Destiny 2 Marsilion-C Grenade Launcher

Destiny 2 Marsilion-C God Roll

Welcome to our Marsilion-C God Roll Guide Guide. Marsilion-C is a Rapid-Fire Frame that can be obtained as a world drop and can be purchased through banshee or obtained by earning faction rank-up rewards. Rapid-Fire Frames are great in PvE because they shoot fast and have increased ammo reserves. This weapon is great in PvP because Heavy Grenade launchers Hold more ammo than Rockets launchers . Marsilion-C was introduced in the Lightfall expansion.

Why You Should Get Marsilion-C Grenade Launcher?

You should get Marsilion-C Grenade Launcher because all Grenade Launcher have been buffed by 20% with the current release of Lightfall. This Grenade Launcher has some very strong perks that help add extra damage to enemies. Heavy Grenade Launcher have been great in Destiny do to their large ammo capacity and quick burst damage. This gun also belongs to the Hakke family making it do extra damage to vehicles. Here’s our list of why you should get Marsilion-C Grenade Launcher:

  • Is Craftable
  • Non-exotic Boss/champion damage weapon
  • Hakke breach Origin trait weapons do more damage to vehicles
  • Has a lot of reserve ammo
  • Grenade Launcher have been buffed by 20%

How to Obtain Marsilion-C in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Banshee location
Destiny 2 Banshee location

Marsilion-C is obtained by purchasing directly from Banshee in the Tower at random via Legendary engrams or by earning level up rewards. Make sure to check this vendor regularly as many new weapons have become available.

PvE Marsilion-C God Roll

BarrelHard Launch
MagazineSpike Grenades
Perk 1Field Prep
Perk 2Explosive Light
Origin TraitHakke Breach Armaments
ModBoss Spec

Barrel: For our Barrel we will be using Hard Launch. Hard Launch provides the gun a +15 velocity. This stat is very important so that the grenade can hit its target faster. If you are dealing with an enemy that moves around a lot you want to make sure this weapon has a great velocity stat so it will not miss your target.

Magazine: The Magazine needs to be Spike Grenades. This is extremely important because Spike Grenades do increase damage on direct hits with their target. If you land a direct shot to an enemy you will be doing 50% more damage with the impact of the grenade. This stat does not buff the explosion damage of the gun just the impact.

Marsilion-C PvE God Roll Destiny 2
Marsilion-C PvE God Roll Destiny 2 | imagine from

Column 3 Perk: Our first perk is going to be Field Prep. This perk is very strong because it provides the gun extra reserves and increases the reload stat by +50 while you are crouched. Getting the reload buff to this gun is perfect for when you need to do damage to a boss. Crouching in front of teammates is common practice for boss damage since it helps them not miss their shots by shooting you on accident.

Column 4 Perk: Finally we will be using Explosive Light as our last perk. Explosive Light is a very strong damage perk. To activate Explosive Light you need to pick up an Orb of Power. This grants 1 Stack of Explosive Light and the max you can hold is 6 Stacks. Firing the gun consumes 1 Stack per Shot, granting 100 Blast Radius, and Increases damage by 52%.

Masterwork: You will want Velocity masterwork. This helps the projectile hit its target more quicker.

Mod: Lastly for our mod you want to use Boss Spec. this mod adds 7.77% Damage against Bosses and Vehicles. We are using this sniper for bosses so let’s make sure we do extra damage to them.

Conclusion: This gun is very strong in PvE. The perks this weapon has can make for some interesting combinations. The main thing that separates this Grenade Launcher from the rest is the origin trait Hakke Breach Armaments: This weapon deals increased damage against vehicles, turrets, barricades, and Stasis crystals. A majority of the bosses in Destiny 2 count as Vehicles which makes this Grenade Launcher do extra damage to them passively.

PvP Marsilion-C God Roll

BarrelQuick Launch
MagazineHigh-Velocity Rounds
Perk 1Shot Swap
Perk 2Impulse Amplifier
Origin TraitHakke Breach Armaments
MasterworkBlast Radius
ModQuick Access Sling

Barrel: For our barrel we want Quick Launch. This provides the gun with +10 velocity and +15 handling. Velocity allows the projectile to hit its target faster. Handling allows you to swap to this weapon faster. These 2 stats are very important in PvP so you can quickly swap to this weapon and take someone out really fast.

Magazine: We will want High-Velocity Rounds here. High-Velocity Rounds provides +10 velocity. Once again we want as much velocity as possible with this weapon so it can reach its target faster. Having a high velocity stat really helps getting and securing kills easier with this weapon.

Marsilion-C PvP God Roll Destiny 2
Marsilion-C PvP God Roll Destiny 2 | imagine from

Column 3 Perk: Our first perk is Shot Swap. Final blows with other weapons build and store charges which allow you to swap and stow this weapon at a faster rate. This perk is great since in PvP we do not always have heavy ammo at the ready. Since we are using other weapons to get kills while we wait for heavy ammo to spawn this will ensure that when we pick up heavy ammo we will be able to swap to the gun quickly.

Column 4 Perk: Finally we will want Impulse Amplifier in this slot. Impulse Amplifier massively increases projectile velocity. Having a high-velocity stat really helps getting and to secure kills easier with this weapon. With all of the Velocity, we have given this weapon those projectiles should be hitting their target similar to a nonprojectile weapon.

Masterwork: The masterwork we want is Blast Radius. This will help increase the explosion radius in case you miss your target by a little bit.

Mod: We will use Quick Access Sling. This helps us swap to this weapon faster.

Conclusion: Marsilion-C is a perfect weapon for those that enjoy using Heavy Grenade launchers in PvP. With all the Velocity and handling we have provided for this gun we have made a monster of a weapon. Heavy Grenade launchers have always been strong in PvP and this one is truly a beast of a weapon. The Velocity we have given this weapon will easily take down any Guardian.

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Thank you for reading Thanks for reading our Destiny 2 Marsilion-C God Roll guide. Keep in mind, this weapon will work with any class (Hunter, Titan, Warlock) any subclass (Solar, Void, Stasis, Arc, Strand) and any PvE (Strikes, Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, Vanguard Operation, Dungeons, Raids) and PvP Mode in Destiny 2 (Crucible, Gambit, Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner).

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