Destiny 2: Facet of Awakening – Prismatic Subclass Fragment

Prismatic Subclass offers 21 fragments for all three classes in Destiny 2, including the Facet of Awakening.

Destiny 2 - Facet of Awakening – Prismatic Subclass Fragment

Players gain access to the new Prismatic subclass with the Final Shape expansion. Firstly, it’s unique and combines specific class abilities for different damage types. Using dark and light abilities, buffs or debuffs fill two corresponding meters, and once they are fully charged, your character enters the special state called Transcendence. Moreover, Transcendence functions like a mini super and busts your defense and offensive capabilities.

Once you unlock a Facet of Awakening Prismatic Fragment, it becomes available for all your characters.

Facet of Awakening in Destiny 2

The facet of Awakening is a new fragment in the Prismatic subclass introduced with the Final Shape expansion in Destiny 2. Here’s an in-depth look at what this fragment does, its benefits, and how it can be effectively used in different builds and gear setups.

The Facet of Awakening fragment grants the following effects:

  • Rapid elemental final blows and Super final blows generate an elemental pickup of the matching damage type.
  • +10 Resilience

Benefits and Usage

The facet of Awakening can be beneficial for all three classes (Hunter, Titan, Warlock) in Destiny 2, but its utility may vary depending on your playstyle and build. This fragment allows you to generate elemental pickups that match the damage type of the ability used, providing a reliable way to generate these valuable buffs, abilities, or other enhancements depending on the damage type and mods equipped. The additional resilience provided by this fragment increases your character’s ability to withstand damage. This makes it especially useful in high-difficulty activities where survivability is crucial.


Hunters focusing on agility can benefit from the resilience boost, making them slightly more durable without sacrificing speed. The elemental pickups can complement builds that use abilities frequently, such as those relying on Dodge abilities and melee attacks.


Titans can make excellent use of the +10 Resilience, boosting their natural tankiness. Elemental pickups generated from abilities can support team play by providing buffs and debuffs to enemies, making Titans even tougher in offensive and defensive roles.


Destiny 2 Prismatic Warlock PVE Build

Warlocks focusing on ability usages, such as those with builds centered around rifts, grenades, and melee attacks, will find the Facet of Awakening particularly useful. Generating elemental pickups can enhance their abilities further, providing continuous support to themselves and their team.

Gear Synergies

To maximize the potential of the Facet of Awakening, consider the following gear and mods:

  • Elemental Well Mods:
    • Mods like Elemental Ordnance, Elemental Armaments, and Elemental Charge can be paired with this fragment to create powerful synergy. These mods allow you to use the elemental pickups generated by the fragment to gain buffs, charge your abilities, or even create more elemental wells, enhancing your build’s effectiveness.
  • Exotics:
    • Gear like the Heart of Inmost Light for Titans, Ophidian Aspect for Warlocks, and Celestial Nighthawk for Hunters can synergize well with the increased ability generation and elemental pickups.

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