight. After performing a Stylish Execution, your next melee attack while invisible weakens targets.
  • Threaded Specter: Activating your class ability leaves behind a decoy woven from Strand matter that draws the attention of nearby combatants. After taking significant damage or when combatants approach, the decoy detonates, dealing damage and releasing Threadlings that seek out and attack nearby foes.
  • Winter’s Shroud: Dodging slows nearby targets.


Hunter available fragments for Prismatic Subclass:

  1. Facet of Awakening:
    • Rapid elemental final blows and Super final blows generate an elemental pickup of the matching damage type.
    • +10 Resilience
  2. Facet of Balance
    • Rapidly defeating targets with Light damage grants melee energy.
    • Rapidly defeating targets with Dark damage grants grenade energy.
  3. Facet of Bravery
    • Defeating targets with grenades grants Volatile Rounds to your Void weapons.
    • Defeating targets with powered melee final blows grants Unraveling Rounds to your Strand weapons.
  4. Facet of Blessing:
    • Melee final blows start health regeneration.
    • While Transcendent, Melee final blows start health regeneration for you and nearby allies.
  5. Facet of Command:
    • Freezing or Suppressing a target reloads your equipped weapons and increases stability, aim assist, and airborne effectiveness.
    • Defeating Frozen or Suppressed targets creates a Stasis Shard or Void Breach.
  6. Facet of Courage:
    • Your Light abilities deal increased damage to targets afflicted with Darkness debuffs.
    • +10 Discipline
  7. Facet of Dawn (*)
    • Powered melee hits against targets make you Radiant.
    • Powered melee final blows make both you and nearby allies Radiant.
    • -10 Strength
  8. Facet of Defiance
    • Finishers create a detonation that either Jolts, Scorches, Slows, Severs, or makes targets Volatile, based on the damage type of your equipped super.
  9. Facet of Devotion:
    • Defeating targets afflicted with a Darkness debuff grants bonus Light Transcendence energy.
    • +10 Strength
  10. Facet of Dominance
    • Your Void grenades Weaken, and Arc grenades Jolt targets.
  11. Facet of Generosity
    • Defeating targets while Transcendent creates Orbs of Power for your allies.
  12. Facet of Grace
    • Damaging targets with Kinetic weapons grants you bonus Transcendence energy.
    • Defeating targets with your Super grants you and nearby allies bonus Transcendence energy.
    • -10 Resilience
  13. Facet of Honor:
    • Collecting an elemental pickup or destroying a Tangle grants Transcendence energy of the same type.
    • +10 Strength
  14. Facet of Hope (*)
    • While you have an elemental buff, your class ability regenerates more quickly.
  15. Facet of Isolation:
    • Rapid precision hits emits a severing burst from the target. While Transcendent, this effect is amplified.
  16. Facet of Justice
    • While Transcendent, your ability final blows explode.
    • +10 Intellect
  17. Facet of Mending:
    • Grenade final blows Cure you.
    • Transcendent grenade final blows increase the strength of this effect.
  18. Facet of Protection (*)
    • While surrounded by enemies, you are more resistant to incoming damage.
    • +10 Strength
  19. Facet of Purpose (*)
    • Picking up an Orb of Power grants either Amplified, Restoration, Frost Armor, Woven Mail, or Overshield, based on the damage type of your equipped super.
    • -10 Recovery
  20. Facet of Ruin (*)
    • Increases the size and damage of the burst when you shatter a Stasis Crystal or Frozen target.
    • Increases the size of Solar Ignitions.
  21. Facet of Sacrifice:
    • While you have a Light buff, ability, final blows grant bonus Darkness Transcendence energy.
    • +10 Discipline

* Included in starting Prismatic build during the Final Shape first mission.

    Class Abilities

    Hunter available class abilities for Prismatic Subclass:

    • Marksman’s Dodge
    • Gambler’s Dodge
    • Acrobat’s Dodge (Solar)


    Hunter available movement abilities for Prismatic Subclass:

    • High Jump
    • Strafe Jump
    • Triple Jump, Blink (Arc)

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