Destiny 2: Facet of Defiance – Prismatic Subclass Fragment

Prismatic Subclass offers 21 fragments for all three classes in Destiny 2, including the Facet of Defiance.

Destiny 2- Facet of Defiance – Prismatic Subclass Fragment

Players gain access to the new Prismatic subclass with the Final Shape expansion. Firstly, it’s unique and combines specific class abilities for different damage types. Using dark and light abilities, buffs or debuffs fill two corresponding meters, and once they are fully charged, your character enters the special state called Transcendence. Moreover, Transcendence functions like a mini super and busts your defense and offensive capabilities.

Once you unlock a Facet of Defiance Prismatic Fragment, it becomes available for all your characters.

Facet of Defiance in Destiny 2

The facet of Defiance is a new fragment in the Prismatic subclass introduced with the Final Shape expansion in Destiny 2. Here’s an in-depth look at what this fragment does, its benefits, and how it can be effectively used in different builds and gear setups.

The Facet of Defiance fragment grants the following effects:

  • Finishers create a detonation that either Jolts, Scorches, Slows, Severs, or makes targets Volatile, based on the damage type of your equipped super.

Benefits and Usage

The Facet of Defiance adds an elemental detonation effect to kills. This effect is determined by the damage type of your equipped super, providing significant crowd control and debuffing capabilities. This versatile fragment can fit various playstyles and subclasses.

By strategically triggering the elemental detonations, you can effectively crowd control and debuff enemies, creating opportunities for follow-up attacks for you and your team.

Possible Elemental Detonations from Facet of Defiance in Destiny 2:

  • Jolt (Arc): Applies an electric shock to nearby enemies, causing them to chain lightning damage.
  • Scorch (Solar): Inflicts burning damage over time, potentially leading to Ignitions.
  • Slow (Stasis): Reduces enemy movement speed and ability regeneration, making them easier targets.
  • Sever (Strand): Reduces enemy damage output, weakening their attacks.
  • Volatile (Void): Causes enemies to explode on death, dealing damage to surrounding enemies.


Destiny 2: All Hunter Prismatic Subclass Abilities

Hunters can use the Facet of Defiance with finishers to enhance stealth and precision playstyles. For instance, pairing it with a Void super to make targets Volatile can create chain explosions.


Titans can use this fragment to add more power to their close-combat finishers. Using a Solar super to Scorch enemies can complement your aggressive frontline combat titans are known for.


Warlocks benefit by using finishers to apply debuffs that can control large groups of enemies. For example, using a Stasis super to Slow targets can keep enemies at bay, allowing Warlocks to control the battlefield.

Gear Synergies

To maximize the potential of the Facet of Defiance, consider the following gear and mods:

  • Hunters: Exotics like Orpheus Rig (increases the utility of Shadowshot, providing more tethers) can pair well with Void finishers. Graviton Forfeit (increases the duration of invisibility effects) can help maintain stealth.
  • Titans: Exotics like Heart of Inmost Light (improves ability regen when using abilities) can synergize with the frequent use of finishers.
  • Warlocks: Exotics like Nezarec’s Sin (Void damage kills increase ability regen) can enhance the effectiveness of Void finishers. Verity’s Brow (energy weapon kills grant grenade energy) can boost overall ability usage.

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